Haylee Kay
- Playing "hand"

- Giving kisses

- Playing with Harlee and Bailee

- Going to Grandma's house

- Peanut Butter granola bars

- Digging through the garbage

- Car rides

- Sleeping with Mom & Dad

- Pig Ears

- Visitors

- Her favorite toys; a small red       stocking, orange dog, Helen the Hippo, little black bear,

- Dad's stinky socks
Dennis and I bought Haylee from a breeder in Stewartville in November of 2001.  She weighed about 3.5 pounds when we got her at 8 weeks old.  She shares the same birthday as Dennis, which makes her even more special.  She is very loved and very spoiled especially from her "grandparents".  She also has two "aunts" who are also shih tzus, Bailee and Harlee who are her best friends. 
Other pictures of Haylee:
Haylee and her best friends