Mullets and other funny people
Here are some of the funny people I've encountered (and exploited by taking their picture) in my life.  Mullet hunting is a hobby of mine and take great pride in a great mullet.  Enjoy! Put your mouse over the pictures to see close-ups.
One of the first mullets I captured on film.  I enjoy the highlights very much!
A feme-mullet spotted by Dennis and his friends in a LaCrosse bar.
Great-aged mullet at the Iowa Michigan game
I couldn't resist getting a picture of this sexy mullet!
We met these two crazy characters over Memorial Weekend at a bar near Kelley's cabin.  One prided himself on his gigantic tongue and the other was passing a hat around for us to pay him to eat this gigantic spider he found outside.  I think he got 2 bucks, and didn't end up eating it.
We found this lovely lady in Cedar Falls, IA and couldn't help but take a picture.  Obviously she didn't feel the draft.
This older gentleman was whooping-it-up on the Aquarius dance floor, and even got up on the speaker!  I would have like to have met him in his younger days.
This jacket actually lights up.  I didn't realize the true power of that jacket until I saw it gleaming from the dance floor!
This girl offered to give me this shirt as long as I wore it in the bar.  So I did for about 10 minutes and then at the end of the night, her friend tricked me into giving it to her.  So after the humiliation, I never even got to keep the shirt.  Bum Deal.
This is the husband of one of my co-workers. He participated in the Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics.  This is the picture of him doing to Plunge, it was on Valentine's Day, hence, the get up!  I LOVE IT!  Sheila and Stephan are such fun and giving people! We're so glad to know them!  They also love mullets as much as I do!  Sorry to put you on the mullet page Stephan!
I haven't been found any Mullets or Funny people lately (when I've had my camera available at least) as I don't get out as much as I used to.......BUT, here is a super duper funny link to a website that has something worth looking at...........!  Click here......
">Click here to see the video!
One of our friends caught on video busting out his dance moves to Michael Jackson.........he didn't realize we had video capabilities on our camera. :-)