Our Summer Vacation
Dennis, Hayden & I drove up to Nisswa, MN to enjoy our week long vacation on Pelican Lake.  My parents rent a cabin at Pelican Beach Resort in Nisswa the same week each year for the past 12 (?) years.  Pelican Beach Resort is outside of Nisswa very close to Breezy Point Resort.  This is all about 15-20 miles outside of Brainerd. MN.  This was our first family vacation and we were all looking forward to the relaxation and sunshine.
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We finally made it up to the cabin about 5pm.  Hayden tolerated the trip so good!  He slept a couple hours and then watched his Baby Einstein videos the rest of the time.  We also made it up there without getting lost once!  Mom, Dad & Megan had left on Saturday so they were very anxious and excited for us to get up there.  Hayden enjoyed the fact that there were no gates keeping him out of everything.  He liked the cabin a lot and we couldn't wait to take him down to the lake.  We stopped by the lodge and met the other guests, who had already heard so much about Mr Hayden, we had finally arrived!  We took Hayden right to the beach and plopped him right down in the water, with his clothes on even!  I hadn't expected him to enjoy it as much as he did, he wasn't scared at all.  We ended up stripping him down and put his swimsuit on and off swimming he went with Dad and Grandma.  He ended up eating some sand and tripped and fell into the water a few times, but didn't even cry.  He rode on a little blow up alligator and went down the slide into the water.
Then we had supper outside, hobo dinners (hamburger, potatos, and carrots wrapped in tinfoil and grilled).  Dennis had never had them before and thinks we should have them every night now!  Then we went to the lodge for dessert, ICE CREAM!  Hayden tried Mint Chocolate Chip from me, Cake & Ice Cream from Meg, and ate right off the cone like a pro!
Dennis and I played a little P-I-G at the basketball hoop while Hayden watched.  He even tried to make a basket and did with Daddy's help!  We then went in for the night, got settled in and went to bed, it was a busy day for all of us!
MONDAY JULY 11th: (Happy B-day Ash!)
Hayden slept in until almost 9am, he has been playing so hard!  We all got up and ready to go into Brainerd.  WE had to make a stop at Walmart for a few essentials.  Dennis and my dad went golfing, while us girls and Hayden went down to the lake. 
Hayden went floating in his little whale floaty while my mom and I took turns pushing him around.  Hayden then played some more in the sand, but played so hard he almost fell asleep sitting there!  So, he went up to the cabin with Megan and took a 2 1/2 hour nap while Mom and I floated in the lake soaking up the sun.  Dennis & my dad got home and came out to the water too.   My mom fell asleep up on the beach and Dennis & I went and played a little more basketball.  My arm was beginning to get a little sore from shotting so many hoops!
We grilled steaks and potatos for supper and then went to the lodge for our daily ice cream cone.  Hayden missed out on the ice cream tonight, as he was taking another nap during that time.
Dennis and I shot some more hoops and sat outside for a while.  The mosquitos were really bad that night, so we went inside after a while.  Then I hopped in the shower with Hayden to get all of the days dirt off of him, to make a clean slate for the next day!  He's all boy, he likes to dig in the sand and dirt and mess his hair all up too!  At bedtime, Hayden laid right down and fell right to sleep, 're-energizing' for the next day.
We all got up fairly early to Hayden's giggles and happy noises.  I don't mind getting up early on vacation to such pleasant sounds.  He liked to eat his bottle in Gma & Gpa's bed and then go climbing all around and try to peek out the bedroom windows each morning.  Then he would sit and eat breakfast with Gpa and share his banana with him.
The guys went and played 18 holes of golf at Breezy Point while us girls and Hayden went to Pequot Lakes for their BeanHole Days.  It's tradition to dig a hole in the ground and cook beans in it for a couple days and then eat them the last day of the festival.  They had a bunch of shops and stands selling different stuff.  Hayden didn't mind the shopping at all.  He even got to ride on his first coin-operated hourse and Merry-go-round.  He liked the horse, but didn't know what to think about going around in circles.  We went to a children's store and he had a great time!  He played with a table that had a wooden racetrack and train set on it.  Then he found a Big Bird puppet and he laughed SO hard at it!  They had a customer come back to where we were and said she had to find out what was making this baby laugh so hard, because she could hear it all the way at the front of the store!
Later that afternoon, mom and I went swimming and we had two little sunnys chasing/attacking us while we were floating around on the lake.  They almost followed me all the way up to shore.  I felt silly for freaking out like a did, but the darn things wouldn't leave us alone!
Hayden went on his first boat ride that afternoon and at first it didn't seem like he enjoyed it that much.  I think it was the lifejacket that was making him so grumpy, but he did get to help Gpa drive the boat and he eventually cheered up a bit.  We stopped at Gooseberry Island and swam a little bit.  We then took Megan out on the tube, she did awesome! she held on so tight and didn't fall off at all!  Her arms got pretty tired quickly, so then we decided to go fishing.  We forgot Hayden's Spongebob fishing pole at the cabin, so he got to help hold Megan's.  He enjoyed looking over the boat at all the Sunnys swimming around and stealing the bait (canned sweet corn) right off of Megan's hook.   We were pretty bummed that we never got one of the fish to take the hook, I would have loked to have seen what he did with a live fish coming out of the water.
After fishing we went back and got ready to meet Uncle Ron & Aunt Sue at Commanders in Breezy Point for "garbage' pizza.   By the time we got home, Hayden was sleeping for the night, so then we made S'mores.  I had a small accident with a flaming marshmellow and Dennis' behind................my mom and I got quite a laugh out of that!..........but glad to say, no one got hurt! :-)
Grandma has the pictures of our trip to Pequot Lakes, will get those posted as soon as I get them!
Today Dennis & Megan had to go home :-(, It was a lot of fun having them here and we really missed them once they left.  But before they left, we decided to do some shopping in downtown Nisswa.  We decided to get there pretty early since Wednesday is their busiest day for tourists.  Every Wednesday during the summer, they have Turtle Races for kids to participate in.  This is the 40th year of the turtle races and had planned on Hayden entering the race this year.  We went to the many fun shops that Nisswa had and Hayden made a quick friend at a p lace called Zaisers.  One of the ladies that worked there (Helen) came up and started talking to Hayden and Dennis and Hayden practically  jumped out of Dennis' arms and wanted Helen to hold him.  She then told us that she is a grandmother of 19 and has an actual grandson named Hayden too!  She took him off into the toy part of the store while we shopped and those two had a great time together.  I have never seen him do anything like that before, but she must have had something about her that made him feel safe and loved in her arms..........weird huh?  Then we stopped at the candy store and sampled some more ice cream!  Hayden went absolutely bonkers in there, back to his in utero days of liking sweets!  He had a sample of our cones, cotton candy , cake & ice cream, white chocolate raspberry truffle and Mississippi Mud Pie ice cream!  He liked the cotton candy ice cream the best.  He must have recognized it from when I had some (with him in my tummy yet) at a baby shower, he went crazy for that ice cream then too!  It was getting close to lunch time and Dennis and Megan had to head home.  So we said good-bye to them and made one last stop at a fun toy store.  We had really hoped that Hayden would have made it til 2pm when the Turtle Races started, but he was so ready for a nap right then and there, he didn't even want to play in the toy store he was so tired!  We were kind of sad that he didn't get to the races this year, but definitely next year, he'll enjoy it so much more!
We went back to the cabin and while he took a long nap (with Gpa), we went swimming again.  He played with his new sand bucket and tools.  He just loves getting dirty!
That night there was a Resort BBQ/Potluck and Hayden played with his new little friend, Julianne.  She is about 4 years old and really enjoyed playing with Hayden, who she calls "Baby".  He was so entertained by her and vice versa.  He'd jabber up a storm to her and I'd joke with her that she had to interpret the baby talk so we knew what he was saying.  So she'd tell us what he was trying to say and she'd baby talk back to him.  He had a great time with her, he even pulled her hair!  We then took Hayden on a walk down the dock and looked out at the lake.  We came in for the night and watched a movie with my mom and dad.  Another busy day  and the boy was worn out!

This morning was kind of a lazy day.  We slept in, hung around the cabin, watched a little bit of a movie and relaxed.  I was trying to stay out of the sun for a little while, as I got burned to a crisp the first few days we were there.  But, we decided to head out to the lake for a little while and saw Hayden's friend Julianne.  The kids played a little bit before it was time for Hayden to take a nap.
When Hayden woke up, we decided to make a trip out to the new Paul Bunyanland.  As soon as we walked into the park, the 30ft tall Paul Bunyan said hello to Hayden and we had our picture taken with it, we sat right on his shoe and looked so small compared to him.  Then Hayden had a seat on Paul's 'upside-down' dog.  Hayden was a little scared and kind of clingy while we were there.  Then we found a game room that had a whole bunch of coin-operated toys for Hayden to sit in, there was a tractor (it was a John Deere, so we couldn't have him sit in it Gpa R would have a heart attach :-) )., helicopter, race car, convertible and tow truck.  He wasn't too excited about those, he wanted to be held instead.  It was really hot that day too, so he might have been a little grumpy from the heat as well.  There were quite a few other little kid rides that he may like in the future, but for now, he was just to small.  They had little canoes, little trains and little cars for kids to go riding around in circles.  We did get to go on his first official Merry-go-Round!  He held on very, very tight but didn't act scared at all.  Me, Gpa and Hayden went through a 'Magnetic Mining Shack' and then stopped into the at their candy store for some more ice cream!  Then Hayden had his first experience 'behind bars!,  we had our picture taken in an old jail cell.  Then we checked out Paul Bunyan's animated lumberjack camp and kitchen.  We stopped next at the petting zoo and saw two lively dirty pigs, a mamma & baby goat, some rabbits and chickens, a sheep, a donkey and pony.  That's the first time Hayden had seen farm animals, he watched them very closely but didn't touch any.   The pigs kept sticking their heads through their fence wanting us to pet them.  Our last stop was at the gift shop and finally the kid cracked a smile, he'd been such a poker face all day!  There was a little shih tzu puppy statue that had life-like hair and he grabbed it and smiled to big!  He thought it was just like Haylee and he gave it the biggest hug!  He missed Haylee something terrible.  Grandma bought him a 'tom-tom' drum and he knew how to hit it to make noise and was pretty excited about that too.  He played hard at Paul Bunyanland because he fell asleep very shortly after getting in the car.
We had spaghetti for supper, it was the first time he had that and he loved it and playing with the noodles too!  Mom and Dad went to the casino later that night and Hayden got a bath in a tub in the sink.  He loved it and even tried a little fishing in the tub!  We played a little while and then off to bed he went.  Mom and Dad came home that night without being millionaires, so I guess we got to go back to work! :-)
We decided taht we were going to head home later on that day instead of waiting til Saturday morning.  We weren't really looking forward to the long ride home, but looking forward to a night in our own beds (and some air conditioning!) though.  We decided to relax a bit in the morning though and enjoy the day.
Hayden had part of a pop tart for breakfast this morning and really enjoyed it but he did make quite a mess!  I don't normally feed him so much sugar and junk food, but hey, we're on vacation right!?  We wanted to get out in the boat again and try some more fishing since we didn't have much luck last time.  We stopped by the lodge to the see Tim the owner and his two shih tzu dogs, Bob and Breezy.  They remind us so much of our dogs, it's so nice to have them there.  Hayden kept trying to get behind the counter to the ice cream too.  They have a pillar inside the lodge with the marks of  the height through the years of all the kids that come regularly to this resort.  So, since it was Hayden's first year, we had to make sure to make his mark too!  He was the smallest one there............it'll be interesting to see how much he grows from year to year.
We went out in the boat and again Hayden was not all too excited.............I think we finally figured out it's the lifejacket.  He got so warm while wearing it, then gets all worked up and crying, he starts sweating some more.  It's almost as if he's a turtle while wearing it, he'll throw himself on the ground and then can't get back up!  Once we got to our fishing spot, I thought he'd mellow out with the fishing pole in his hand.  Gpa got his pole all baited up and in the water while Gma helped Hayden try to get a fish to bite.  I think Hayden scared all the fish away with all the crying and fussing he did.  He was coming down hard from his sugar high from his pop tart breakfast and the combination of that and his lifejacket made him awfully crabby.  I think he was ready to go home at this point too.  Gpa didn't even get to get his hook in the water before we decided to head back to the resort.
After a nap and lunch that day, Hayden's little friend Grace (a second or third cousin (?) Ron & Sue's grandchild)) came to the cabin to meet each other for the first time and play in the lake with him.  She's about 6 months older than Hayden and the two had a good time digging in the sand and splashing in the water.  After they were playing,Grace had her first experience with Cotton Candy Ice Cream..........MORE ICE CREAM for this boy!  He might just go through some withdrawl at home once he's without it for a day or two! :-)
About 5 or so, we packed everything up and headed on home.  I took some pictures of the cabin just before we left so you can see what it looked like (
click here to see them) you'll have ignore the fact that we stripped all the beds of their linens!  It was a very nice clean cabin to have stayed in, we really did enjoy our time there.  Hayden slept the first part of the trip, but then we stopped for supper and he was awake the rest of the time.  He watched Baby Einstein in Gpa's truck and was so excited to get home.
He was probably most excited to see Haylee!  He just squealed with delight when he saw her, he went chasing her around the living room.  His best friend and he were back together again!  I think Haylee probably missed all the scraps she'd get fed from him while we were gone too!
It was good to be home and see my hubby again!  We had a great time and look forward to next year's trip!
Click here to get pictures of the cabin and resort!