This page is for pictures of Hayden and his friends. Hayden is meeting more and more friends the older he gets and is having a great time playing with them all!
This Page Belongs to Hayden & his Friends!!!
Ella McCleary:  Born Oct 04.  Ella's mommy works with Hayden's mommy in the NICU.  Ella & Hayden had a work baby shower together.
Ethan Pack:  Born June (?) 04.  Ella's mommy works with Hayden's mommy in the NICU.  Ethan &Hayden (& Ella) had a work baby shower together.  Ethan's mom and Hayden's mom do scrapbooking together.
Here is Hayden and his friend Alex Hesse and their matching hats that Alex's mommy knitted.  Alex was born in Oct 03 and his mom is a good college friend of Hayden's mom.
Hayden and his friend Cal.  This was the first time they met.  Cal's parents are Aaron & April Hanson.  He was born Dec 03.  This was only days after Hayden was born, and Cal looks so big compared to Hayden.  Hayden is quickly catching up though!  See more pictures below............
Hayden and Milty..........a couple of studly cowboys. 
Hayden and Alex playing in March at our house.  Both boys are growing up so fast and Hayden really enjoys watching how 'big boys' play, and would often imitate what Alex was doing.
Hayden and Tish & his little furry friend, Bandit!
Hayden & Cal meet again after several months.  (April 04)
This is Hayden and Sierra Rueschel.  Sierra's mommy works with Hayden's mommy in the NICU.  Sierra is also going to be a big sister any day now.  This was the first time I saw Hayden truly interact with another child and it almost brought a tear to my eye when I saw how excited they both got to see each other! MORE PICTURES BELOW!!!
Alex Hesse and his dad, Dan
Mommy's college friend Bradshaw and her husband and little girl Alexis born March (?) 04
Cameron Ruechel, Sierra's new little brother!
Hayden & Josanne Tempel  He really liked her hat and got a little rough in touching it.......making the girls cry already.  Josanne is a little girl of a co-worker and fellow scrapbooker friend of Mommy's.
This is Big Brother Isiah Tempel (Josanne's older brother)....he loves Baby Einstein just like Hayden!  I think they'll have fun hanging out when Hayden gets older and their mommies scrapbook!
Beautiful Big Sister, Sierra Ruechel!
Hayden's cousin Ellie.  This was the first time they really got to play together and Ellie had lots of hugs and kisses for him.  You can also tell she is related to Hayden's mommy, they both share a love of designer purses!!
Here is Hayden's little friend Kauri, son to Matt & Brie Dobbs.  Kauri is a few months younger than Hayden but is very quick to catch up on what the big boys are doing, he's already almost as tall as Hayden!  I have a feeling these boys will be playing together a lot.
Here are pictures from our trip to visit our newest friend, Hutson Hendrickson! Hayden hasn't met him yet as he had a little bit of a cold and didn't want to give it to his new buddy.  But his friends, Cameron & Sierra and Isiah & Josanne were there!
The new addition to the Hesse Family, Owen.  And here is big brother Alex, and their mommy MIssy!
LONG over due are pictures of Claire Springer, precious little girl of our friends Jeff & Randina! She was born just days before Hayden's 1st birthday!
Born on January 10th, to our friends Maria & Emmanuel, here is Bentley Theodore.  His daddy is also a big Michigan fan, so the boys will have something in common! We'll have to get a picture of Hayden and Bentley in their Michigan gear.
Also born this week is Cecelia Peterson, my best friends little girl.  Click here to see her own special webpage!
Here is Calvin Hanson's little brother Jack Aaron Hanson! Parents are Aaron & April Hanson
Cecelia Halleck, Mom and Big Sister :-) Zelda! Parents are Tracy & Matt Halleck