The Life & Times of Hayden James Reckward
Weeks 1 - 12
One Week:(August 16)

Hayden is already one week old today!  And what a busy week it's been.  He had a ton of visitors while in the hospital and has had quite a few since coming home.  One of our biggest surprises was my friend Jessica coming to visit!  Jessica is a bridesmaid in our wedding and is a traveling OB nurse now living in Orange County, California. Dennis, Amy H, and Jessica had been scheming a surprise visit for a few weeks now and what a blessing she was!  It was so nice to have an extra pair of hands and just a great friend around in this very exciting time in our lives.  She had thought she'd be here for the actual delivery, but Hayden came a bit too early.  Regardless, they got to meet and become great friends!

Dennis had a long weekend off of work and has been running his tail off the entire time.  What a tremendous father he is!  I truly wouldn't know what I'd do without him.  He has been such a great support and such a great partner in this whole thing.  Hayden couldn't ask for a better daddy!  Dennis has already gotten peed on too!..........and he just laughed!

Hayden is just starting to get into a bit of routine here at home.  But we're still trying to figure out the sleep schedule.  I think he's still on my night schedule (it's 5am right now and he's bright -eyed and very alert)....but everyday it gets a bit better.  One thing for sure is that he LOVES to eat! :-)  Feeding or my supply of milk had not been an issue at all, which is such a relief.  He's a bit jaundice (yellow) but I don't think anything out of the ordinary.  (For those NICU nurses out there, his bilirubin was 12.2 at dismissal)  But, he's been eating great and pooping frequently, so I don't think we'll have any issues with it being worse.  His eyes are still real white and skin is just slightly yellow still.

He has his first pediatric appointment with Dr Valdez on Tuesday.  It'll be nice because Dennis will also be able to come to this appointment.  I have not met our pediatrician yet, but I've heard very good things about her from some co-workers.  I'm hoping to maybe make a trip up to my unit afterward to show him off and then maybe go see Great Grandma Scanlan too.  She's been not feeling the greatest and I think having another visit from Hayden might cheer her up a bit.

That's about all the updating I'm going to do for now, Hayden is getting I best get going.  Check back often!
Two Weeks August 23rd
Another big week for Hayden.  He had his first pediatric appointment on Tuesday and we got to meet our pediatrician, Dr Valdes.  She's a very nice lady and I think things are going to work out with her just fine.  Here are the stats from his appointment.........his weight was 8lbs 15.5 oz, so he was above his birthweight already.  Which was no surprise to me, the kid LOVES to eat! :-)  Hayden is in the 69th percentile for his weight (so not humongous) and then in the 75th %ile for his length, which was still 21 inches.  For his head circumference he's in the 39th %ile.  So his head isn't huge and he still wouldn't fit through!  Makes me more thankful for my c-section all the time.  He doesn't have another appointment with our pediatrician until 2 months of age, then he'll get his vaccinations.........owie!  But he's gotten so many pokes already from the antibiotics he got while in the hospital.........he's a strong kid.  Except for when you change his diaper or clothes, he sounds pretty wimpy then........he screams and screams..........then he gets his lip quiverring........he pulls out all the stops! :-)  He still looked pretty jaundice when we were at the doctors, but she was not concerned at all considering he's eating so well (as evidenced by his weight) and pooping.  She thought it would come down on it's own and it has.  His eyes are still a tad bit yellow, but his skin has definitely improved.  Everyday it gets better and no worries!
We've been getting out of the house a lot more too!  We try and take daily walks (the little bit of sunshine is good for his jaundice too!)........he loves the stroller.  And he loves car rides too!  He's usually out cold as soon as we click him into the carseat base.  He does very very good in the car.  He's already made a couple trips to Walmart (for diapers of course!), a trip to Apache Mall and the Galleria.  We also went and saw Great Grandma and Grandpa Scanlan again.   We also made a trip up to my work.  I couldn't wait to show him off!  We've had visitors almost everyday.........there are so many people who can't wait to meet him or if they haven't seen him in a while, go through "Hayden Withdrawl" we love company and he loves the attention!
He's still not sleeping the greatest at night.  He likes to be wide awake between 2-4am for the whole two hours too! matter what we do to get him to sleep, he fights it.  So if anyone has any suggestions.......I'm open for them.  I feel bad for him, he was used to being up all night while I was pregnant, he doesn't know yet...and I feel bad for trying to force him to sleep when he wants to be awake.  We've tried baths at bedtime, lullabies, his "womb sounds" bear, rocking, etc.  So let me know if you have any sure-fire tricks that might work!

I think that's all the updating I'm going to do for now........I took this picture of Hayden Sunday morning, he was so wide awake.......and once I saw it, I thought he looked SO much like Dennis in it...........what do you guys think?  We've often joked, we should take brown eyeliner and color in a little goatie on Hayden and it'd probably be a mini-Dennis!
Three Weeks August 30th
Some very sad news in our family this past week.  Hayden's great Grandma Scanlan passed away on Monday after battling COPD for many years.  The blessing is she is no longer suffering and we're happy she got to meet Hayden (great grandchild #8) .  We're all very sad to lose her, but relieved she's now in a place with no pain or suffering.  She was a great woman and we're all very lucky to have had her in our life.  We love you Grandma!
So this week has been pretty busy.  Hayden got to meet many many more new people, but under very unfortunate circumstances.  He was very well behaved during all the activity, what a good boy he is.
The man is really starting to grow too!  I stepped on the scale with him yesterday and it said he weighed 10.5 pounds.  I don't know how accurate that is, but I wouldn't be surprised.  His face is really starting to fill out and so are his thighs!  The eating is still going well, obviously! :-)  He's been taking bottles at night and that seems to help him get to sleep sooner.  When he nurses, he'd like to hang out there for a couple of hours, dozing off and snacking at the same time.  So at least with the bottle he gets his food in and then goes to sleep much sooner afterward.  The  nights have been going a lot better, we're all getting a lot more sleep.
He's really been so much more alert and active too.  You can see him really trying to look at things and getting much more reactive to people and toys.  He's also starting to enjoy his baths a bit more.  I'm going to post some pictures of him taking a bath........much different than his first bath.  He screamed the entire time, I felt bad having pictures taken while I was doing it..........he was so unhappy.  But now, a few baths under his belt, he's really starting to relax and enjoy the water.  He's also starting to not scream so much while getting his diaper changed.  On occasion it still sounds like we're hurting him, but for the most part, he's mellowed out with that! :-)
His crying has been almost comical at times.  He has this very sad whimper/whine of a's more like, 'hey, pay attention to me before I really get mad'.....and then he'll do a little lip quiver with it.  It's pretty funny........and you know he's not too serious about being upset.  But then he has a more serious cry and then you know he means business...........he'll also get his arms and legs just a flailing at that time too.  He often times bonks himself in the head or makes it very difficult to feed when his arms are waving around like that.
Also, last week, my mom got to babysit for the first time.  Dennis and I went out with our friends Amy, Milt, Kelly & Mikayla.  I even got to enjoy my first beer in 10 months!  That tasted wonderful!  I also got to have some Diet Coke too.........the first time I've had caffeine in that long too! Whew-hew!  So it was a big night out........I've got to get myself primed up for my upcoming bachelorette party!  Hayden did great for grandma........he slept the whole time.  I think she was hoping he'd be awake and they could 'play' a little bit.........but she got some good cuddling done on the couch.
None the less.........we're still having a great time and are really enjoying having him here.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, we finally have our digital camera up and running, so I'll be putting a lot more pictures up I'm sure!
Four Weeks September 6th - Labor Day

Can you believe it's already September?  And time to go back to school.....the summer has flown by.  I actually start teaching again next week, so life will get a little bit busier if it hasn't been busy enough!
Last week was pretty hectic.............I got the big M..........that's right, mastitis.  And you can tell we live in farm country, because I've had a handful of people say, "you mean, like cows get?" :-)~  It hit me really hard on Tuesday night and I honestly felt like I was dying, I felt worse than I did with my c-section.  Dennis really took care of the two of us and helped me get some rest.  But, we didn't rest for long.........I quickly started feeling better after starting my antibiotics.  Although, Hayden was pretty cranky last he must have sensed something was wrong.  He's usually a pretty happy guy, but we had a rough time last week.  I think he was majorly gassy (not sure why) and fed up with all the running around we've been doing.  So this past weekend we took it easy and stayed home most of the weekend.  He's starting to act a bit more like himself, but I'm very curious to find out if he doesn't have a bit of reflux.  I've seen many things that make me think so, so we'll see what the pediatrician has to say.  The kid definitely has gas though..........he takes after his dad FOR SURE!  Sometimes it sounds like he has a little motor in his pants because he'll toot for so long!  It's pretty comical!  But, we tend to go through many outfits a day between pooping or peeing through and his spit ups.  He went through 4 outfits yesterday, 3 within a few hours!  Thank goodness the kid has a ton of clothes!
We borrowed a swing from a former co-worker of mine and that has been a
life saver! He loves it!  He falls asleep almost everytime he's in it!  It's even gone in the bedroom with us a couple of nights and he's slept in it part of the night.  I feel very guilty for letting him sleep in it, but I figure if he's happy and comfortable in it, that's what's important.
But we're having SO much fun with him and we're really starting to get to know each other.  Life has been SO good to us and we are SO thankful for this little blessing of ours.  We love him more than we could ever have imagined!
Five Weeks September 13th
Isn't Hayden starting to get chubby? :-)  His legs are really starting to fill out now.......according to our scale at home, he now weighs 12 pounds.......and I can really tell he's starting to really grow.  There are a few outfits that can only be worn maybe one or two more times, they're starting to bust at the seams!
He's still been such a well behaved baby though.  He is sleeping about 4 hours at a time at night and will fall asleep pretty quickly after eating but what is really weird is how unbelieveable gassy this kiddo is!  Come morning, he is just tootin away, and it sounds just like a man lying there in his bassinette!  The thing I'm thankful for is, at least he's getting them out because he'd be in a lot of pain if he kept those in! :-)
Well, he's been doing some more traveling.  We made a trip up to the Mall of America on Friday and he made his first trip to Decorah on Sunday!  Only 5 weeks old and he's been to 3 states (MN, WI, & IA) already!  He does SO good in the car, he's usually 'lights out' once he's snapped into his carseat, so we've been very lucky he likes the car.  He also didn't mind all the shopping at the Mall of America either.  We're very lucky for many, many reasons when it comes to this guy!
We've been noticing more smiles and that he is looking a lot more at his surroundings.  He has so much alert time and I swear he's checking everything out.  What's neat is when I'm reading him books, it looks like he's looking at the pages and is very interested in the story.  Life is getting real fun since he's doing more than eating and sleeping all the time.  It's so nice that I can be home for all of this.  Although, I did 'officially' start teaching again this last week.......from now on, my Tuesdays are going to be spent away from Hayden.  Last Tuesday, I came home from class and Dennis was in charge of getting Hayden ready for the day.  I came home and found Hayden in full out Michigan gear!.......he looked just like his daddy......yellow mesh shorts and was SO cute (see picture below)! The boys got a long fine without I know I Hayden will be safe with dad when I can't be here.
I think one of the highlights of this week was going down to Iowa.  It'd been quite a while since Gma Judy & Gpa Jim had seen Hayden.........and he also got to meet two more uncles & aunt.........Brad & Jen, & Darin.  He also got to meet lots of family on Dennis' side, as Judy & Jen (future sister-in-law) threw a bridal shower for me!  It was fun to show Hayden off and he enjoyed all the attention.........and of course, more gifts!  It was a really fun trip..........we have such great family!
As for other little ones, Hayden had a cousin (really second cousin) born one week before him (Denise & Jamie's little girl Jaden)  and he's going to be having another little 'cousin' born in December (Matt & Karla, they don't know what they're having), so there will be lots of buddies for him to play with at family functions.  Also, on my mom's aunt Tonia's soon-to-be stepdaughter Brie, is expecting in December too, so we're having a bit of a baby boom!  It'll be nice for Hayden to have so many little friends, along with all the children of my girlfriends!
I think that's about all the updating there was a pretty uneventful week........but the time is going SO fast.  November 1st and I'm back to work...........and the wedding is going to be here in NO time!
Six Weeks September 20th
Well, Michigan finally won this past weekend, so Dennis is pretty happy!  So, we're dedicating a few pictures this week to "Big Blue".........Michigan University.  You'll be seeing a lot of blue and gold on this child, it's completely out of my hands.....just to warn you all! :-)  Next week is a HUGE game, MIchigan vs Iowa........and I will luckily be gone and won't have witness any part of it.  Dennis is going to watch Hayden overnight for the first time, while I get to go have my bridal shower and bachelorette party!  So, hopefully it'll be a happy household when I get back, between the game and the two of them spending that much one-on-one time together.
Speaking of one-on-one time together, Dennis and I got to have a "Date Night" this past weekend.  My mom even kept Hayden and Haylee overnight!  We went to dinner and a movie and got to sleep a good part of the night with no interruptions.  But I'll be the first one to admit, we missed them both and couldn't wait to go get them in the morning.  Dennis was pretty persistent in wanting to get them that night, but I was looking forward to getting some sleep.  But Hayden had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's for the first (but definitely not the last) time.........and Haylee always has fun.
On Thursday, Hayden and I made another trip up to my work to see everyone.  I really think he recognizes the sounds from when he was in the womb.  He was very well behaved..of course!  Then on Friday, Hayden went up to Dennis' work, as they threw a little baby shower for him!  You should have seen the crowd he pulled in!  It was so nice of them to put that together, and we were happy to show him off to everyone!  He was so well behaved there too, he slept the whole time!
Speaking of sleeping, we've been having a hard time getting him to nap during the day. But he's starting to sleep longer periods at night now, so I guess we'll take that.  He's been somewhat grumpy still though............I don't know how much is, he's not napping as well, or that he's still so gassy....or probably a combo of both.  So, I feel like I haven't got a lot accomplished around the house, but it'll get done.  What has been SO fun though is the cooing& jibberish he's been doing.  He's definitely been making A LOT more noise and will start to follow objects and people with his eyes.  It's amazing to see this progression and the growing up.  He's smiling more and it just makes me laugh and brightens my mood.  He's such a joy to be around!
He's already 6 weeks old and in another 6 weeks I'll be back to work.  I have to enjoy every moment I can........and believe me, I do!  I love this guy more than I could imagine!
Dennis put his glasses on him while he was sleeping, do you see a resemblance?
Seven Weeks September 27th

Well, September has almost passed........doesn't it just seem like it was August 9th, our precious Hayden's birthday?  How time flies when you're having fun..........and super duper busy! :-)
Well, I've been joking with a few people saying, 'if Hayden was a car, it'd almost be time for his 3000 mile oil change' we have been on the road an awful lot lately.  Thank God he can tolerate about 3-4 hours in the car without getting crabby.........I've been able to get a lot of traveling done and he's been seeing lots of new places.  He's now been to Preston and Lanesboro..........and to the Mpls Airport, twice!!  While in Lanesboro, we stopped by Grandma Scanlan's grave...........we sure do miss her........but we know she is now strong and healthy and watching down on us and protecting us.
Dennis kept Hayden overnight (by himself) on Saturday and did very good except Hayden only slept two hours for him.  Poor Dennis was just pooped on Sunday.  But, the boys got to do some more bonding while watching the WOLVERINES BEAT THE HAWKEYES!!!!  So it was a happy household in that sense........their win was all because Hayden was decked out in his Michigan gear, including yellow mesh shorts.......just like his daddy!  Not only do the look alike, they dress alike too!
Oh, Hayden is getting to be more and more fun everyday..........and is growing so much.  He is so alert and is starting to really stare and smile and then 'coo' at you.  It was Dennis' birthday on Wednesday and I told Hayden to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.  I should have grabbed the video camera because he was talking up a could just bring tears to my eyes listening to him.  What a sweetheart!  If he's anything like the "Scanlan" side of my family, he'll be talking in no time and then won't stop! :-)~.....just kidding, I love you Scanlans!!!!
Well, I can't seem to think of much else to report on.......will add a few pictures now.  Also check out our
favorite pics, there are some cute new ones from a while back.  Also, if you haven't yet, check out our baby pics on our homepage.........who do you think Hayden looks like?
Eight Weeks October 4th

Life hasn't been too bad for Hayden this past week, the kid is ALL smiles!  And his most happy time is in the morning.  He's discovered his voice as favorite sound he makes is "a-guh".........he says it a lot and when I say it to him it's like he knows what I'm saying! :-)  He smiles and talks the most in the morning, I don't know where he got that from, neither Dennis nor I are morning people!  He is growing up so much!  He will follow Dennis and me with his eyes if we're walking around too!  I can't believe how much he's changing!  He's starting to chub out too!  He's already fitting into a lot of his 3-6 month clothes!
Hayden also visited his "Aunt" Stephanie's (Snefanie) house earlier in the week.  She babysat him for a couple hours while I was teaching and Dennis had to work.  What a lifesaver she was!  He had a great time and she took some good pictures (
I'll post on our favorite picture page)!
Hayden is still doing a lot of 'running around' with me.........he went up to the Mall of America again and we've made a few trips to the mall in town.  You would not believe the attention this kid gets when we're at the mall.......and especially at City Looks!  The ladies love him~!  I just wonder how much of this "Ladies Man" charm is going to spill over into his teenage years..........we might be in some trouble then.  He definitely loves the ladies, and the ladies love him!
Gma & Gpa Jim & Judy and Uncle Chad came up to visit on Sunday.  They bought us a great big wooden rocking chair and they tried it out and Hayden fell right to sleep.........or it's their special 'grandparent touch'........but he enjoyed snuggling up with them.
Well it's going to be a BUSY, BUSY I best get in "wedding mode"..........we'll have some great pictures next week.......but the update might be a little late!  I'll be seeing most of you very soon!
Nine Weeks October 11th

Did everyone hear that?  That's one big sigh of's all done.  Most of you know how great the day was, but in case you didn't get to make it (shame on you! :-)~) it was fabulous, not a thing went wrong!  And all three of us couldn't be more excited it's all done.........and I'm finally a Reckward! More and more I realize how much things 'were meant to be''s almost eerie.  And we had a very special person playing a part in the nice weather on Saturday too.........we know who she was! :-)~  Thanks for the wonderful day Grandma, we were all thinking about you!

So, I know I am a little biased, but I have to say, we have the best baby in the world!  Hayden did SO good.........and was so tolerant of so many things, I just couldn't believe it.  We cannot wait to get some normalcy in our life........where we're not taking road trips at least once a week.........and his mommy isn't crabby or grumpy anymore. He was very happy to meet the rest of his uncles and aunt Ally.........and his Grandma and Grandpa Bredeson.  He got to spend some good quality time with everyone.  But, boy did Dennis and I miss having him all to ourselves.  It was so good come Sunday, we had just the three of us back together.  I think the weekend and the festivities wore Hayden out too.......he slept for 8 HOURS on Saturday night!  He was pooped out.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures from that night...........especially if you have any of Hayden in his tuxedo.  I didn't get any, so I'm hoping somebody out there does.  Be sure to email me any............especially any of pictures of Hayden with any of his new little playmates (Alex, Lexi, Calvin, Ellie, etc)..........

Well, the little man needs to eat..........I'll try and get some pictures up as soon as I can!

Ten Weeks October 18th
October is almost done and I'll be going back to work VERY soon!  They say the 12 weeks goes by really fast.  And it has, but yet, I feel like so much has happened in that time!  Hayden has changed SO much in that time.
I was just reflecting yesterday how different he is now than when we first brought him home.  He wanted to be held a lot, sleep, ate, pooped (or as "Aunt" Shanny will sing to the tune of "Hot Cross Buns".......'eat, sleep,, sleep,, la, la, la, la, eat, sleep, poop"......)  Now he wiggles around so much, kicks his feet, swings his arms, wants to be in swing, loves to play in his play gym (we ask him if he feels like 'working out'......and if he 'wants to go to they gym'), and TALKS up a storm!  Sometimes you don't know if he's getting ready to cry or he's just 'chewing' his toys out! :)  He's not a baby anymore.  We're realizing, we have to get as much cuddling in right now as possible........for one, he's going really start moving around and not want to snuggle as much anymore.  Secondly, he's getting SO big!  
Hayden had his 2 month check up last Wednesday.  Here are the latest statistics:  He now weighs 13 lbs 10 oz!!!!  That's the 85th %ile for his with the parents he has, there would be no doubt he'd be in the 'top of his class' for weight.  He gained almost 5 pounds in the last two months!  As my friend Stephanie says, 'I must have soft serve ice cream coming out of those breasts'..........with how much Hayden has filled out! :-)  A good thing though is, he now is 24 inches long (that's what Calvin Hanson was at birth.......amazing!)  Which makes him in the 80th%ile for his at least he's big, but he's long too............I'd hate to see what he would look like if he was 85% for weight and 50th for chubbo. :)  He head is in the 49th%ile, so he still has an average head.
The poor guy had to get 4 SHOTS too!  Two in each leg!!  I took him to the appointment alone, which was probably good.  I think Dennis might have had a hard time listening to him scream like he did.  I cried........and I give shots to babies quite frequently.  I now it had to hurt him and he hardly ever cries, so I knew it really smarted.  He was a little grumpy the next couple of days and I knew it was because of the shots, because he's such a good natured kiddo.
Another big thing this past week was that Hayden is now sleeping in his crib at night and for his naps.  I think it was a harder adjustment on Dennis and me than Hayden.  It's been a very nice and easy transition hasn't thrown any clitches in Hayden's sleep schedule.  He's sleeping anywhere from 6-7 hours at night!........and has gotten a bit more predictable on when he'll get up and when he'll fall asleep.  It's very nice to have such a good sleeper.
Hayden also slept over night at Gma & Gpa Deden's on Saturday.  Dennis and I went down to Decorah to help celebrate Luther's HUGE win for homecoming.  Milt, as you know coaches the Luther football team and Luther won against a team they haven't beat in 24 years!!!  So it was huge.  Sunday when we got home, Hayden put his Luther shirt on!  I've got a picture to post!
Well, that's about all for now.  More updates next Monday!
Eleven Weeks October 25th
One more week and I'm back to work, I've got to make the most of my time with Hayden.  He has gotten to be SO much fun.  He's such a smiley boy and he's really starting to play. He's really liking his Hop'n'Pop that his great aunts bought him.  He can finally touch the ground and can make a little bit of movement in it........he mostly likes the bright toys and the fact that he can be standing up! 
Halloween is just around the corner and we can't wait to dress Hayden up.  He's going to be a medical resident for Halloween.  Shannon bought him a little pair of 'baby scrubs' and he has the Fisher Price Doctor Kit, I guess now it's called a "medic kit", how the toys have changed since I was a kid!  Kind of off on a tangent, but I saw in a catalog a 'code cart' of sorts for kids, it had the electrical paddles and, that's kind of intense.  Anyway, back to Halloween..........we have a party at Jenny & JPs, where there'll be lots of other kids (Jenny's nephews and neice) for Hayden to meet.  I know Jenny cannot wait to give Hayden his first sugary sweet (they're 'sugar buddies' remember?), and Halloween would be that perfect time, but I told her not until his first birthday, then he can have frosting from his cake.  She'll be one of those friends that gets him all hyper on candy and letting him run he'll just LOVE going to her house I'm sure! :-)
Another thing new with Hayden, is call me absolutely crazy, but I think he might be teething!  The kid is drooling like a mad man and his fingers are constantly in his mouth.  He also has been a tad bit grumpy (my mom doesn't believe me when I say he's grumpy, so I'll just say he's a 'tad bit' :-) )  I've given him Tylenol a couple times when he's inconsolable and he acts better.  I also found a little white spot on his bottom gums.  I can't really tell if it's a tooth.........Steph felt it too and she thinks he might be teething as well.  I thought, there's no way he can be teething already, he's too young.  But, my friend Brandon's little boy started teething at 3 months and his first tooth came in at 4 months, so he thinks it quite possible.  How crazy would that be?  Will keep you updated on that for sure!
Dennis and I are pretty sad that Haylee still is pretty spooked around Hayden.  She's SLOWLY getting to trust him more, but she still keeps her distance.  The picture below with Dennis, Haylee and Hayden I thought was so cute.  We don't have many of her and Hayden together.  Although yesterday, Dennis took Hayden and put him on her back like he was riding her bareback.  I've got that picture on my regular camera, I'll be sure to put that one on our
favorite pics page.
Other than that, things in the household are starting to get more organized.  We're getting all our gifts put away and things in their place, FINALLY.  Our lives have been so chaotic for so long, it'll be nice for some organization.  We got A LOT done this weekend.  Busy weekend next weekend, but there'll be more updates and (Halloween) pictures come Monday.  TAKE CARE!
Weeks 12 - 36 will be on another page..........starting next week, click here to get to that page