The Dinner & Reception
Then came the reception, the one part of the wedding most people were waiting for.  We started off the celebration at the Champagne toast and then the we and the wedding party took a "Party Bus" from the ceremony in Lanesboro to the dinner and reception. 
First we had the Party Bus take us girls to get breakfast at McDonalds and then to City Looks at Apache Mall to get our hair done.  Wehad all the older gentlemen at McDonald's wondering if we were celebrities!!  The bus then picked up the rest of the wedding party at the hotel and drove everybody down as a group.  I missed out on the bus ride down to Lanesboro but heard it was a great time.  Here are some pictures of the mode of transportation and all the fun had.  What you won't see is the three or four cases of beer everyone went through. :-)
What happens on the bus, stays on the bus!  I just have two words
The Dinner and Reception were at the Best Western Apache in Rochester.  It was absolutely beautiful and amazing!  The staff did an awesome job with decorating, cooking, and serving.  Our Best Man and Matron of Honor gave awesome speeches and then came the dance.  
The Dinner
The Bus Ride
The Dance
Then came the dance!!!  The flowergirls and ringbearer were waiting to start dancing that morning, so they were the first ones out there when the music started.  We had Alan Reed as our DJ and he had the place rocking!  We were having SO much fun that even the Father of the Bride of the wedding next to us came over and danced.  Now, that's one great DJ!!  I've put pictures in from the dollar dance and even 'the end of the night' shots.  I've been told by everyone that they had the BEST time, which I'm glad,  So did we!!
The Guest Book Table and Gift Table
Our Cake, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!  If fit the "fall theme" of the wedding perfectly!
Fall Colored Hershey Kiss Topiary Trees
Our First Dance
"I'll Be Your Lover Too" by Van Morrison
To see the lyrics to this song click here
Father/Daughter Dance
"Open Arms" by Journey
This was the song my mom and dad had at their wedding 20+years ago
Father/Daughter Dance
"There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney
To see the lyrics of this song click here.
The Dollar Dance
more dollar dance pictures to come......
And that's a wrap!!
All that planning and the night is done!!!
Now, to the beginning of our life together as
man and wife
One of my favorite moments of the night!  We were singing, "Thank you for being a Friend!"
Dennis & Aaron sang "Poncho & Lefty" at my request.  Too bad they didn't know more than the first verse!
Matt singing a little Johnny Cash
"Ring of Fire"
The guys taking over the mic
And out comes the
Thanks Amy Boettcher!
Right here is where I would put the picture of Dennis doing
The Worm.......
  If you missed it, I can vouch that he did indeed attempt The Worm on the dancefloor
My NICU Friends
My "Gyne" Girls
I will add pictures of the garter and bouquet toss here...........
Our Guests