Second Trimester!
WEEK 14: February 8

Well, I'm into my second trimester and I'm finally starting to show!  Not a whole lot, but it's finally starting to hit home that there is a baby in there.  As for how I'm feeling.....I'm still so tired!  This baby is sucking the life out of me! :-), but worth it all! 

The big thing with us is, we're starting on the baby's nursery! :-)  Of course, Dennis wanted yellow (to go for a Michigan theme, if it's a boy)........and I wanted sage green.  Well, I won the argument and the baby's room is now a beautiful green!  My parents have been gracious enough to pay for the new flooring in the baby's room too!  Dennis and my dad have started putting in hardwood floors/laminate into the baby's room.  It'll be done very shortly.  Dennis has put SO much time into the room already.  The light wood floor looks just fabulous with the green of the walls.  Once we have things put more together, I'll post a picture of the new room.  It'll be like Trading Spaces, a before and after.......with quite a big difference between the two!
Click here to see the pictures, finally put up!

Once we find out what we're having, we'll start decorating a bit more, but for now we thought the sage green would be neutral enough to add pink, lavendar or blue.   It's going to be so much fun.  So, if anyone is to stop at our house while this renovating is being done, excuse the mess, the house had been turned upside down!

Mom, Tish and I went shopping at Medford last weekend and boy, was that a lot of fun.  I'm thinking Carter's might be one of my favorite places to go, especially once we find out what we're having.  Such GREAT deals and such cute, cuddly stuff.  I personally could have gone hog wild, (my mom did) but I held back.  Otherwise, this kid might have a lot of yellow in it's wardrobe!

Notmuch more to report....will keep updating as necessary.
WEEK 16: February 23

I'm offically 4 months pregnant.  And, let me tell you, this week, I've felt an overwhelming surge of my pregnancy hormones.  I apologize to anyone that has to deal with me this week! :-)!  The week did not start off the greatest......I ended up having an emergency root canal on Monday morning, after working all weekend and no sleep.  So, my poor dentist and the hygienist saw my "pregnant"-side that morning.  When I was told I needed the root canal, I bawled and bawled!  I was in so much pain, so tired and it just was not what I wanted done that day.  I think I'm going to be a little embarrassed next time I see them.  They're such nice people though, I think I'll be forgiven.

About 12 midnight on Monday, Dennis finished up the babies room!  It looks so GREAT!!!!  There's a few little things that need touching up and we need to put the door back on.  But, as soon as we get all the final details done, I'll get a picture posted on this page.  After you see what a great job he has done on this room, I think he'll be getting requests to help with other projects.  But, we've got a few other projects in mind around our he'll be booked for a while! :-)

The rest of the week went great!  Wednesday I had another OB appt.  I finally got to meet Dr. Johnston, who is just a wonderful doctor.  The great thing was Dennis had the day off and got to come to the appt with me.  Dennis was pacing the waiting area and was a little nervous before we went into the exam room.  I just can't imagine what the delivery is going to be like!  Dennis got to hear the heart beating for the first time at that appointment and I think that calmed his nerves somewhat.  The baby's heartrate was about 160 again at this visit and my "fundus" (height of my uterus) is right where it should be.  So from that visit, we were told that everything looks and sounds great!  Dennis is finding it as difficult as I am to not have the reassurance of the baby moving to let us know that things are ok from day to day.  The movement should be come in the next month, so that'll be really cool to experience! 

Another really exciting thing is we have our appointment for our big ultrasound where we get a head to toe look at the baby, and that includes finding out the sex of the baby (if willing!)  Our big day will be March 17th, St Patty's Day, so since I'm part Irish, I'm hoping for the luck of the Irish and hoping all looks healthy and hoping that that baby is going to let us know if he's a he, or if she's a she!  I've had two dreams so far that it's a boy...............but, my aunt Bobbie and Aunt Tish did the "nail test" on me (where you hang a nail on a string in front of your belly and if it swings back and forth it's a girl, if it goes in circles, it's a boy) and very "loud and clear" it said both times it was a girl!!!!  The nail test in our family has only been wrong for one person, Sandy, who is married to my cousin, so I'm hoping, being a blood relative makes the predictions true!  In a couple more weeks, we'll know.  ( I don't want to say for sure, after what happened with Aaron and April)  Believe me, I will definitely post the news as soon as we find out!!!

So make sure you check back after St Patricks Day to see the results of our ultrasound.   And we should definitely have the nursery completely done by that time.  (But probably no furniture yet, but that's ok, we have plenty of time for that!)  So, check back often!~
We'd like to thank everyone who have given us cards, gifts or just words of encouragement.  It's so nice to see all the care and support we have from our family and friends.  This baby has no idea what a loving world he/she is coming into!  Thanks again!
WEEK 19: March 15th

So finally, the day of our big ultrasound.  I cannot tell you how long those three weeks were!  But the fantastic news is, the baby looks completely healthy!  The brain, mouth, eyes, spine, heart, abdomen, arms/legs, fingers and toes.............and we even got a nice shot of his privates.  That's right...........I said "his",
IT'S A BOY!!! and the cruel parents we already are, we made them take a picture, we needed clear cut proof that it was definitely a boy!  Here are the ultrasound pictures, hot off the press..............
Here is his profile.  We can see his nose, mouth and spine.  And also his legs.
Here he has his arm up by his face.  His arms were moving all over.  One time I think he waved at us......he must have known we were watching because of all the pressing on his little home.  :-)  The ultrasound tech was suprised I hadn't felt him moving yet, I guess his feet were quite active too!
This shot is looking from, literally, the bottom up.................and no, that's not his butthole..............I believe it's his bladder..........and the arrow is pointing to, as Dennis calls it, his "dooper".  So, there's the proof.  The tech said, she couldn't be more positive it was a boy.  She said, she'd paint the nursery herself, she was so sure!
We're SO pleased to see everything and to know that it looks normal.  Working in the NICU, it is so worrisome, because I see regularly, what can go wrong.  Having this ultrasound definitely eases my mind.  They also said he weighs about 10 oz right now.........teeny tiny~  but not for much longer...........

I will write more later..............too much excitement today, I'm worn out!  Thanks for coming and looking at our baby's pictures.........heaven knows, this won't be the end of them! :-) (Poor kid!)
WEEK 22: April 5th

Sorry it's taken so long to get back and do any sort of updates.......but I told you I'd be busy shopping once I found out what the sex of the baby was! Just Kidding!  It has been nice though, now knowing what to call him and what to buy. 

First things first, we do have a name picked out..............he'll be
Hayden James Reckward.
I've had the name Hayden picked out since I was in 9th grade.  I had a friend whose brother and grandpa's name was Hayden.  And I actually just remember having a dream about having a baby boy name Hayden back then too!  Dennis just loved the name was the only boy name we ever agreed on........and this name was decided a long, long, long time ago.  So there is no changing it now.  Dennis also says he likes it because there was a good "kicker" for Michigan University named Hayden Epstein (sp?)...........but his Iowa friends also remind him of Hayden Frye, a head couch for the Hawkeyes (I think).  Either way, we both love it............but I'm worried about all the other little boys he'll be growing up with........there are an awful lot of Caydens, Jaydens, Aidens, etc.  Oh well.........the name means a lot to us.  And as Dennis pointed's like saying......."hey!,Den...." like we can also say he was named after his Daddy..........and his middle name is after his Grandpa Reckward........who I think is so, so proud to have the Reckward name passed down. :-)

We are also in the process of trying to find the perfect baby furniture.  My good friend Missy gave me a fabulous book called "Baby Bargains", which goes through all the stuff we'll need and what to not waste money on.  I've started reading it........and as she'll agree......I think it may just be my "baby bible" for the next few months. :-)  Dennis and I are also trying to agree on a crib/quilt set for the baby's room.  I'm pretty sure we have it narrowed down........but I think he's having even more fun than I am on looking at all that's out there. 

The baby's room is already starting to fill up with ity bity clothes too!  So many people have already been SO generous!  And let me tell you, this kid is going to be stylin!  I too, have gone a little overboard at a sale at Kohl's........30-50% off of almost all their clothes!  Can you blame me?  But I say, you can never have too many pjs! :-)  If he's anything like me, he's going to love comfy clothes! He has also gotten more Michigan clothes, from Dad and Grandma too!  I really hope the kid loves Michigan deep down......not that he will have a choice!  Watch him turn out to love Ohio State.....or even worse, go to college there and play football!

Hayden also went to his first concert this past weekend! Dennis and I (and Hayden) went and saw Kenny Chesney up at the Excel Center with a bunch of our friends.  Our seats were in the 'nosebleed' section, but I am definite Hayden still felt the boom of the speakers up there!  He sat pretty quietly during and surprisingly after the show.  I think it might have worn him out, too much excitement.  But he's back to his normal self and seems to be moving around a lot in the evening and at night.  I think he's a night person just like his mom.  I've also sensed maybe a little bit of jealousy too..........I was talking to and feeding one of the babies I was taking care of at work and Hayden was moving around like crazy, non-stop all night.  He is going to have to get used to sharing me with other babies though.

So, yes, he's been a mover and a shaker.  I couple times I would have swore that the covers in bed moved with some of the kicks!  Dennis hasn't been able to feel him from the outside yet, but I'm expecting it to happen really soon.........he's getting stronger everyday........and heaven knows, he moves enough! :-)  It's so neat to finally feel him moving around.  And, I think he has grown like a weed in the last two weeks.  I seem to have just popped out!  I'm wearing all maternity tops now.........I am still able to fit into my regular jeans still.........but I'm not sure how much longer though.......we're getting bigger by the day!  Thank goodness for the cute maternity clothes they have at Old Navy, Gap and Motherhood Maternity! But I'm still in that "smaller" pregnancy stage, so some things look like tents on me..........but I'll be filling it in soon.

Lots of changes in the past couple of weeks........but everything has been just great!  We're still just so excited and cannot wait for him to come......he is going to have so many little friends to play with and so many people that love him!  Will keep updating every couple of weeks..........TAKE CARE! 
WEEK 27: May 10th
You have to excuse me for taking SO long to get another update on this page.  I've been having a lot of technical difficulties with my computer at home, but I've been trying.  So, finally now I can get some things added.

So much has happened since my last update.  Hayden is growing and growing!  According to average, he should be over 2 pounds now!  And, I can tell he's growing because his movements are getting a lot stronger and I'm starting to get really big and just want to eat all the time!.  In just a matter of weeks, I've grown a lot, so I think he's hit his first growth spurt.

He's also starting to make friends.  I'd been taking care of a couple little guys at work who are right around the same gestational age as Hayden..........and the boys have bonded!  Whenever I'd walk into the baby's room, Hayden would just start kicking and flopping around.  I think they were sharing stories with each other.  I just told him he better not get any bad ideas from my patient, he needs to stay in the womb for much longer than that kiddo!

In the last few weeks, he has given me first scare as a mother too!  The end of April a large group of us did the 6 mile March of Dimes Walk America.  And then we went to the Mall of America and went to pick up the his crib.  So, in all the activity he got really tired and wasn't as active as he usually was.  So, we made an extra trip to the doctor and he reassured me and everything was fine.  I started getting some swelling of my ankles and increase in blood pressure at this time too, but they checked everything out, and we're all good!  I also had to do my glucose tolerance test in these past few weeks.  I did not pass my one hour glucose, so I got the opportunity to have to do the three hour test.  But, we passed just fine and couldn't be more thankful.   We'd have a hard time giving up sweets if we had too! :-)  Especially now since we've tried the new Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream.   We made a couple special trips there the couple nights before the tests, just in case I was told we couldn't have the treats anymore.

Starting the end of this month, I'll be making more frequent visits to the doctor as I'll be starting my THIRD trimester!  Only 13 weeks to go!  Now that I'm really starting to show and feel him move around a lot more, it's all starting to hit home a little more.  It's also hitting home that we have a wedding in 5 months!  So, both Dennis and I have been busy at work with the baby and the wedding.  Never a dull moment around our house. :-)

The nursery is really coming along.  We finally found the crib of our dreams and our parents bought and transported it for us back down to Rochester.  And, what's even bettter, it only took abuot 30 min to put together!  It's absolutely beautiful and is EXACTLY what we were looking for!  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!  We're also starting to fill the nursery with a few more items.  He's already got a closet full of clothes and we haven't had any showers yet!  This kid is going to be decked out!

I have a few pictures of the nursery that I"m going to add to our website.  I'm going to start a pregnancy pictures page................I'll be adding pictures of me and my stages of 'belly' growth, or shall I say , my own Belly Gallery.  I just have to forewarn you though.  Some of the pictures are a little blurry, we are still getting used to our new camera.  I will also have pictures of the nursery, before and after, like I've promised.  It's getting to be SO cute!

Last little update..............I had my first Mother's Day this past weekend.  And I have to say, I"m going to marry the best husband and daddy anyone could ask for and I truly mean that.  He has been so thoughtful and caring for me and Hayden, I couldn't be more grateful.  A couple weeks ago, I was a bit stressed out with several things going on and he just knew that sending me a bouquet of roses would cheer me up............and it was exactly what I needed.  And then this weekend, he surprised me with a white gold Mother and Child pendant and necklace with August's birthstone in it!  I took pictures of it and it's just GORGEOUS!  I can't wait to show everyone.  We're also going to add another special stone to the pendant, the diamond from my mom's engagement/wedding ring from my real dad.  The stone has some sentimental value and will look so pretty in the pendant.  Everyday it just becomes more clear what a truly terrific person I'm going to be marrying and what a fantastic role model as a father he's going to be.  Both Hayden and I are so lucky to have him in our lives forever!  WE LOVE YOU DENNIS!

Well, that's all I'm going to have time to update now, but I promise it won't be as long next time with the next update.  We'll be starting a new page soon for the third trimester and I'll get those pictures on the site real soon!