Macy's Baptism
Macy wore a very special gown for her baptism. It belonged to her Great, Great Grandpa Pierce.  He wore it over 107 years ago!!! She looked absolutely beautiful in it and it meant so much that we could wear something with some signifigance.  She also wore a pretty gold necklace from her sponsors and a baby ring from her Grandma Deden.  Dennis and I bought her a colored bead bracelet with a cross on it and a special bonnet that she can use as a hanky on her wedding day.  Her sponsors also gave her her very own bible that when she gets married can be incorporated into her wedding bouquet.  There was a lot of tradition with her baptism.
She slept during the entire service and snuggled up with her Godmother, Tish.  After the service we had a BBQ at our place where several of our family members came and celebrated this special day.