Baby Reckward Part III
Trimester Two
Weeks 12-28 (?)

First part of this second trimester is pretty quiet...........just waiting for the big things to happen........the nausea to end and the anatomy ultrasound scheduled between 18-20 weeks.  We got that ultrasound scheduled and it's scheduled between 18-19 weeks.  We decided that we will be finding out the gender of the baby.  I initially wanted to wait until delivery since we knew with boy of our kids before hand and since we have one of each.  But Dennis really wanted to know and I know that I would have a hard time letting him know and he would be a little stinker and tease me the whole second half of the pregnancy that he knows and I don't.  :-)  So, we'll find out!

The nausea started to subside around that 15 week mark..........the general nausea......but still now at 19 weeks I get spurts of nausea and still can get on quite a roll with my gagging and dry heaving.  And, it'll be 5+ days and I will think I'm all done and then I'll just puke out of no where.  It's the weirdest thing.  I think a lot of it is reflux but then I think it gets triggered very, very easily too.  I have found that everytime I leave work, by the time I get out to my car in the ramp, I start puking.  I hate to admit, but I have left a little puddle of puke at the front of my car once or twice.  I really need to start carrying a puke bucket for these instances.  I think the motion of walking down 3 flights of stairs, a brisk walk to the ramp, an elevator ride, a small incline walk to my parking spot and then the spiral downward exit from the ramp really gets things rolling.  Not fun...........but I have another pregnant friend that similar things happen to her it's not the weirdest thing to share :-)

I'm really starting to pop out..........wearing the maternity clothes earlier and earlier with each baby! I remember with Hayden, the first time I wore a maternity shirt was to my big ultrasound.  The nice thing now is I have a bunch of shirts that are very roomy in the tummy just because of the style, so I think I've gotten away with it a bit longer just on that fact.  I have not gained any weight yet which is typical of my pregnancys too.  It's usually that later part when I start to gain.  I had gained so much between having Macy before this baby, that I am glad to have some little thing sucking the calories from me :-).................he/she has plenty to live off of! ;-)

The kids have been just totally phenomenal with this baby, it makes me so much more excited.  They talk to the baby every night via my belly button. :-)  It's just part of our nighttime routine now.  We read our 3 stories, say our prayers and Macy will say, 'talk to baby' and then lift my shirt up :-)...........then Hayden will jump in and say, "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, rrrrr (making a biting sound)' and then Macy does this funny poking thing with my belly and makes this weird who-ooo-ooo singing kind of sound........have no idea what it means or why she does it, but it's predictable and she does it every night.  I think she does it in response to my belly jiggling.........who knows if it'll work as well when the belly firms up :-).

Dennis and I have been working on finding names.  Because we had a boy name picked out with the last pregnacy we will still be using that one, which leaves us with a girls name.  We spent a few weeks working on that one.  Dennis likes the more common names that I'm a little tired of seeing/hearing.

Hayden has been calling the baby CamdenAni............this is a combination of the two names we have picked out for the baby.
October 1st - Big Ultrasound day!
Well, today was the day we were finally waiting for, our big ultrasound. Initially, I did not want to find out the sex of this baby as we had with boy Hayden & Macy and with this baby being quite the surprise, I thought it'd be nice to keep the sex a surprise as well. Dennis did want to know so I thought well, 'ok!, we'll find out!'. I am certain I would have changed my mind on my own come 18 weeks! But it was almost immediately I knew it was a little girl! So much of my pregnancy with this one and with Macy were very much the same, just I had a very good guess.

We went to the appt first thing this morning and the tech was quite crabby which kind of ticked me off! This is a very exciting day for us and she is going to be in a bad mood! So, I mentioned this was baby #3 for us and that I'm a NICU nurse and in the past the tech had done a wonderful job talking though everything knowing what it is us NICU nurses get most nervous about. She wasn't the most chatty of techs we'd had but she did let us know what was what.

She started to really focus on the heart and it made me very very nervous....but then she mentioned the way the baby was lying it wan't the best angle so that what was taking a while. But we got to see all the parts from head to toe and they are just beautiful! She is measuring right on for dates and with all her body parts as average too. She then went to her 'privates' and confirmed for us that it was indeed what we suspected, a little girl!!! Of course, I start to cry a bit, even though I knew it all along ! ;) Dennis was just sitting back so quietly and calmly and I think deep down very excited as well. I think he was hoping for a boy but he loves his girls too ;)~!

We got a couple of nice ultrasound pics which I will have to scan and get up on this page too. She had her hands up by her face and was unusually calm.....which I'm hoping is a little indicator of how she'll be............we need a nice calm girl around this house....if she's anything like Ms Macy Bea we are going to be in for a world of hurt! and they'll be at each other's throats! :-)

So, the name we decided to go with after some searching is:

Ani Rae Reckward (pronounced Aun-e) and Rae is a family name. Wasn't sure exactly how I liked it with Reckward but I think it'll work fine :-)

We're very excited and very happy to know that everything looks good. We are truly blessed.
Ultrasound pictures to come eventually!
November 2008

Well, I am now 24 weeks which is amzing to feel the baby move around and that we are in a very familiar part of the pregnancy.  On my unit, we take care of babies at this gestation, so I no longer, I wonder how big my baby is or what it looks like.......I unfortunately have seen babies at that age.  I have to say the worrying of the development and risk of premature labor has definitely decreased in the more kids I have had..........I'm much more relaxed and don't tend to worry about the potential as much as I used to.  I think it's too, my mind is much more occupied than with the first!
I'm feeling very at ease about the arrival of our sweet little girl  The kids have been so great and very excited about their sister which I think is what is making this a huge relief.  Now, what they do when she comes with be a whole other story :).  But we're getting it all figured out......I think the girls will share a room and Hayden will still be in his room across the hall.  Ani will sleep with us in a bassinette in our room until she is ready for her crib............which if she is anythng like Macy, that'll be a while.  We're hoping that things go a little smoother or easier with Ani than Ms Bea.....but you do what you have to and they're each their own :-) 
As far as how I've been feeling, generally so much better, but a week doesn't go by that I don't puke at least once.  I think this may be something that lasts until she's born........I think most of it is reflux and the bigger I get the more it'll be a problem I'm sure.  I haven't gained any weight with this pregnancy yet, which I'm totally happy about, they're not worried about........and Lord knows I had gained enough before getting pregnant.  Looking back I had only gained like 8 pounds up to 32 weeks with Hayden, and I think 5 pounds at 30 weeks with just right on track for me.
I have my 3 hour glucose scheduled for before Thanksgiving..........I'm skipping the one hour test and going right to the 3 hour.  The past few times I've done the one hour I've always failed, so we're just saving an extra trip and will go right to the 3 hour.
I'm really starting to feel the little Miss move around a ton now the past two weeks.  I was wondering when she would be starting to make her presence known as it wasn't daily I was feeling her before..........but she does a lot of stretching and Dennis has even actually gotten to feel her move from the outside! 
I'm already getting very, very excited to see this little gal of ours..We often talk about who is she going to look like?  Will she have blonde hair or brown hair?  Hayden says brown.  Will she have brown eyes or blue eyes?  Hayden votes blue.  So according to him, she'll be another Macy :-)  Should be interesting to see how much similarity there is between the two of them :-).
December 2008

28 weeks............

28 weeks and I'm getting enormous and still puking!  It's more reflux I think than anything but it'll still sneak up on me and I'll just puke out of no where! :(  I think this is going to stick around until she is delivered......with how big she is getting and will continue to get, the reflux is not going to get better.  I have actually had to sleep sitting somewhat upright's going to be a long 11 weeks! This past month has been complete chaos and how I have any sanity left is beyond me.............we had our kitchen flood beginning of November, which caused a total remodel of the kitchen and part of the basement and bathroom.  I have been working SO hard between all that work and pictures this holiday season, plus have had two bouts of the stomach flu and then two bad colds........the worse part was the week or so long respiratory sickness.  I had the worse sore throat, which they think was worsened by my that is what started me sleeping upright.......then I progressed to a killer cough and then some sinus stuff, which I'm still struggling with.  I've been stuffy and drainy this whole pregnancy but what makes it worse is there is nothing I can really take.  With my sore throat though I was in so much misery, I ended up finding an oxycodone to take...just so I could sleep.  These are way old pills from my c-section but I was super desperate!  I started taking pepcid daily or twice a day to I hope this makes it better too.
But all in all, I generally feel so much better and am happy as can be that we have a healthy baby girl coming to us in just a few weeks!  It's been so exciting to see, especially with Macy how much she is loving this baby.  Everynight at story time, she has to sit in between my legs and says, 'I sit by Ani?''s not........sit on  your lap mommy?'s I sit by Ani! :-)  I think these girls are going to be tight..........and whenever we see a baby, she is right there checking the baby out.  With my nephew, she loves him......she may ask like she is annoyed or jealous from time to time but generally, she is very happy to see him.
I got the results of my 3 hour glucose and it was actually just the fasting glucose I didn't pass....I think the one hour was actually ok (?) so that was good.  I had a big ol weight gain though....about 7 pounds?..........I don't think it was totally accurate...........but I am sure there was a gain........all the fast food we had the past month with our kitchen being remodeled........I could just puke thinking about another hamburger and french fry! :-).........which is crazy but probably the best thing for us, we eat out way too hopefully that will curb our appetite for anything other than home cooking :-).
Thanksgiving was great..........I actually cooked something in the kitchen for the first time for our Thanksgiving festivities..........our standard 'squash' dish that we make every's like custard it's so good!  It was good  to smell it cooking too!
For now, we're just doing monthly appointments it will be around Christmas when I see the doctor again........but baby is good...........mommy is good...........daddy is good.............and big brother and big sister are good!  the next 11 weeks are going to go by so fast............and then our girl will be here, I can't wait!!!!