Baby Reckward
Weeks 28-40
Week 30: February 14th
Only 10 weeks to ways it feels like I've been pregnant forever but then again, 10 weeks isn't that far off and then we'll have our sweet Macy here!  I'm definitely getting more and more excited each day that passes.  Especially since so many of my girlfriends have their babies fever!
I honestly feel ike I am just HUGE too.........I cannot believe it.  I get a lot of varying opinons, some people's jaw hit the ground when I say I have 10 weeks left because I'm so big.....but then others think I'm not that big at all.  So, that leads me to my next poll..............when do you think Macy will be born and how much will she weigh?  Take a guess!  Hayden was 8lbs 14 oz and just a couple days early.  Macy will be a scheduled c-section which I won't be sharing the date we have picked out...........but she may just get a mind of her own and pick her own date without our consultation!  I wouldn't be surprised if she did! :-)
I'm also starting to get to that uncomfortable stage that I never felt with my pregnancy with Hayden.  It is really worrisome how I'm going to handle another 10 weeks of it!.........with her getting bigger and dropping down further.  I hate to complain but it's honesly so different than my pregnancy with Hayden.  My body is doing the 'natural' thing by trying to get things to expand and make room for a baby and a delivery, but it's not taking into consideration, I don't need to loosen and widen out........I'm having a c-section! ;-)  But then I get a crazy thought every once in a while.........well if my body is better preparing itself this time for a regular delivery, would a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean)  be more successful this time?  The crazy thought of attempting a VBAC enters my mind every now and again, just to get to experience it.  But then I quickly think, 'Mandy are you absolutely bonkers?  DIdn't you go through enough the first time..........take the 'easy' way out!"  I might ask my doctor about it, what he thinks my chances would be or if I'm just off my rocker! ;-)
My absolute favorite thing right now is how active and strong she is.  Every night, I watch her move around and cause my entire belly to shake and roll.  It's just amazing.  I really feel distinct body parts, like a butt or a foot.  It feels more so than with Hayden.  Maybe it's because I've felt it before, or maybe it's because she's going to be bigger? I don't know.  I just know that I absolutely love it.  It's definitely something you miss when the baby is no longer in your tummy. 
I don't have a real good belly shot but I do have a cute pic of me holding Cecelia (Jenny's lil girl) on my belly.  She nuzzled right up and Ms Macy didn't mind it at all.............she moved a lot but was very gentle with her which I was happy about.  She's not always so quiet with the babies at work. She gets extremely active the second I get to work and moves pretty much nonstop.  I think she gets her energy from the other babies I'm around.
Hayden still doesn't have a clue what is going on, but he's kiss my belly when I ask him and he's done really good around other babies, so I'm thinking the transition will hopefully go smoother than expected!  We'll see though.
I have an appointment on Friday and then will be going in every 2 weeks from then on, so there will be lots more to report.....but as of right now, I'm about done with my wrap up.  I added a picture of what I looked like 30 weeks pregnant with Hayden to you think I'm bigger this time around?  Also, don't forget to submit your guess for the birthdate and birthweight poll!
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Week 34: March 16th
Just had another doctor's appointment to check on the status of my sweet lil girl!  I'll be going to the doctor every couple of weeks now as it won't be too long before she arrives!  I've only gained 2.5 pounds from my last appointment, which puts me at almost 10 1/2 pounds for my entire pregnancy....which by looking at my belly (pics below) I think that's where all 10 1/2 pounds are! :-)  With what I've been reading the baby only weighs about 4 1/2 - 5 lbs right now, but I'm guessing she's bigger than that.  I'm still measuring big.........I'm measuring at 36 weeks and I'm only 34, so we're being consistent I guess!  Her heart rate was down a bit from last time, in the 130 - 140 range.  Typically she's in the 150s- 160s.  I think she was tired from the weekend of working and now that she's getting bigger her heart rate won't be as fast.  My blood pressure is good and I feel generally pretty good.  Some days I'm a lot more sore than others.  I'm definitely feeling more sore than with Hayden.  It hurts to roll over and I can definitely tell when I've been standing too long.  Everything feels all stretched out and ready to give out a lot of the time.  I have a ways to go yet, so I can't get too crabby.............but I keep hearing from other mother's who have had 2 children or more that they felt the same way, so I know it's not just me! 
Hayden has been very sweet and loving to his sister.  He kisses my belly and will hug it often.  We're still working on getting him to sign baby, which he's done a couple times or will he will at least point to his own belly.  But his favorite thing to do is find my belly button (which I thought was going to pop out a few weeks ago) and poke away at it!  This sends Macy into some flip flops, so it's funny to see them 'playing' already. 
Speaking of flips............the girl I swear is looking for a way out some evenings!  Some of the movements I see out of my belly is amazing!  Sometimes it feels like she's going to come busting out of my abdomen!  She was scaring my mom one night.  I had her feel how hard she was kicking and my mom just kept screaming, 'omigod!', 'what is she doing in there?', 'is she ok?'. It was so funny, it went on for about two hours!  What a crazy girl!  I don't remember Hayden being this active which is a little scary for me.................we all know how busy he is! :-)
I'm starting to get things ready for our little girls arrival.  I spent a lot of time shopping this week for her, she got a new boppy pillow (of course pink with flowers and butterflies), found a homegoing outfit, a couple pink Michigan outfits, a new bouncy seat/rocker (Hayden is still using his!), some pink receiving blankets, caps, burp clothes, etc.  I even got some little diapers.  We started packing a bag and I'm starting to get REALLY, REALLY excited!
It probably sounds bad, but I feel like I'm more excited for her to arrive than I did with Hayden.............but here's my rationale.  I think with Hayden so much was unknown, we didn't know what to expect so there was a lot of anxiety and worry.  Where, with Macy, we know more what to expect............I've had a c-section before and I know that's how she'll be born..........and we know the date too! (But, we're not telling, so you have to make your guesses people!)  We've brought a brand new baby home from the hospital..............we're comfortable in the mom and dad role, so now we just have to anticipate her arrival!  What will she look like?............will she be a good baby like Hayden?  How will Hayden do with a little sister?  It's all very exciting!
We don't have Hayden in a toddler bed yet so I haven't gotten her bedding put in the crib yet..............but she'll be in the bassinette for a while, so we don't need to hurry.  As soon as I get her bedding all put together, I will post a picture of the room.  But, here's a picture of the quilt we chose.....................I'm using a pink gingham bumper with this quilt and a striped pink bed skirt. It should look really cute together.  I think I may buy some wooden letters to spell out MACY and hang them on the wall by the crib, just like Hayden's.  It'll be fun to get everything put together.
I think that's about all the updating I have to do right now.  Like I said, I'll be going to the doctor more often, so I'll be updating a bit more often now that we're on the home stretch!  Check back soon!

Week 35: March 24th
The nesting has begun.  I got the kids' room all put together and pretty much have all of 0-3 month clothes (which there are A LOT! if any of you have seen this little girls side of the closet!) washed and the carseat and bassinette all ready.  I had the house to myself last Friday night and I was up until 4am cleaning and organizing.  I had to start making room to add another body in the house, even though it's a little body that's coming, we had to make some room! :-)
I've posted some pictures of the nursery.  I'm still waiting on the letters for her name to put on the same wall as Hayden's name.  I figured I'd put it on the same side as their beds are.  We'll see how it looks.  We also haven't put the mattress back up on the crib, just in case Hayden does not do well with his toddler bed and has to go back in it.  But so far, so good!  We've got quite a bit of time before she goes in her crib anyway.  Also, I wanted to point out that the litte crib toy that she has, Dennis bought that for her.  Jenny's little girl Cecelia has the exact same one that I bought her.  So the girls will be watching the same thing in their cribs at night! ;-)  Hayden is very attached to his crib Aquarium, so we decided that Macy could have her very own one too.
The little one is still moving around like crazy and I'm still growing like mad!  I see people I haven't seen in a couple weeks and they can't believe how fast I've grown lately!  I just hope the weight doesn't start coming on super fast toward the end here like it did with Hayden.  I think I gained about 12 pounds in the last 8 weeks with him, but I think I was pretty puffy with fluid and stuff too.  I haven't been too terribly swollen regularly with Macy yet.  I will be a little bit after a night shift and after I spent a weekend scrapbooking, my ankles were 12 times their normal size, but overall, not too bad.  I have gotten some comments lately that I'm starting to look a little bit more full in the face.
Not a whole lot to add as it hasn't been that long since I've written but wanted to put up our new pics.  I also should update that I most recently got diagnosed with an eye infection from my right contact, so I will be needing to wear my glasses until after Macy is born. :-(  Nothing like feeling huge, fat and then having to wear your glasses!!!  I don't mind, I just can't see as well.  The doctor was afraid that by being pregnant my immune system might not be fighting as hard to ward off infection, so he doesn't want me putting my contacts back in until the baby is born.  But, I've decided that I will be wearing my contacts to the delivery of my baby.  I can't see as well out of my glasses and I want to get the best look possible at my little girl the very first time I can see her...........and then she's technically out of me and I'm not pregnant anymore, so it works out ok! :-)
Alright, my next appointment is the end of this month.  I think they'll be checking by portable ultrasound that she is head down and might do a cervix check.............but otherwise, nothing else I can think of!
Click on the pictures to make them bigger!
My friend Laura made Macy's adorable carseat cover!
Week 36: April 2nd
I had another doctor's appointment and will start seeing him weekly until I have the baby.  Everything in the appointment went really well, except I gained almost 7 POUNDS! from my last appt just 2 weeks ago.  I had worked the night before and was pretty swollen, so I'm hoping ir really wasn't that big of a weight gain.  Although, I did feel like I've gained 20 pounds in a weeks time.  I woke up and felt like I got HUGE...........which according to a lot of people who have seen me lately, that is the case.  Other updates from the doctor's BP was nice and low yet...........her heart rate was about 138 again and she's still measuring 2 weeks bigger.  I asked Dr Traynor if he had a guess for how big she is right now and he guessed low 7lbs - 7 1/2 lbs.  I asked him, at 36 weeks aren't they usually an average of 6 pounds?  So, yes, she's going to be big!!!  I just knew it but I guess we'll have to wait and see once she gets here.
Macy has been getting the hiccups a lot and is still moving around like you wouldn't believe.  I had a co-worker that could see my belly moving all different directions from across the room.  I think she's going to have big feet too,  They tend to stick way out and I can almost grab them and move them from the outside.  I'm just getting so excited to see what those adorable feet will look like in real life.  She's also punched me right in the cervix a time or time at work really hard and did so for about 5 minutes.  What a little stinker!  She's running out of room, but I don't think she's realizing it and wants to move and twist like she has the past 36 weeks! :-) 
Have I told you how EXCITED I am to have this little girl!  I cannot wait to see her and hold her............I just know she is going to be so beautiful!  I just keep thinking about that first time I finally get to see her, what is she going to look like, is she going to look huge?!  I'm going to ask if they can hold above the drape right after she is born so I can see her right away.  With Hayden, I didn't get to see him until he was weighed, examined, and wrapped up, which was about 10 minutes after he was born.  I had to just sit and listen to him cry while everyone else in the OR got to see him before I did........and looking back at it, I definitely would have liked a peek before they did all that.  So, I am hoping I'll be able to see my sweet Macy right away then they can do all the stuff they need to after she's born.  And, I'm dying to know, how much hair is she going to have!? :-)
My back had been really, super sore this week too. I broke down and went to the chiropractor.  I knew they could help my back but was going to bring up some of my general discomfort too to see if there was anything they could do.  And, guess what! she made her way up my spine, she said, 'there is not a bone in a good spot in here!' it was confirmed why I was feeling so sore.  My pelvis was twisted and my tailbone and pubic bone were tilted forward causing so much of the pressure and discomfort I was having.  As soon as I stood up, I could tell a difference immediately!  She suggested I came back weekly until I deliver the baby in order to keep everything straightened out.  She said it would help with delivery by keeping my pelvis open and straight, but I explained my repeat c-section but that I would probably be coming back just for the sheer relief it gave me!!  I then have 2 12 hour night shifts to work this weekend, so I hoped my trip to the chiropractor would make them more tolerable.
I'm still pretty uncomfortable and can tell it's from being on my feet and working for as long as I do, so I may just cut back to 8 hour shifts this week after my appointment on Wednesday.  My work isn't that strenuous but just being on my feet and walking at all has been uncomfortable.  I also haven't gotten to rest like I did when pregnant with Hayden, so I'm sure that hasn't helped either.
I've been having a few contractions throughout the day, nothing that makes me stop in my tracks or that are that painful but I can definitely tell that it's a contraction.  Which leads me to another reminder,
Dennis is convinced she'll be coming next weekend.................I don't know if he's just getting excited or what......or just anxious to just get her here.....I can relate, I feel the same.  But, she'll come when she's ready I guess!
That's about all for now....................have another appt later in the week, will be updating again then!
Week 37: April 7th
Had another doctors appointment on Wednesday.  Here are the stats:  I gained another 2 pounds! Yikes, that brings me up to +19 pounds.........but I will admit I am swelling like there is no tomorrow.  I had my feet down for a movie and supper and I had two  big cankles (calf/ankle) by the end.  My BP is still low and my group B strep test came out negative (whew, no antibiotics necessary at delivery).  As far as Macy goes, her heart rate was 152 this time and he didn't measure my fundus this time.  She had a nice strong heartbeat and is still flip-flopping around in there.  One visit her back is on my left side and then this last visit her back was on my right side.  I honestly don't know how she has the room, but believe me, she makes her way across and does some big position changes.  It's funny, it always seems it's when my mom is around...........Macy goes CRAZY in utereo and starts pushing her arms, legs, hands and feet in every which direction.
As far as her active times go, she is most active in the evening between 8-10pm............but she doesn't really have that much of a 'quiet time', because she is constantly moving..........scares me a little bit to what her personality might be like! :-)~  I found out that typically the babies active time in utereo is typically the time the baby likes to cluster feed once their born.  If she wants to be an evening baby, that's fine........usually Hayden is in bed at that time so hopefully it won't be too bad! :-)
I think that's the only thing I'm nervous am I going to juggle both kids?  And that is so typical for any mom to ask..........Dennis plans on taking off 2 weeks when I first have the baby so he can help me with the kids while I'm recovering from my c-section.  I'm not supposed to lift Hayden for 6 weeks!  He is going to have a hard time becoming a bit more independant, but I hear those first borns grow up SO fast once there is a younger sibling around.
OH!  I forgot to mention that I had Dr Traynor check my cervix too!  I was very curious to see what I was dilated to especially because Dennis and I have a funeral we need to go to this weekend in Sioux Falls, SD, which is 4 hours away.  So, I was concerned if I was really dilated should I even go?  Well, Dr Traynor said, checking your cervix isn't going to give you the answer because if you're dilated now, you could stay that way for 2 weeks........or you can quickly dilate to more tomorrow, there is nothing predictable about it.  Well, for my reassurance, he checked me.  My cervix is still really thick, not effaced at all.........and still pretty posterior.  But, the weird thing is I'm dilated to 2, maybe 3!  I said, don't you have to be effaced before you dilate?.....or isn't that how it usually goes?  Well, he said with first pregnancies, usually you efface then dilate..........but because I've already had a baby, you tend to dilate first.  So, he gave me the go-ahead to go to SD...........and said as long as you wouldn't mind possibly having a baby there.  I don't want to have a baby anywhere but at Methodist........but we can't predict what is going to happen.
I think that's about all the updating I have to do for now...........I have another appt next Wednesday and then hopefully it'll be time for the baby from there! :-)
Thanks to all who have made their baby poll guesses and if you still haven't, you better get on it!

Week 38: April 15th
One big momma, ready to have this baby.........
will update more later, had my last doctor's appointment today! Click here to see everyone's guesses for the baby poll!
Stats from the last appt, I gained about another 1.5 pounds, so that's just over 20 lbs total.  But, I can definitely tell that at the end here it's getting to be a lot of fluid too.  My feet are down for any length of time and out come the cankles.............and my hands are really starting to get sore and edematous too.  We're getting near the end.  It also doesn't help that my appetite is huge all of a sudden and all I want to do is eat!  Ice cream has been almost a daily treat for it the weather or this stage of pregnancy?  Either way, I'm taking advantage!
Macy's heart rate was 138, but I didn't get my fundus measured this time, but I"m guessing I'd be +2 weeks AGAIN! :-)  I actually had to see a different doctor for my very last appt as Dr Traynor was gone.  So, this doctor checked my cervix and said I was 50% effaced and only dilated to a one! ( I was 2-3 with Dr Traynor)  I'd been having A LOT more contractions that started on Friday morning at work..........I got a little worried at first because they were pretty frequent and we were going to be going to SD that day.  But, I ended up staying home and continue to have these irregular contractions ever since.  Obviously they're not doing much to my cervix if I'm only dilated to a 1.  :-(  I'm not doing a whole lot to get them going, not like I did with Hayden..........but they're coming on their own and I figure we've got a day picked out for her to come, so I just have to be patient and why put myself through the agony of labor again! :-)
I had a rough start to the week, with my pain and pelvic pain.  I went to the chiropractor again and he gave me some helpful hints on some stretches that may help relieve some of the pain as well.  Some are a little hard to do with a big belly in the way, but they must have helped because come Thursday, I felt like a brand new person!  Tues/Wed were the worse days, then Thursday came..........I got to sleep quite a bit and didn't have to lift Hayden a whole lot and let me tell you, I felt like I could take on the world!  My mood was better, my energy level was was great.  Friday, had a few aches and pains, but believe me...............I feel 95% better then I did on Wednesday.  I was beginning to doubt if I could make it another 1-2 weeks at all.  I was miserable.  I'm back to work for the weekend, 8 hour shifts, which I think has made a huge improvement on how I feel as well.  Still bloated to all get out, but what can you do!.........just trying to stay comfy.
I'm nesting like I know it's getting near.  I'm bleaching, washing, and organizing everything.  I've gotten extremely neurotic.....I feel sorry for my boys, they can't dirty anything without me behind them cleaning or picking  it up.  Dennis shampooed the carpets for me on Friday and they look great.  That's one bad thing about being ready so far in advance, I'm getting very antsy and just want her to be here now!  I hope I can mellow out once she gets here..........I'm getting so excited!
Oh, I have also been doing some pampering this past week...........I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but I got more hair chopped off (and a color too)!  It's the shortest it's been in probably close to 5 years!  I also am getting a pedi/manicure this week.........a treat to myself.  There won't be time afterward to do any sort of 'maitenance', so I need to get it done now!
Well, can't seem to think of anything else........................hopefully the next update will be about our baby girl!  Will keep everyone informed, but keep checking the site if you haven't heard from us in a while!

38 Weeks Pregnant with Hayden!
Way back at 16 weeks pregnant! My how I have grown!
Week 39: April 19th
For those who are wondering and are checking.........still no baby girl!  Will keep everyone updated when she finally does arrive! We're all anxiously waiting!  No regular contractions and still feeling huge! 
On Easter, measuring right up there with Uncle Ronnie! :-)