Baby Reckward Part III
Trimester Three
Weeks 28 - 40ish
See maternity pics below!

Well, I have 9 days left before this little girl comes, so I best get SOMETHING written on her third trimester page !;-)  So, I was 28 weeks before Xmas time............oh...........yes, llet me update you on the craziness of our holiday season!  I don't know how much detail I left on the previous page but..........back in the beginning of November we had the hose from our dishwasher pop off the garbage disposal and back up under our sink and into our kitchen.while we were gone.  We got our insurance guy on the phone immediately and he sent over ServiceMaster over to help restore and clean up the water damage.  It involved ripping up everything that got wet (kitchen floors - lineoleum, downstairs ceiling in the bathroom, and the living room floor downstairs and some of the ceiling in there too) and then drying it out for 3 days while we stayed in a hotel.  They also came in and ripped out our kitchen and everything got put into garage.  Our whole house was in a shambles!!!  So then we ended up having to decide what to do in regard to our remodeling.  We designed our own set up for the kitchen and Dennis did A LOT of the manual labor himself............we had the help of Tony Bendickson (The Complete Handyman) - who's wife works with me - he helped 'advise' us on things we should or shouldn't do and did the tile and helped put the cabinets and sink in.  We also had my dad help paint the kitchen.  My parents did a lot to help watch the kids while we ran to IKEA 8000 times and while we got some work done around the house.  We were also slow at work so I was able to request some time off and get some much needed work done.  The kitchen was up and running come mid December..........which was about a month from when it happened.........and that is amazingly fast!!!  From there, it left us with many many other ideas of what we wanted to do with the house.  We ripped up our living room carpet and put down laminate and painted and got all new baseboards and put up a ton of pics..........can you believe that I had maybe 3 pics of my kids up on the wall?  Not anymore! ;-)  I went a little buck wild- but I have a TON to choose from so why not!? :-)  It's Feb and I have to say we are about 99.5% done with the kitchen and living room.........that has been preoccupying our time and minds in preparation for getting ready for our baby!  We didn't have much to do for her specifically, so this was our way of 'nesting' I think!  It feels good to know she is practically coming home to a 'new' house.......a lot cleaner and updated.
I've been feeling generally much better these last few weeks, except I got round 3 of the flu AGAIN!  This time worse than ever!  I came home from working a night shift and Dennis and Macy had been up puking since 4am.  So, I stayed up and took care of the kids.  Dennis felt like he'd be run over and all he could do was sleep.  I know the feeling.  He was so grateful that I was home and he stayed home from work that evening.  I just told him, I'm sure someday you will have to pay me back.............never in my wildest dreams had I thought it would be just the next day.  Well, that am, I woke up and felt lousy - but not too different than how I had been feeling all this pregnancy.  Well, I am driving Macy to school and I had to pull over somewhere 'private' to puke in a bag in my car.  Then it just wouldn't stop!  I knew this wasn't right! Here we go again. I had to crawl back into bed and Dennis who hadn't even recovered completely yet had to be the one to take over now!  I puked non stop for 10 hours...........I even ran out of bile to puke!  I was miserable!!!!!  NEVER had I felt this bad.  I called my OB to see if I could get anything to help me stop they called in a script and I had to get Dennis to go pick it up from me.  This was finally about 5pm at night.  Finally it was SO long I had been vomiting and I was getting dehydrated, I started having some regular contractions!  This totally started freaking me out!!!   I was 32 weeks pregnant and all I could think was premature labor!!! and how I would not do well if I had to go on bedrest or had this baby early!  I normally don't freak out too much - esp now with baby #3, I have worried less and less.........but I started to freak out and cry!  I called the 24 hour nurse line and then connected me to Labor and Delivery.  I get the Secretary who then hooks me up to a nurse.  The nurse never once asked my name, clinic #, how many weeks I was, nothing.........( I know WHENVER you talk to ANYONE on the phone you need to write a note in their chart) and just told me, 'contractions induced from dehydration rarely change the cervix' so that I didn't need to come in.  I could have killed that broad on the other end of the phone!  I said, well I am 32 weeks pregnant - 3rd baby - and  NICU nurse...........'oh, you just know too much' is what she told me.  I wanted to scream, 'well ANYTIME you are having contractions every 5 minutes for an hours time you are advised to call, don't pawn this off on me being paranoid!'  I made sure to keep her name in 'the vault' and will be sure to avoid her at all costs when I'm there!  Well, I talked to my OB at my last appt and he wasn't concerned......and everything has been resolved and back to normal!
I will go longer periods of time without puking but it will just come out of no where or the latest as been the most killer heartburn I've ever experienced!  I'm not taking Reglan anymore as I don't have that constant full feeling, it's more heartburn now.  I have had much more of an appetite now too........I think she has dropped down and now I want to eat, eat, eat!  Good thing there are only a few weeks left!  I've been getting a bit more uncomfortable and sore carrying my girl around now too!  It's about that time 30 weeks I was starting to feel uncomfortable with Macy so I was kind of expecting it :-).  I've been to the chiropractor a few times and it' just amazing that they can fix all those little aches and pains.  The unfortunate thing that I found that I actually feel better the more I keep moving...........:( another reason to not rest, ha!  I've been able to stay on my 12 hour shifts and have worked a little extra here and there too.
I've been VERY, VERY fortunate with this entire pregnancy with how good I've been feeling and the fact that I can carry a baby to full term.  I hate to complain because I work everyday with those unfortunate to carry a baby full term and see the complications of that 
As far as getting ready for this little gal, it was finally about 2-3 weeks ago - beginning of Feb that I was able to get to the tubs of clothes and go through those.  The bad thing is, I've lost 1-2 tubs of baby girl clothes and still to this day have no idea where they are at.  Mostly sleepers and summery nothing I absolutely need at this moment or when she is I'm hoping I'll find them soon!  I made a quick trip to Medford last week to get some pjs and warmer newborn clothes.  The girls' seasons and sizes will be close but Macy didn't have a ton of warmer clothes since she was a late April birthday.
We have our c-section date picked out for February 27th.  We are expected to arrive at the hospital at 7:30 and should be back into our room with baby around noon that day.  We're all VERY excited to meet this little girl!!!!  I'm very curious to see who is she going to look like?  Hayden or Macy?  Macy is such a spitting image of me and Hayden Dennis, it should be interesting to see who she'll take after.  And what kind of personality she will have :-)..........macy declared herself instantaneously and has delivered that personality for the past (almost) 3 years.  Everyone keeps saying, 'maybe you'll get your nice calm kid' or 'third kids are typically the calm ones because they have to be' much as I would LOVE to beleive that, ahhhh........I'm not holding my breath. :)  The likelihood of a calm kiddo is low and I don't want to be disappointed :-).  I'll just be happy with a healthy baby and that is really all that we want at this point.
Everyone keeps asking if the kids are excited and they have really gotten to be more interested lately.  Both have actually come to appoinments with me recently and that was really fun to have them there.  Hayden came with once when I thought we were going to be doing the portable ultrasound machine but it didn't happen.  But, he did get to hear the heart beating and he just got a BIG huge grin, it was the cutest thing.  I told him that was the baby's heart he heard beating and he kept imitating later that day.  He has been able to feel the baby moving too and just loves it.  It's fun to see them 'connect' already.  We have also been talking about it a lot at night when he gets ready for bed.....we talk about how babies act and why they cry and how life will be like.  He said that he would help me and take care of me once Ani comes.  He said, 'I take care of you mom!'  It's very cute!  He is gonig to do a GREAT job!!!!  Macy, who initially I thought was going to have a very hard time............I actually think she is going to do ok.  She has been into babies BIG time the last few months.  Anytime we see a baby she goes right up to it and is very interested and very gentle.  She likes to 'play baby' with Dennis and often times the fix for crying is shoving a bottle in the baby's mouth.  SHould be interesting to see how this goes once Ani comes! ;-)
Well, it's just a matter of days now before our girl comes and I best get things wrapped up here.  Will be adding the pics from our maternity session below.......the kids did great and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  I'm so glad we have some 'connections' to get them done, ha! :-)  Thanks Shannon!

Maternity Pics below
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