The Life & Times of
Hayden James
19 - 22 months
March 13th
So come Monday, no more puking and just a low grade temp.  Then the next day he started having the notorious smelly loose stools that rotovirus brings.  But that only lasted a day or so and then he was back to himself.  I was hoping he'd been feeling better sooner............I had to be out at the college for some presentations for my students and they were all hoping to meet him.  But, with him feeling under the weather, he stayed home.  He was back to his normal self in no time!  Our Hayden was back! :-)
I will have a couple weeks off of school now as they are on Spring Break and then we go to family visits, so no more early Tuesday mornings in the hospital.  It couldn't have come at a better time, my body is starting to feel the effects of our big baby girl! But enough of that talk here, I'll be making an update on Macy's page soon too!
Check that out, there's new pics as well! 
Hayden is getting really excited to get outside too.  We had really nice weather later in the week and he was just dying to get out and tear around the neighborhood.  I started feeling sick then and didn't have the energy to get out there with him.  So, on Saturday Dennis and Hayden went for a long walk riding in his red Radio Flyer wagon and went to the school to play.  Hayden had a blast!  He went on the swings and even jumped off of it when Dennis was pushing him!  Then he tried to eat some rock and got all full of mud.  He enjoyed his playtime.  I think we're going to have a fun summer and a hard time getting him in the house at the end of the day.  It makes me look forward to spring/summer'll help burn off some of his energy!
I can't seem to remember what else happened this past week...........I was so stressed trying to get my past two updates finished that I seemed to have forgotten what went on.  Nothing too wild and crazy I guess!  Which is OK by me...............the past two weeks had been nuts!  Keeping checking in on us!  Take care!

Helping feed Haylee!
The first picture Hayden has ever taken!
March 20th
Hi everyone!  I'm trying to do this from home, so I'm just going to write something very quickly for now and hopefully have better luck with saving my update and finish it Mon or Tues.  But I have to write some very exciting news.......I am currently sitting here, patiently waiting for Hayden to fall asleep in his toddler bed for the very first time, as we speak.  And, I think he has!!!!  He hasn't tried to open the door, knock on the door, and it doesn't even sound like he crawled out of bed!  I will have more to update in the morning, but I'm so unbelievably excited right now to think he is getting to be such a big boy!!!!
Also, he has been just a gem this week!  He has been SO good, I don't even want to curse it by writing about it, but I will, later!
Enjoy the pics for now!
So Hayden has had a GREAT WEEK!!  We did a lot of shopping this week to a bunch of different places looking for new things for his little sister.  We made about 3 or 4 stops in one night and he tolerated it so well!  He even got a few new things in the mean time.  He got a new little "Jo-Jo"s Circus clown doll which he looks so cute walking around with.  His favorite thing is his new golashes!  See pics below.  I didn't know if we'd get them off of him that night!  Then the next day he had them on and was kicking his leg up and almost striking a pose, it was hilarious.  It must have felt funny on his feet.  I can just see him jumping in mud and puddles this spring with those shoes on.  But, for now, they've just been worn in the house.
Hayden tried some watercolor painting for the first time this week and made a picture for Daddy.  He only tried to put the paintbrush in his mouth once but otherwise he was totally intrigued by the paint and brush.  He made his infamous fist and flexed his muscles almost the entire time he was painting, which made for an interesting pattern on the paper.  Then he used a pen to finish up and sign it, but only after writing on his hand a little bit.  It's fun to see him try new things and learn how they work.
One of the new things he is doing is imitating and he remembers things so well too.  While watching The Wiggles, he remembers or imitates some of the moves that they do while they are dancing.  He likes to put his finger up to his mouth and say, "shhhh".  They do that in one of their songs and that's a big move that he remembers.  You can see him trying to imitate what they are doing while they are dancing too.  Should be fun watching him get better and better at that.
He also likes to pray at night at bedtime.  When you're all done he'll shout, "Yeah" and clap his hands.  Probably not the best 'etiquette' but he enjoys doing it.  Haylee even gets in on the bedtime routine, every night she's got to come in his room when we put him down too.  Such a sweet family we have!~
Another thing he has been doing is something that totally breaks my heart.  When you scold him or get after him, he'll drop his head down and even sometimes put his hands by his face, like he's embarrassed!  The first time he did this was this weekend and I about cried.  Now he's been doing it A LOT, but it's still hard to not get hurt by it.
Friday Dennis and Hayden went to Decorah to help Gpa Jim finish building his new bathroom cupboards.  Hayden played out in the garage with the guys for a good chunk of the day.  He rode his 4 wheeler and even learned out to screw some screws...........he was kept busy.  He behaved so good and ate really well too.  He really is started to be such a big boy.
Saturday night, Uncle Chad babysat Hayden and his friends little girl Janessa who is less than a year older than Hayden.  Uncle Chad spoiled him with some strawberry milk, M&Ms and other goodies.  He behaved really well for Uncle Chad.  He was left in really good hands! :-)
Oh, then Sunday night!...........Hayden was so tired because he only napped on the way home from Decorah, so by bedtime rolled around, he was slowing down.  We decided that Hayden would be trying out his toddler bed for the first time!  He laid right down the first time and went right to sleep.  He even slept til 7:30am that next day.  He didn't fall out of bed or anything.  I'm hoping this catches on real easy and from now on bedtime will be a cinch.  I'm more worried about naptime considering it's light out and he's not always totally exhausted and tired at naptime.  Will update you on that next week!  Until then!
put your mouse over the picture to see some other cute pics!
March 27th
What a week................and all because of the toddler bed!...........I think due to sleep deprivation, our whole household has been a bit on the cranky side.  So, as in last weeks report, the first night in the toddler bed went fantastic!  But, it was too good to be true.  Bedtime hasn't been too could definitely go easier, but naps are really getting affected by the big change.  Hayden has had a heck of a time napping and napping for as long as he should.  He's only been napping about 1/2 as long as he normally does, which really isn't good considering that he is now getting up at 6:30 in the morning most ams!~  Yikes!  We just don't know what to do with ourselves getting up that early!  It's been rough.  So then, Hayden is cranky and has been acting out this week and I think mostly to do with the fact that he hasn't been getting the sleep he needs.  But, we have to do this..........we have to get him to a bed.  It'd be much easier to just say, let's just put him back in the crib, because it's easier, he sleeps better.  BUT, it only puts off doing this later and I'd much rather do it while we just have one child to tend to and especially before Hayden's life gets turned upside down by having a sibling arrive.  I just think it's for the best to get it done now.  The great thing is, he doesn't fall out of bed, and with the exception of one night this week, he's sleep through the entire night.  He's just not sleeping as long and taking a bit longer to actually get to sleep.  The big thing is, he thinks it's a game to open the door and see me standing there and then have me put him to bed.  One naptime, I seriously think I picked him up and put him back in bed 50 times.  I worked up such a sweat, I had it dripping off of my hair, I was frazzled, emotionally and physically.  But then I realized that in the time I took to go to the bathroom before Hayden's naptime, he some how snuck up and turned up the thermostat to over 90 degrees! that could be another reason why I was so dang warm!  By the end of the week, I've tried all sorts of methods to get him to stay in mom was even here one night while Dennis and I were both working and she tried several things too.  Our big thing is, we're not giving in, he is going back to bed.  I remembered seeing on SuperNanny about kids who kept crawling out of bed and  you just have to be persistent and insist they go back.  I've talked to co-workers to see what they have done and a gate is a necessity it sounds like and I've also heard putting a child-proof/safety knob on the inside lately I've tried to keep the door shut, so he can't get it open and then to have a gate there as well in case he gets up in the middle of the night.  Which he did for the first time Saturday night.  He went to bed great, only took 2 times of putting him back in bed and keeping the door shut and he was asleep in 10 minutes.  Then about 2am, I wake up and see my little Hayden on my side of the bed (this was before we added the gate to our bag of tricks) I pick him up and put him back.  He was up for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the night.  Dennis tried to get him back too and he would fall asleep and then wake up.  Earlier in the night, he had kind of been picking at his ear, so I didn't know if maybe his ears were bothering him, he was slightly warm.  And, in the past the only time he really has woken up in the middle of the night was when he wasn't feeling I thought maybe that was why he woke up.  So, he got some Tylenol and I rocked him to sleep.  He even slept with us for about 30 minutes just so I knew he'd stay asleep and that the Tylenol had kicked in.  Normally I never let him sleep with us, but when he's not feeling good that is what works for him.  So, he finally fell asleep at 4:30am or so and slept in until 9am.  That's the latest he's slept in a long time!...........but he definitely needed it.  He even looked tired and like he wasn't feeling all that good when he woke up.  I think it was a long week for him too!
Other stuff that happened this week was, he spent the day at daycare on Thrusday and he had an AWESOME day!  I was so hesitant to pick him up scared of what kind of day he had, especially with the lack of sleep he'd had that week.  But, he did good, sleep an hour and a half at naptime, ate really good, played really good.  So, I was happy to hear that.  He also had his buddy Calvin and lil bro Jack come up to visit on Saturday!  The boys haven't played in a long time and we hadn't seen Jack yet either.  So, we all went to Leo's Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery.  Then came back to the house and the kids played.  Hayden is so aggressive right now, Calvin would kind of shy away from him.  But toward the end of the day, the boys were playing 'peek-a-boo' and Cal would tickle Hayden, I've got some great pictures of them doing was SO cute!  I got to spend some time cuddling with Jack and Hayden didn't even notice.
Otherwise, Hayden has had some new loves this week....................first of all, he kisses anything and everything!  That includes every little girl at daycare on Thursday!........on the lips mind you.  Then he went down with Dennis to Decorah on Friday night and was giving his uncles and Gma and Gpa more kisses than you can believe.  He'll come up and give me a random smooch........and I've seen him kiss his toys and books.  Hence, the cold he has now.....and what everyone else is probably going to have too!  What a love bug!  But then in the next minute, he'll slap you in the face or push you.  URGH.  I really hope he outgrows that, because it's getting old.  He has also grown extremely attached to his blue blanket, it seriously goes absolutey everywhere with him.  We'll just have to start calling him Linus from Peanuts.  I can't hardly get it away from him to wash it.  He wanted it when he was in the tub tonight!  Crazy kid!  I also have a couple funny pictures of him and the booster seat.  He crawled into the booster seat while it was sitting on the ground.......I saw him doing it and thought, oh, pretty soon he'll be wanting me to come get him out.......well, all of a sudden a little while later I see him walking down the hallway with him still in the booster seat!  So, of course I had to grab the camera and as you can see, he had the blue blanket with him too!
Oh, one more funny thing he does now...........remember how I say he 'counts'.........or has his own words and tone of voice for when he 'counts'..........well Dennis has been working with him on spelling his name.........they use the letters in his nursery and say each of the letters. H-A-Y-D-E-N.  Well, Hayden will say "Y" and "D" whenever he sees a letter or number's so cute.  I just can't wait until he starts saying more.
That's all the update for now...........if you have any suggestions, please email me!  I'm looking for advice on the new bed and getitng Hayden to stop hitting!
I've also updated Macy's page sure to check out her page as well!

Hayden's smile is just priceless!  I love it!
April 3rd
I want to start the update this week with some very sad news.  We lost our friend Steve Swenson this weekend to a very unexpected death on Saturday morning.  There are many of us grieving right now and trying to make sense of why this happened.  Steve was a groomsman in our wedding (the bald one) and a very close friend of Dennis' since college and we're both very sad to have lost such a good friend.
So onto our update with's been a better week as far as the sleeping goes.  He is still getting up as soon as the sun comes up (so around 6am) but has been going down for his naps better and bedtime at night as been almost perfect!!!  There were a couple days this week that naptime was a bit of a struggle, Hayden would be on the other side of the door crying for about 5 minutes and eventually would fall asleep on the other side, it made it a little hard to get the door open and him put back in bed, but we managed.  I have a heartbreaking picture of what he did one afternoon while falling asleep for his nap..........
click here.  It really made me second guess if the 'technique' we were using to get him to nap in the afternoon was ethical, but I've had other moms reassure me that hs is just fine and will be just fine.  We've been very pleased with how much better he has been sleeping and I think his mood has shown some improvement from the sleep too.
He's been a bit of a stinker this week too, but not as bad.  He's still into hitting which has frustrated me to no end, especially because it's getting really hard for me to pick him up and put him in time out.  What makes it even harder is, he'll do the 'jell-o' thing and completely turn his legs to Jell-O anytime I want him to stand.  My back has taken a beating between this and the baby. 
Hayden is starting to sound out more words too.  He sounds like he's trying to say 'car' and 'good'.  So, we've been really working with him to get him to start saying more words.  I can't wait to hear his voice and to hear some of the crazy things he's going to say.  I can just imagine some of the things that are going to come out of his mouth!
Hayden got out and helped Dennis outside, the picture of him below is while he is getting all ready to go, golashes and all.  He had fun digging in the dirt and helping.  I cannot wait to get him outside more often, the fresh air and letting him burn off some energy will be great.  Dennis and his dad built a sandbox for Hayden this weekend, which I know he's going to enjoy so much this summer.  It's really neat, it's got a little ledge to sit on and a 'canopy' of sorts that covers the sandbox and keeps the sun and leaves out.  Dennis just has to stain it and I'll take a picture of it outside right next to the playhouse.  I've been thinking about getting him a swing for one of our trees in the backyard too............he's not going to want to come in at night!  He so needs that though, something to keep him busy, busy, busy.
He's also enjoyed coloring a lot this week.  I went and bought some washable markers, colored pencils, stickers and another coloring book for Hayden this week.  I have a whole little craft box for him now with his crayons and watercolor paints and playdough.  He likes to sit in his booster seat and color and color and color.  That's one of the things we do with him while we're out and about to keep him occupied and I thought, mind as well do some of it at home.  He's doing better and not trying to eat the color crayons as much as he had in the past.............which reminds me of the newest thing that he tried for the first time this week.........toilet water!
I know GROSS!  Since he can now open all the doors in the house, we often find him in our bedroom or bathroom in a blink of an eye.  In the time it took me to go out to the garage and back, Hayden had gotten into the bathroom and as I walked up the stairs, I heard him 'blowing' his nose and walked into the bathroom and heard him 'sipping' something.  He had thrown a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and had a little cup (like the size of a thimble) and I think had drank some toilet water.......OMIGOD, I was so grossed out.  At first the toilet paper in the bowl freaked me out thinking the toilet hadn't been flushed, but then realized he must have thrown it in there and then got thirsty. So, he got washed up with antibacterial soap REALLY good after that!  YIKES!  No one was too quick to kiss him that afternoon! :-)~
So, needless to say, he's still a very, very busy boy and keeps us on our toes.  He has been loving all the 'new' stuff around our house for the baby.  As you can see from the picture below, he has been playing with the baby swing and he has also tried to climb into the bassinette.  But that was only after he had to 'help' me with the screwdriver and screw in some of the bolts after I had washed everything up and was putting it back together.  He is going to be such a helper I think.................and I won't be surprised to be finding him lying on top of her someday wanted to share whatever she is in, her swing, bassinette, etc.!~
Speaking of the baby, I think he may be sensing something is going to be happening real soon.  Lately he has been VERY clingy to me.  He cried for about 20 minutes when I left for work on Friday night and then on Sunday, he did not want to to get off my lap and let me go to work. It totally broke my heart as he's making it so hard for me to leave and it makes me wonder how he will be when Macy comes.  But, I will take all the loving I can take! :-)
I think that's about all for now.............thanks for stopping by!

We'll all miss you Steve! (right)
Hayden's new hiding spot
April 10th
It's been another rough week, for many reasons.  Hayden is still pretty cranky, I'm getting absolutely humongous and we had to greive over the loss of our friend Steve.  So all-in-all, it's been rough on everyone.  I am in the process of putting together a page in rememberance of Steve, I will add the link to this page and our homepage once it is complete.  We are hoping this helps the healing process as many of us are hurting right now with his loss.  He touched many lives and it's not until something tragic like this happens do you realize how much of an impact he made on so many people.
As far as my update, check out the
Third Trimester page for those updates...........onto Mr Hayden's update!
Like I said, Hayden has still been a bit on the cranky side.  The big thing with him has been a change in the tantrums he's been throwing.  Before he'd just throw himself on the floor and quickly get over it, but lately he's been doing some actual crying and really acting like his feelings are hurt.  It's becoming a lot more painful to watch.  I'm calling them his 'crying fits'.  He's never been much of a 'crier', but he definitely has been pouring on the waterworks lately.  I still think it's that he may not be getting the exact amount of sleep he needs.  It's definitely getting better with each passing day, but the naps are still not quite what they could be.  He's also getting way to smart and wants to be so independant.  He's constantly getting into things he shouldn't but still not able to communicate with us all that well, so that leads to a lot of frustration.  They say, that's why this age is so hard, because kids have a hard time communicating what they want.  I'm definitely seeing this.  It's been a power struggle with us as well.........he's testing his limits and we're trying to establish rules and guidelines......not so easy.  First of all, he already has the 'selective hearing' thing going on.......especially with the word no and his name, neither word, does not hear at all!  But, we're trying to be persistent and keep consistent.  Someone tell me, the terrible twos aren't worse than this?
But, what makes is all ok is when you see his sweet little face sleeping at night, all calm and peaceful and I think to myself, "tomorrow is another day, we're going to do better tomorrow."  I just love that little bugger more than  you can imagine!  Those HUGE brown eyes and those gorgeous eyelashes...........that toothy grin of can't help but melt when you look at him.
I hate to start off on the negative, but just venting a little bit before going onto the next topic........the fun stuff of the week.  Well, Monday we met a friend and her little boy (who is 2) and went to the movie Ice Age 2.  Hayden started off really good, but then got easily distracted and wanted to just explore.  It went about as opposite as it could compared to our movie trip to Curious George.  Well, it was the four of us and then just a dad and his son in the theatre, so after trying to keep Hayden contained for a while, I gave up and just let him run.  He was excited to have his buddy Braedon there and so, they were happy just running back and forth in the front of the theatre.  At least we weren't disturbing too many people.  Then we went to McDonald's playland and the boys played some more.  Hayden kept going up to strangers' tables and wanted to sit down with them, it was hilarious.  We tried to get a picture of the boys with the Ronald McDonald statue, but big surprise, Hayden wouldn't sit still! :-)
Wednesday Hayden went to daycare and had a good time there.  No bad reports! :-)  It was a gorgeous day and he got to play out in the sand.  They said he kept trying to eat the sand.............and I don't know if it was from playing or from eating, but his diaper was FULL of it!  Ick!
Thursday, we dressed Hayden in his Easter outfit and took him to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.  I was a little nervous, we were hitting 'naptime' and he had an absolute fit getting his tie on.  He didn't mind it at all at Xmas time, but he DID NOT want it on this time!.....but when you see his picture, you'll agree why I had to fight him on it, he looks so HANDSOME!!!!!  Well, we were the first ones to see the Easter Bunny that day and he came right up to Hayden and started waving.  Hayden got SO excited!  I really wish I had brought the video camera..........Hayden had us in stitches!  He kept giving the Easter Bunny 'five'........pointing, jabbering, smiling, and clapping his hands.  He was not scared at ALL!  They said, they had not seen a kid react so positively all year.  Everyone was having a great time and we got some great pictures of the trip.  Hayden didn't want to leave, he kept grabbing the props and kept playing with the Easter Bunny.  He got down on the ground and played with him some too.  It was the cutest thing, I just couldn't believe my eyes.  And then every time we'd pass the Easter Bunny 'stand'.........the Easter Bunny would wave at Hayden and he'd wave back, one time I think Hayden was just about asleep, woke up just enough to wave, smile and then laid back in the stroller  It was so cute..........they are buds for life!
Friday and Saturday he got to see our friends Adam and Jason.  He hasn't seen them in months and had a great time showing off for them.  He got a little too wound up though and had a crazy morning with my mom on Friday.  He was so wound up, she couldn't get him to mellow out.  But eventually he took his nap and slept long and hard and woke up less hyper.  He's such a little show off and loves to get a laugh out of anyone, that he enjoyed seeing the guys.
Then Sunday, we went to church with my mom.  I've been very hesitant on taking him with how moody he has been, but I decided to brave it.  We went to the contemporary service thinking all the singing and stuff would be more exciting to him.  Well, he did great!  He sat in the pew and looked at the books and colored using the little 'kiddie' bags they provide for the service.  He sat fairly quiet and watched everyone, tried to sing and even prayed at the end.  I was so proud of him, he did great.  And, the timing was perfect, by the last song, he was starting to get restless, so we ended up leaving just minutes before it was done, I cannot complain, I was so proud of him!
Hayden is really jabbering up a storm...............he says "eyes" very clearly now.........usually he's grabbing my glasses and whipping them off..........but he's just lightly touched the lenses and then said, 'eyes'.  He's having a hard time getting used to me in glasses, and frankly I am still not used to them too!  It also sounds like he says, 'good girl'......'car' and he is also signing 'bath' for the first time.  He is still talking his own language, and goes on and on and on and on sometimes!  It's so cute.
Well, I can't seem to think of anything else............probably long enough for now!  Talk to y'all next week!

April 17th..........this week's theme, "Never a dull moment, especially around nap time!" 
Easter pictures are here!
Ok, so finally here to do the update!  I know some of you have been wondering if that baby girl of ours has been born yet, and nope, not yet!  Keep checking though, it's not going to be much longer!
What a crazy boy we I said this week's theme is 'never a dull moment'. We have quite the 'curious george' on our hands and he seems to find trouble wherever he is.  Hayden and Dennis spent a lot of days together as I had work and school a lot this week.  And, with the nice weather we've een having, the boys had gone to the park almost every day this week!  It was great for Hayden to get out and release some of that energy, but he still had enough to cause a little trouble at home! :-)  One day, Hayden was down for a nap, I was sleeping from a shift the night before and Dennis was in the shower getting ready for work.  Well, unbeknownst to Dennis and I, Hayden woke up from his nap and started to wander the upstairs.  The gate wasn't put up to his room and Dennis didn't tell me to be listening for him, so...............who knows how long the kid was up.  Well, I wake up to a little Hayden trying to crawl in bed with me.  I went to grab him and his shirt was soaking wet and his little Jo-Jo the Circus Clown doll was soaked too.  I could not figure out what was going on.............then all of a sudden it clicked!  HE HAD BEEN PLAYING IN THE TOILET!  So I lept out of bed, started stripping him down and rushing to the bathroom to scrub him down with antibacterial soap.  I just couldn't stand the thought of the fact he'd been playing in the toilet, so I soaked him in the tub and scrubbed him really good.  The kid is obsessed with the toilet!  YUCK!!!!  So, I ended up having to clean up half a bowl of toilet water off the floor too.......................I was so grossed out................and was ready to kill Dennis for having laid him down for a nap and not putting the gate up or letting me know he was getting in the shower.  But, we all got cleaned up and disenfected!
The next incident happened on Friday................Hayden just flat out refused to take a nap that day.  It seemed like hours trying to get him to stay in bed and fall asleep.  At one point I could hear him on the monitor making noise, but it didn't sound all to mischevious, he was saying his letters, I just kept hearing, "I", "U", "O", "E", so I let it go for a while, but the noise and chatter continued, so I thought I"d better check to see what he was doing.  Well, I walk in to find him on top of the changing table, had pulled all the wipes out of the wipe warmer and had pulled all the letters of his name off the wall.  That's why he was saying his letters!!!!!!!!!  I had to laugh and grab the camera, and as you can see from the one picture he was smiling up a storm and having a great time!  'What a little imp' as my Gma Scanlan would say! 
So naptime around the house has been quite a trialing time...........but we're not ready to let him stop napping, even when he protests as much as he does, he still needs them, and so do we!  So let's hope it gets better next week! :-)
Hayden is talking more too............he's saying "eat"...............he'll throw food on the floor for Haylee and point at it and say "eat".  He also said, "Jo-Jo" while looking at his doll.  He also has a little friend named Josanne that we call Jo-Jo, so it's neat that he can say her name too!  Finally some words coming out of his mouth........I think it'll be a flood of words from now on.
Hayden and Dennis went down to Decorah on Friday night and had an Easter Dinner with the Reckwards while I worked the weekend.  He got some neat Orange County Chopper stuff from Uncle Chad, tools, bandana, gloves, etc.  Then on Sunday, Hayden went on an Easter egg hunt at home and enjoyed the stuff in his easter basket.  He wanted to eat every single jelly bean he found.................he'd stuff his mouth so fast and so full, he'd be drooling!  He loves sweets!  Then he went to Gpa Scanlan's place and did another easter egg hunt with his cousins, Zach, Emily, Autumn, Ireland, Sydnee and Alex.  He enjoyed playing with the kids SO much!!  They loved playing with him too.  He played on the piano a little bit and just ran and ran with the kids.  He did one thing that I was TOTALLY embarrassed by.  I was holding Alex, who is 2 months old.  And, I wanted Hayden to get used to me holding a baby, so I went over to him and wanted him to say hi to the baby.  Well, the timing was so horrible, because he had just gotten done with a sippy cup of milk and THREW it at ALex's head!!!!  Alex didn't flinch at all, but I about died!  Hayden got scolded for being mean to the baby and then he started to cry.  I hope that is no indication of how he's going to be.  I"m sure we'll have a few mishaps, but I hope he doesn't get too mean. 
Well, I think that's all I have to update....................will hopefully get my update done on time next week!  Be checking our website often, Hayden will be a big brother VERY soon!

April 24th 
It's been almost two weeks since my last update, and a lot has happened since then, so this update may be a little foggy! the sleep deprivation and my cold could affect my recollection too! :-)  But here it is, my update:
This was a pretty stressful week for us, we knew our baby would be coming and our life with a single child would come to an end!  Hayden, Dennis and I went out for a celebration lunch on Thursday knowing it'd probably be the last time the three of us would be going out to eat.  Hayden of course was checking out the waitress and flirting up a storm.  I swear he was even checking out her butt as she walked away!  What a goof!
Wednesday Hayden and I met our friends Shannon, Isiah and Josanne for a picnic and played at the playground at Soldiers Field.  He had the BEST time.  They have a couple huge sandboxes that he spent a lot of time just digging and filling his bucket up with sand.  It's amazing what keeps him interested.  He went down the slides and across the bridges and played and played.  Then he ate a huge lunch, almost an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich to himself.  It was  a beautiful day and he enjoyed the good company.  I enjoyed getting out and spending time with a friend as well. Hayden also has a new favorite toy that has kept him busy for hours on end. Gma Deden bought him a play barbeque.  He LOVES it!  He is SO good at playing 'pretend' especially with his dishes and this is right up his alley.  He's just amazing to watch.........what a big boy and so smart!
Thursday night, Hayden and I went out to eat at Glynners and then Hayden was going to spend the night with Gma and Gpa.  Hayden LOVED the popcorn at Glynners and pretty much ate that as his meal.  And, it kept him occupied so we didn't have to deal with any tantrums or food throwing, so I loved it!  After supper we spent a little bit of time at home before Gma brought him home with her.  We danced to the Wiggles and made some videos with the webcam we got from my Dad at Xmas time, that I finally got up and running.  Hayden thought it was so cool that he could see himself on the computer and we made a video to send my Dad in CA.  He sent him TONS of kisses, it was so cute.  If there is a way to post them on the site, I'll try to figure it out and post one sometime.  Then, Hayden left with Gma and I got a little bit emotional.  Imagine that, me get emotional.  I was nervous and scared for Hayden and for me.  We were about to make a big life change and how was he going to react to it.  It was all getting so real and FINALLY coming.  The next time I'd see Hayden, he'd be a big brother and everything would change for all of us and I have been so worried with how he'd do and how we would do being good parents to both our chidren.  I'd been able to give everything to Hayden, my time, attention, etc. and now he was going to have to share that and is it fair that the second child doesn't get all that too?  I'm sure those of you that have more than one child have felt and thought the same thing.  But, I knew we'd get through it ok.  My big thing was, I wasn't going to put these high expectations on how we'd do, I would just let it happen, that way I wouldn't get disappointed if things were really rough.  So.....
Friday, before I went into surgery, I made sure to call and talk to Hayden and tell him I love him.  He had not a clue what was going on.  But, that afternoon, he finally got to meet his little sister.  He was pretty excited at first, we have their first meeting on video.  I don't think he was excited about the sister part, but more excited about the cool hospital room and all the fun gifts he was getting!  The entire time I was in the hospital, he pretty much ignored the baby.  He could care less who was holding her or wouldn't even bother to look her way.  He was so busy trying to put on the call light and play with the phone.  My thing was, we weren't going to push him to come see his sister, or kiss her or anything like that.  I wanted it to be when he was ready and I didn't want to push him to do anything in regard to her.  And, so far it didn't seem too bad.
I could have gone home on Sunday, but decided to wait until Monday morning to be dismissed.  So, how was the homecoming  you ask?.................check next week's update for the details! :-)

May 1st
So, our homecoming!...........what a fun thing for Hayden.  We had arranged to have my sister Ashley watch Hayden while Dennis picked Macy and I up from the hospital, so before he left to get me, Dennis and Hayden bought a bunch of decorations for our homecoming.  While Dennis was at the hospital, Ashley and Hayden decorated and when we walked in the door, the house was full of pink and white streamers, balloons, and they even had a bubble maker going and Ash and Hayden were at the top of the stairs with pink silly string!  Hayden was smiling from ear to ear!  What  a great idea to make it so fun for HIM for when we got home.  I loved it too, it felt good to finally get home and see how things were going to be.  As soon as we put the car seat down, Hayden came running over to his sister and was smiling and happy.  That was great to see. 
I have to say, the rest of the week went SO much better than I had expected too!  The most common question we get is, 'how is Hayden doing with having a new sister?' and honestly, he's been great!  But, I always say that tongue in cheek because, Dennis had this whole week off of work so he hasn't had to really 'share' us with his sister.  Dennis has been there to cater to his needs and me to Macy' it might be a different story next week.  There has been a couple times he's hit Macy or tried to headbutt her (which he tries to do to us all the time........any suggestions on how to stop that ANNOYING behavior?)  and he got a little bit rough trying to 'rock' her while she sat in her bouncy seat, but we just know that the two of them can never be together not in eye sight.............and it'll be that way for a while I'm sure!  He gets a little stressed when she cries though too and I think that may trigger some of his behaviors too.  He'll keep saying "doe", which I think he's trying to say 'don't' when she cries and will sometimes throw his head back if the crying goes on for a while.  Strange I know, but he doesn't like it by the looks of it.
The weather had been so great this week too!  Dennis got Hayden's sandbox filled with sand and the boys spent a lot of time outside.  Hayden thinks it's really cool to open the screen patio door and one day had more fun opening and shutting that about 800 times vs playing in his playhouse or sandbox.  Whatever makes you happy I guess!  Hayden has enjoyed the company too.  That has been a blessing for us as well.  He LOVES to play with kids so it's been a great distraction for him.  His cousins and friends Calvin and Jack came as well. 
The one hard thing this week is he's flat out refused naps a couple days and that did not go well.  He was so crabby and grumpy, we were all beside ourselves.  I'm really, really hoping that changes and it was just because it was kind of a crazy week with bringing the baby home and all.
We also made a visit to the pediatrician for a checkup with Macy and while we were there, I spoke to her about Hayden's constant runny nose.  We came to the conclusion that he has allergies.  He's literally had a runny nose every day this winter and just this past week, it's gotten really bad, it's very hard for him to breathe.  So, she recommended we try Benadryl, and Dennis and I were both cheering inside!......maybe it'll mellow him out a little bit! :-)  So, he's only been taking it a couple days, still has the runny nose, and hasn't seemed to slow him down a whole lot.........but we'll keep at it and see if it improves it at all.
Well, I think that's about all I'm going to update for now.  I"m hoping to get Macy's pictures up and her weekly update done too.  I will add the link to those pages on this page and onto the homepage so you can access them easily.  I'm hoping to get her updates done every Friday.........and keep on my Monday updates with Hayden.
Thanks for your patience.

May 8th: (Almost 21 months)
Will get to the update soon, here are a few pictures.  Finally got Macy's Hospital page done, click here to get to it!
So this week was a big test for us............I was really worried how Hayden would do with Dennis going back to work and being with me and his baby sister.  And let me tell you, this kid surprises me all the time!  He has done SO well!  He still gets a little stressed when Macy cries, but he has been very good with her. 
The weather has been a little crappy except for one day, so we've been couped up in the house which has been a little hard on him.  It was so cute, we all went for a walk and Hayden was holding onto Haylee's leash and he'd just laugh and laugh and laugh at Haylee.  We had NO idea what it was making him laugh but he was rolling.  You couldn't help but smile hearing it! 
He's been so good at playing by himself too.  He keeps himself pretty busy in his playroom and by playing pretend.  He's got quite an imagination I can tell already.  He's going to be such a smart kid!  He has been doing so many news things showing how big/old he's getting.  He will dance along to quite a few Wiggles songs and do the dance steps with them, which I absolutely love watching him do that!  His favorites are "Hot Potato" and "Rock-a-bye Bear".  He dances to "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" too and then we clap and cheer when we're done.  He really does enjoy it.
He also had a playdate with his cousin Sydnee and his friend Hutson one night.  He just LOVES his older cousins! and did really well with Hut.    We're hoping to have lots of playdates this summer, he enjoys being with other kids so much.
On Sunday, Gma Deden took Hayden to McDonalds for lunch and then over to Great Aunt Bobbie's to go play at "Broadwater Park".  My aunt Bobbie have the best playground in their backyard, they have a big Rainbow playgym, a HUGE sandbox and so many toys, it's better than any park in Rochester I guess.  Hayden ran non-stop and had 'green toes' from running in the grass so much! :-)  He was filthy dirty and dog-tired!
He's still been fighting his naps, but I've decided to pick my battles at this point and just let him fall asleep on his own when he's ready instead of fighting with him for an hour to get him to take a nap.  So, he's been napping a little bit later in the afternoon and only has gone without a nap a day or two.  We might just be trying to figure out a different 'schedule' for him than what we had before.  We'll get it worked out! :-)
Like I said, we've been stuck in the house quite a bit this past week, so I don't have a whole lot to report, plus my memory is getting so bad and when I wait too long to do my update I forget about half the stuff we did the previous week! :-)  So,I'm going to try to get better!  Hopefully have a better update next week!  Until then.................

May 15th
The big thing this week for Hayden is his love of imitation.  He has been copying so many things he sees us do and the things he sees on TV.  He's starting to dance along with The Wiggles, watch and imitate what I do when we sing and dance.......and we've seen him imitate some characters on Shrek and Madagascar.  So, I've warned Dennis that we have to be very careful what we're watching on TV from now on! :-)
Hayden has really been enjoying life lately too............he is laughing SO much.  And, the kid keeps me in stitches too!
He was eating some apple slices the other day and found that it made a funny noise when he bit into it, so he kept biting really lightly so he could hear the noise over and over again and he'd just giggle and giggle and giggle!  Then of course, I'm laughing at his laugh and the big huge grin on his face!  It's so awesome to see such a genuine grin!
Speaking of grins, Hayden also got his picture taken with his little sister this week too.  I honestly didn't think it was going to work at all once we got there.  I had them in matching little Gymboree Froggy outfits and couldn't wait to get their first picture together and he wanted nothing to do with sitting next to her at first.  We tried bribing with some M&Ms to get him to put his arm around her.......but he kept wiggling off the table and getting crabby.  I was ready to give up and the photographer got him to not only sit by Macy but to get him to smile and even give her a kiss!  That man is a miracle worker! :-)  The pictures turned out so good too!  I'll be posting them soon, so keep checking back.
Hayden allergies have much improved this week too.  I think the Benadryl is really making a difference.  He's getting it twice a day and he's hardly had a runny nose all's been great.  I think he's resting better at night too.  He's not coughing at all at night and not at all in the morning when he wakes up either.  He used to have all this drainage that he'd have this awful sounding cough but that is completely gone.  Hopefully once everything has bloomed, he won't need to be taking it everyday after a while.
He's been doing really well with Macy still too.  He's just getting more and more independant which makes life a lot easier for us.  He's getting to be such a big boy now!  He's feeding himself a lot better now a days, plays so good by himself, and just all in all is such a pleasure to be around!  What a joy he is!  One of my favorite things he does is stack cans at his Gma & Gpa Reckward's house.  See the last picture below.........he can get them 6 or 7 high and he knows how to stack them so they balance, he'll move them to and adjust them to they stay centered.  He's so smart, it just amazes me!
I think that's about all the update I have this week..............keep checking back, more fun next week!

Click here to see the pictures of Hayden with his newborn baby sister.
May 22nd:
Time for another update.  It's been an up and down kind of week for us.  It was great because we were able to get out of the house quite a bit and burn off some energy, but at the same time, Hayden has had some bad days.  And what I mean by that is, he has been SO moody.  He turns his moods on and off in seconds which has made for an interesting week.  Usually you can tell as soon as he wakes up what kind of day it's going to morning he was so mad because it was Dennis getting up with him, while I stayed in bed and took care of Macy, another morning he flat out refused to eat and would throw a hissy fit when I tried to get him into his booster seat.  It's been a challenge.  His napping is still a challenge as well.  If we're out running errands in the mornings, he often falls asleep in the car......but then he wakes up as soon as we take him out of the car and then doesn't want to go back to bed, so that leaves us with a 1/2 nap at the most for the day, when ideally he naps for 2-3 that makes for one cranky boy and mommy too!  Then the days we try to get him to nap, it's usually an hour of protest, so then I've just given up at that point.  I've decided that some days, that is not a battle I want to fight, so.......I will just let him play until he falls asleep.......which he almost always does, but it's much later.  But either way, early evening, he's a crab no matter what!  I'm hping we get this all figured out before I go to work! :-)
We did have some fun days though too!  A few days we went for walks around Silver Lake and then played on the jungle gym.  Then another day, we all went to Oxbow Park and saw the animals and had a picnic.  Hayden really enjoyed that.  I will be adding a page with those pictures on too.  Will add the link once it's finished.
Over the weekend, it was just the boys at home, while Macy and I went on a Scrapbooking Retreat, along with my mom too  So, Dennis and Hayden hung out and spent some time with my dad........a little male bonding with some golf and grilling. 
I feel bad, that's all I can think of right now for an update............I'm getting really bad with my forgetfulness!
May 28th:
I have to start the update with a story I forgot last's called, "Hayden and his Beloved Watermelon".....
Once upon a time, (a couple weeks ago) a little boy named Hayden was at the grocery store with his mommy, grandma and sister.  That little boy refused to take a nap that day and so by supper time, Hayden was very, very cranky.  While at the grocery store, Hayden was so crabby that he would scream and throw his head to show how angry he was.  He even hit his head on the handle of the cart one time.  Because Hayden was so cranky, mommy and grandma had to shop quickly.  They were at the end of their trip but had to pick up some veggies and fruit from the produce section.  Hayden's mommy quickly picked up a watermelon while Hayden was throwing yet, another fit in the store.   Hayden's mommy put the big watermelon in the cart right next to Hayden in the cart.  As soon as he saw the watermelon, Hayden's face lit up like his mommy hadn't seen in a long time!  He started to 'flex' and shake his fists because he was so happy to see this watermelon.  Hayden started slapping the watermelon and jabbering up a storm, he was no longer in a bad mood!  Hayden's mommy was very excited because she could make it through the checkout without anymore tantrums! :-)
So, after paying for their groceries, they all go out to the car to head on home.  Hayden couldn't bear to be separated from his watermelon for even a second while his grandma put him in his carseat, he screamed and cried!  So Grandma and Mommy decided that it would be ok for Hayden to hold th e watermelon on his lap for the car ride home.  Again, and as soon as the watermelon was in sight, Hayden was happy and flexing for joy!  Hayden's mommy was a little worried about the watermelon on the car ride home.  She was worried that Hayden would drop the watermelon and it would go smashing all over the car she kept telling Hayden, 'be sure to hold on tight to that watermelon of yours!'.
While on the way home, Hayden's mommy had to stop quickly at a stoplight as it had turned red.  Well, she heard the watermelon  drop to the floor and then heard a blood-curdling scream from Hayden in the backseat.  So, in order to get Hayden to stop crying, Mommy had to undo her seatbelt and reach to the backseat floor and pick the watermelon up and put it back on  Hayden's lap.  Mommy had to decide right then and there that she would not be able to cut the watermelon up in front of Hayden, he'd be devastated!  So when they got home, his mommy quickly ran into the house and got a picture of Hayden and his Beloved Watermelon.,
(click here to see that pic again)

Well, what happened after they got home?  Hayden was still so excited once the watermelon was in the house, we had it in the living room and he was running in circles around the watermelon and even laid on top of it and was 'humping' it!  What a wierd child I have! :-)  I can't believe I forgot to share that I'm sure he'll be embarrassed about once he's a teenager!

So what happened this week? It's been another stressful week in our household.  We're trying to get a grip on Hayden's behavior.  After reading an article in the recent issue of Parenting, I learned that not enough sleep really is a huge factor in how toddlers behave............which I suspected, but it definitely made it sink in a lot better and I decided that we would be putting Hayden in bed much earlier at night based on how early he wakes up in the morning, especially since he's been refusing to nap some days.  Him not taking a nap has been stressing ALL of us, including him.  So, I've seen a slight improvement in his moods since we've been putting him to bed earlier.  We've been shooting for 8pm everynight and have been pretty good at getting him in bed at that time.  I've also tried putting him to bed at naptime with some of his books, trying to get him to be preoccupied and to stay in bed and eventually fall asleep..........some days it works and some days, it's still a fight for about an hour before he finally sleeps or I give up. 
Hayden has been still displaying some disturbing behavior while Macy cries even though he's been more attentive to her and has been fairly interactive with her.  He will scream very high and loud as soon as she starts crying.  The first time he did it, I ran out of the bedroom because I thought he was hurt, nope, just retaliating against Macy's cries.  Let me tell you, it's hard enough to keep your cool when one kiddo cries, trying dealing with crying and then his blood curdling scream on top of it.  He will still throw his head back and bang his head.  I really hope this gets better........he's going to hurt himself someday.
Hayden has been having some fun outside.  He loves his sandbox and all of his toys out there.  He loves his red wagon and Dennis even put a board out there with a few nails in it so he can hammer away.  Hayden also started helping Dennis paint the deck this week too.  He ended up falling into the paint and the batteries for my camera were recharging so I wasn't able to get a picture of the mess, it was quite a sight..........all the way up his arms and we ended up having to throw out his clothes..  Hayden had so much fun painting that it inspired me to think about getting him an easel for his birthday so he can paint for fun.
We did get a picture of  Hayden doing one of his favorite things with one of his new favorite people.................blanket rides with Ashley's boyfriend Josh.  Hayden will get him and Ashley to do that for an hour sometimes!!  He's a thrill seeker like his mommy...............I just love to hear him giggle..........he has the best laugh and the best smile, it can melt your heart.
We had Macy's baptism on Sunday and Hayden got to hang out with Gpa in the Nursery during the service, and boy did he have a good time in there.  He also got to see his cousins Autumn and Ireland and some family he hadn't seen in a while.  It was one year ago today that Hayden was also baptized, I am glad we got to do it the same weekend, it makes it even more special.
I think that's all I'm going to do for now.............the next update will be due shortly...........keep checking in on us!
June 5th:
It's been a MUCH better week at our house, thanks in part to a strict bedtime and nap schedule!  Finally a little progress.  I'm not going to say our days don't consist of at least 2 or 3 tantrums and typically an hour of trying to get Hayden to sleep, but believe me, there's been large improvements! :-)
Hayden has been getting to bed at 8pm almost every night when we're at home and if he's not, you can tell right away in the morning because he's a bear if he got to bed later than that.  He's been getting up at around the same time, 6:30-7:00 am, which is way to early in my book, but what are you going to do right?  I've been trying to get him down right after lunch but it's usually 1:30 by the time he finally settles and falls asleep.  Most the time, he's pretty harmless while in his room at naptime, not much of the kicking and screaming like he had been.  But he still likes to cause a little mischeif.  He likes to move his bed, or crawl into Macy's crib or throw the dirty clothes from his laundry basket all over.  It'll be interesting how this 'sharing a bedroom with his little sister' is going to turn out.  I think I may find him in bed with her on occasion!  It might be quite a while before she is out of the bassinette and in the crib! :-)
We've been getting outside as much as we can but of all the fun things he has in the backyard to play with, he wants to open and shut the screen door to the deck all day long!  What a wierdo! :-)  He has a new bubble lawn mower that he loves.  But, as soon as the bubbles come out from the bottom, he stops mowing to reach down to grab them and then they stop.  We'll keep working on it! :-)
Hayden been really good with Macy this week too!  He's given her lots of kisses and isn't freaking out as bad when she is crying.  He tries to help a lot, which I'm encouraging.  I hope this makes him more comfortable with her and gentle.  He likes to snap the safety belts in her carseat and swing. 
Speaking of helping, I've been trying to get him to 'help' me with some of the housework.  He feels like a big shot and hopefully it'll make him more cooperative in the future to help out with chores around the house.  He loves to dust and vaccum and has helped a bit with putting clothes in the dryer.  He's not a whole lot of help when it comes to folding it because he'd rather just run through the piles, so I end up folding everything several that typically waits until bedtime to get done! :-)
We went on a couple road trips this weekend.  On Friday we went to Medford and he did really good shopping.  Then, we drove over to Faribault and saw our friends Jason S. and Adam who were helping Schreff's parents in remodeling/moving into their new lake house.  Hayden made himself at home right away and really enjoyed walking out on the dock with Daddy.  Hayden would have jumped right in if we let him.  The water was a little icky right now, so Dennis just would dip Hayden's feet in the water, but that totally left him wanting more!  He is going to have a BLAST at the cabin this summer.......which we're ALL looking forward to.  Dennis can't wait to golf and I can't wait to get in the water and get a suntan!
Then on Saturday, we drove down to Greene, IA to see The Hansons.  It'd been since last summer when we were all down there and Cal has some pretty fun toys for Hayden to play with........and a huge yard to run around in. The boys played together SO good, it was awesome!  They played Hide and Seek and then at the end of the night found the ice cubes in the cooler and had a blast playing with those.  They'd get each other giggling, it was unbelieveable.  They played very, very hard that day and both were exhausted, but stubborn Hayden wouldn't fall asleep until 11pm!  We decided to stay over night and Hayden and Dennis slept on their three season porch, how fun!  We're thinking of possibliy camping with Hayden sometime the end of this month........I think he'd get a kick out of it.  Right now, Dennis is putting the tent up in the backyard to try it out!
Well, I think that's about all I have for the to run.  And, can you believe it?  my update was done on time! :-) Now I just have to get the pictures up!
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