Hayden's first
Our family decided to celebrate our Valentine's day a little early this year.  I had to work nights all weekend and Dennis has to work the night before and of Valentine's day......so, Friday night was our night to celebrate.

All week long Hayden and I worked on making our Valentines.  We had such a great time posing for pictures and cutting and glueing and stamping.  We made special Valentines for his aunts and uncles and for some close friends.  We have so many people to show our love to, we couldn't get cards out to everyone....so here is our Valentine to you!
For Valentine's Day, I played a pretty good joke on Dennis.  I got the idea from a girlfriend at work that played this joke on her husband.  Check out the pictures below!
I'm lucky that I didn't have to do CPR on him!!!  I couldn't go too long before telling him it was a joke.  He was totally paniced and asked me twice, 'Are you pregnant?'  After the second time he asked and his face turning completely white, I had to tell him it was a joke!  He immediately grabbed his throat and started checking his carotid pulse.  His heart was racing.  A little while later he grabbed his chest.  He couldn't believe it!