Hayden's Trip to the MN Zoo
On Saturday August 27th, Dennis, Hayden & I went to the MN Zoo for the first time.  We weren't sure how much Hayden would understand the zoo, but was pleasantly surprised with how much he enjoyed the trip.  He looked at the animals and would smile and get excited.  That was probably the best part of the trip, to see how excited he would get!  It might end up being something we do more often, especially once we know how much he got a kick out of it!

I took a lot of pictures, but not one of each animal we saw.  If you would like to see all the different animals the Zoo had and to get more information on them,
click here.
The Coral & Shark Reef were probably Hayden's favorite part of the Zoo.  He got so excited when he saw the big fish.  He banged on the glass and just screamed.  Must be from all the times we watched 'Finding Nemo'!
Another exciting part for Hayden was when we went to "The Farm".  They had a little petting zoo with baby and older goats.  One poked it's head through the fence and started chewing on the stroller, it about gave me a heart attack!  But we braved it and went in and pet the goats.  There was one time when Hayden actually tried hugging one of the goats and then tried yanking on it's goat-ee!  I was so nervous he was going to get bit if he pet them or yanked on them too hard, but they just nibbled on his fingers looking for food.  We laughed so hard, it was the best!  They also had a milking barn and Hayden smiled when I showed him a cow and said, that's where you get your milk from!  We also stopped at the Pig barn, but it smelled too bad, we didn't stay long.  But we posed for a picture with a statue of a large Mama Pig feeding her piglets!
Here are some other neat animals they had on the trials all throughout the zoo.