Wedding Site
After some long, intense and STRESSFUL searching for a wedding ceremony site, we found the place of our dreams!  It is unbelieveable!  Here are some pictures I took of the place.  It's called the Berwood Hill Inn in Lanesboro, MN.  What makes the place even more special is, it's in the town my grandfather grew up in.  As soon as I saw the place I knew this is where we had to have the wedding.  It's going to definitely be worth the drive to the remote location once you see how absolutely gorgeous it is!
Here is the Berwood Hill Inn's reception hall called "The Roost".  We don't plan on having the reception there, but we are thinking about having a social hour with a champagne toast and some hors d'oveurs there immediately following the ceremony.
The reception will follow in Rochester at the Best Western Apache.