Baby & Wedding Showers
My first baby shower was thrown by my girlfriends, Steph & Amy, and Steph's mom, Val.  It was on Thursday June 25th and I had such a great time.  Everything was just perfect and decorated SO cute!  Here are some pictures from the shower!
A couple pictures are missing, ones of Me & Steph and another with Me & Amy
had another baby/wedding shower thrown by my aunts, Bobbie, Tonia & Tish on August 1st.  All my cousins and a few second cousins were there and we got SO much nice stuff.  And they got the best kind of cake, Cold Stone Creamery cake........omigod, it was DELICIOUS!!!  I had to take a picture of the cake it was so good! :-)  I apologize for some of the pictures, I look like I'm hanging out of my dress and just ready to pop.  And in all honesty, I felt like it too!  Everyone was hoping either Hayden would come a few days before the shower, so he could be there.......or wait until after.  Well, it was so dang hot that particular day, I wanted him to come right that night....but he waited about another week or so.  The nice thing was, my grandma Scanlan was able to make it to my shower as well.  She was dressed so pretty and had her hair done and makeup on.........I was so glad she could be there. 
On September 12th, Judy, future mother-in-law & Jen, future sister-in-law had a bridal shower for me in Decorah at their church.  I got to see so many people from Dennis' family I had yet to meet.  There were so many people there and we got so many presents, we almost didn't have enough room to ride in my mom's truck on the way home.  Hayden also came to the shower, so he got to meet some relatives as well.  He was the hit of the party, but that's quite alright, I wouldn't have it any other way!  All the boys hung out in the back while us ladies had a great meal, delicious cake and got to open many, many great gifts.  Jen took some great pictures of the shower which I hope to get posted as well.  I have so much catching up to do with all of these showers!.
On September 25th, Jenny, matron of honor, and her mom Kathy threw me a wonderful bridal shower at her new house. It had beautiful fall decorations and they made the BEST chicken salad sandwiches.  We had a great lunch and all got to sit together and drink mimosas!  We then had a 'make-your-own-bridal-gown-out-of- toilet-paper-contest".  Shannon and Jessica were the winners, but there were some awesome 'runner's up'.  Then later on that afternoon, a bunch of us left for Stillwater for my Bachelorette party.  WHAT A BLAST!!!  We all wore old bridesmaid dresses and went out on the town.  This is a 'family webpage' so I'll refrain from going into any more details! :-)~  If you want to see pictures, you'll have to look at my own personal photo album at my house! Hee Hee! 
Last but not least, Amy H. had a baby shower at her house in Fountain for three of us nurses at work that had babies.  It was for Linda Pack, who had Ethan mid June, me, and Leslie McCleary, who had Ella in mid October.  Hayden and Ethan were very close in size even though they are a couple of months apart and then there was teeny-tiny little Ella.  There were so many people from work there and they were all so generous.  You would not believe the great people I work with!  Not only do I love the work, I love the people as well, you just can't go wrong with that kind of job!  Here are a few pictures of the kids...........