HOW WE FOUND OUT! Very detailed & long!, sorry
We're having another Baby!
Dennis and I had decided that we had wanted to have our children pretty close together, so a while back, we decided that around Hayden's first birthday we would start trying for Baby #2.  With my history of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), we decided around May that we would be trying for another baby very soon.  In May, I went to my Repo-End Physician to get a medication (Glucophage) to help me with my PCOS symptoms and help regulate my periods, thinking a more regular cycle would help our chances of conceiving.  Most people know of this drug to help with Diabetes, yes, it's used for that too, but this helps with PCOS in that it helps lower the amount of insulin your body has circulating in your system.  In turn, this helps the hormones that regulate you periods and reduces the terrible side effects that PCOS has.  For more information on PCOS, click here to a wonderful website that is very informative. What is more common in people with PCOS will use Glucophage and Clomid (helps your ovaries make eggs) together to help with conception.  But to set the record straight, I did not use Clomid........Dennis accidentally calls my Glucophage, Clomid sometimes and I quickly correct him! :-)  I don't want people to expect us having multiples :-)!! 
I honestly think what really saved me was the fact I was still getting my period while I was breastfeeding with Hayden.  Typically when you breastfeed, you don't have a period.........but for someone who doesn't get a regular period, I got mine regularly irregular!  So I had an idea of how often and when to try and conceive.  So we officially started trying in June, we honestly didn't think it would happen for a while, so we didn't really get our hopes up.  But for a couple of months, we decided to take a test, just to see if it worked or not.
Then came, Sunday August 14th, I was offically one day late for my period.  I had bought a two pack of pregnancy tests, the very basic kind. I came home from work Sunday morning (I had worked the last few nights) and decided to take the test that morning.  So, I go to the bathroom and am just waiting for the results.  Well, I went back a few minutes later and the control window on that first test never appeared.  So, I whip out the second test and try to go on the second test.  Well I had peed everything I could for the second one, so I didn't think I got it wet at all.  So, I thought, well I'll try later.  We go out for breakfast, I drink a lot to make sure I had to really, really go.  So, we get home from breakfast and I go up to the bathroom and there the test is with a smeary, positive sign on the screen of the test!  I grab it and go running downstairs and tell Dennis, we got to go get another test!  This one says it's positive! but it's been sitting out for so long, I don't know if I can trust it or not.  So after some convincing I get him to go to HyVee and pick up another test.  Iniitially he was embarrassed to buy just that, but I talked him into going for me.  He comes back and said he told the check out lady, "we got a positive, but we gotta take another one!  And she said, good luck!"  So it didnt' turn out to be as bad of an experience as he thought!   I take the test.............this time, we wait, and the control window box comes up and it's a super dark line, then there's a super duper faint line in the pregnant box.  I show it to Dennis, is it positive?  It's so light!?  So I decided, enough of this second guessing, we're going to the digital kind of test!  That's a clear cut answer, no doubt about what the result is!  By this time it's almost 10:30am and I still haven't gone to bed from my 12 hour night we decide, I'll sleep for a little while and when I get up, we'll go get a digital pregnancy test from Walmart.  I had a hard time falling asleep that morning, I kept thinking, am I or am I not pregnant?  I was so excited, but SO tired after the long weekend, so I forced myself to sleep.
When I got up, we planned on taking Hayden to Oxbow Park that day too, but when we got there, they were closed already.  So on our way back home, we finally stopped at Walmart and picked up a test.  We had to hide it just in case we ran into someone we knew.  We got home and I took the test.  Dennis was eating supper and I patiently waited before going back into the bathroom to see the results.  It said:
Dennis said "Congratulations!".............which I thought was kind of goofy, so I said, "congratulations to you too!, we did it!"  Then he said, 'quick, take a picture" this picture is just seconds after we found out!  I got a little choked up and a little teary eyed, but I think I was still in just such utter shock!  We had been waiting all day to see what the answer finally was, and there it was, and I still couldn't hardly believe it!Then we had to get a picture of Hayden with the stick, which by the way is cleaned up and the cap is on..............some people may get grossed out by it, but it's clean, believe me!
We were bringing Hayden over to my mom and dad's house later on that night, so I decided to quick make him a t-shirt that said "I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!" in order to tell my parents.  We had to hurry though, because both Dennis and I had to work that evening.  So, I made the the t-shirt and we both went to drop Hayden off.  Mom and Dad were eating supper and my mom was slowly reading Hayden's shirt.  As soon as she got to the last part, she said, 'no he's not! you can't be!" with tears of joy running down her face.  I started crying and hugged her.  She was so surprised too, she couldn't believe it either!  We tried tricking my sisters by getting them to come over to see Hayden and then just inadvertantly read the shirt. But, neither one could make it over to my mom and dad's so I had to tell them over the phone.  Both of their intial reactions were of pure shock!  No one could believe it!

So in order to tell Jim & Judy, we decided to try and meet them in Preston for supper.  We tricked them and said we were helping our friend Amy at her house in Fountain and that we'd meet them for supper.  Once we finally got there, we had Hayden wearing his t-shirt announcing our big news.  We had him stand up for Gma & Gpa and they about screamed!  Jim had a feeling or had hoped we'd be meeting them to tell them something like this........and he was right!  All throughout supper, he just kept smiling from ear-to-ear and kept saying, 'well, this is just great!'.  And, Judy put her request in for a little girl! :-)  She's been the only woman for a long time, so she is ready for a little girl grandchild.  I told her we'd try our best!   Dennis ended up calling his brother Chad at work after we were done eating, and Jim & Judy told his brother's Darin and Brad for us.  So we have finally told both sides of our family. 

Now it was time to tell our friends!~  I decided to take pictures of Hayden wearing the shift holding a baby doll to send to our friends.  It was so cute to see him with the baby, he held it and was putting the pacifier in and out of it's mouth, what a sweet older brother he is going to be!
When am I due?
The tentative due date right now is April 22, 2006!
How old will Hayden be when the baby comes?
Hayden will be 20 months when the baby is born, just shy of two years old!  I think it'll be a perfect age.  I have a couple girlfriends that have them spaced out similarly and I'll be getting lots of pointers from them.
Are you going to find out the sex?
Most definitely! 
Will I be having another cesarean section?
Yes, it will be scheduled (hopefully), but we're probably going to keep the actual day a secret in order to make something a surprise!
What OB will you be seeing?
I'm going to go see Dr Traynor this time.  Dr Johnston has changed departments, so I had to find a new physician.  Dr Traynor did my c-section with Hayden and really liked his personality.
When is your first appointment?  Will you be having an ultrasound?
I get to see the OB Nurse on August 30th, I'll be about 7+ weeks by then, then I get to see Dr Traynor a couple days later, Sept 2nd.  I will have more info at that time about the specifics.  I probably won't be getting an ultrasound.  They typically wait until 12 weeks to do an informal/portable ultrasound.  Then at 18 weeks will be the big ultrasound where we can find out the sex!
Where is the baby going to sleep?

The baby will probably be in our room for about 10 weeks, just a little while before I go back to work.  Hopefully he/she will be sleeping through the night by then.  We plan on letting the kids share a room at the beginning.  We're looking for a toddler bed for Hayden, which we'll be transitioning him to once the baby comes.  Once they both get a little older, Hayden can go to the spare room downstairs, his playroom right now......
.click here to see pictures!
Do we have names picked out yet?

We've got a list of favorites...........but probably won't be sharing them at this time.  Dennis is convince he gets to pick this baby's
name out...........although I seem to think he picked out Hayden too, out of the names I liked.  The day after we found out, Dennis brought his list home to me to look over! :-)
How am I feeling?

I don't even feel pregnant at this point, I still think it's so early in the pregnancy.  I feel tired, but it's hard to say if it's from the pregnancy or from chasing Hayden around all the time! :-)  Otherwise, I haven't really felt many sense of smell is really strong.  I'm expecting in the next few weeks, to really start feeling it.  It would just be another nice confirmation of the pregnancy.  No weird cravings, not going to the bathroom all the time, I feel good!

Will this be our last baby?
Dennis said, regardless of the sex of this baby, it will be our last one.  I on the other hand my need to reconsider it dependant on whether we are blessed with another little boy!  But, who knows, two is great and we're just hoping for a healthy baby!
How often will you be 'blogging' about the new baby? :-)
I'll probably be making some updates every few weeks or so.  Not much changes this early in the pregnancy.  I'll definitely be making updates after appointments and whenever any new changes occur!

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7 WEEKS: September 6th 2005
Last Friday  (Sept 2nd)I had my first official appointment with my new obstetrician, Dr. Traynor.  What a super nice guy, very informative and thorough.  I'm very happy with the decision to go with him.  I had met with the nurse a couple days prior to this appointment and got a lot of the paper and labwork out of the way. This appointment was to get our official due date and to make some plans for the pregnancy.  At my nurse's appointment and with Dr Traynor, they kept changing the due date to April 18th, which was about 5 days off of my calculations.  They kept calculating the due date based on a regular 28 day cycle, when actually my cycle was around 33 days, so that's how we kept getting our dates off.  I didn't mind having an earlier due date but knew the gestation they kept giving me was off.  They kept saying I was 7 3/7 weeks pregnant at this appointment.  I wasn't going to argue.........:-)
Dennis, Hayden & I all went to the appointment together hoping to get our first glimpse at the new baby!  I went through the whole exam and then he decided he was going to do a portable ultrasound to get the specific age of the new baby, he said the early ultrasounds are the best way to measure early gestational age............and with all the measurements the baby it was exactly 6 3/7 weeks every single time he measured.  He said, 'you're a lot earlier than we thought'.............and I thought to myself, told you so! :-)  So, he recalculated the due date to be April 25, 2006!  He said the baby looks good for what it is right now.  The heart is beating and it's developing it's yolk sack right beside it which will soon be a placenta, that will provide it it's nourishment from me.  It's doesn't look like much of anything right now, but it's developing it's very important vital this is a very crucial time.  He stressed to me that it's a VERY early pregnancy and that we're not out of the woods.  There's a high risk of miscarriage at this stage, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that our litte baby develops the way he/she should and sticks with  mommy or the next 30+ weeks!
We've also decided to do the early Down's Syndrome testing which will be done sometime in October around 11-13 weeks gestation.  This is a test that replaced the Quad Screen or AFP as some people may have heard of.  This is an first trimester ultrasound that measures the fat behind the baby's neck and other parts of the baby along with some blood work to determine the chance or possiblity of Down's Syndrome (Trisomy 21 is another name for it).  We did the blood work test with Hayden and have decided to have this test done with this pregnancy. Not that it would change our minds about anything, we are just the type of people who would like to be prepared if we were to have a Down's child.  There are also complications that are common with Down's babies, so I definitely would like to be prepared for those if we were to have a Down's baby.  I'm definitely one that would prefer to know everything if there is a way to know ahead of time!  I guess that's why we've decided to find out the sex too!
As far as how I'm feeling...........the nausea has started very mildly last week.  I am not going to complain because I have a couple of girlfriends into their mid-second trimester who are still sick and throwing up everyday!  So, my mild nausea is nothing compared to what these poor girls have to face!  I haven't really figured out what brings it on and what has helped, so it might take a little while yet, to figure out what works for me, but it's definitely tolerable.  So no complaints here.
I think that's about all from here.  We don't have another appointment for another 5-6 I probably won't be doing much updating until then, but you never know!  We'll be getting into our next trimester then, which will be a great place to be! 
Second Trimester
WEEK 12: October 14th (12 weeks 3/7)
I can't believe that it's already into my 12th week! What a great spot to be in.........for many reasons.  The chances of miscarriage after this point are very little, so that is the biggest blessing.  The next is, I'm supposed to be out of the tired and nauseous stage very soon. :-) 
The nausea has not been that bad, but with the last entry I said I was not going to complain due to the fact of how sick a couple of my girlfriends have been their entire pregnancy.  It was no longer than a couple days after I wrote that, that I kept getting more and more nauseous.  Then all of a sudden one weekend, I was about 8 weeks pregnant, and I threw up ALL night long about every 15 minutes.  I couldn't tell if it was the pregnancy of a case of the stomach flu.  I was really keeping my fingers crossed that it was a bug, because I was MISERABLE.  I didn't know if I could take weeks of that if it was pregnancy related.  I was very nervous about how sick I was and so I called the PRU.  I talked with the nurse there and she said that I shouldn't worry, the baby isn't feeling any of the sickness..........but she said she would bet that I was having a girl with how sick I was.  So after a couple of days, I felt like a brand new person, so was just a bug! :-)
As far as how I'm feeling generally...............I'm so tired, but looking back at journals that I kept with Hayden, I was super tired with him too.  But I honestly think it's worse with this one.  Here is my theory, with your first pregnancy, you're pretty well rested prior to getting pregnant and you can pretty much sleep/nap whenever you want.  With your second pregnancy, you don't have that luxury, so you don't have the reserves built up like you do your first.  So, I think that is probably why I'm a bit more tired.  I'm also having a big problem with insomnia.  I don't know if that's a normal pregnancy symptom but I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep if I get woke in the middle of the night.
But let me tell you, this pregnancy has been SO different than the first...........everything is different.  I am SO emotional, I felt my emotions were pretty in check with Hayden, I actually felt very normal.  I cry at absolutely everything, I have huge mood swings and very little patience.  I feel like I'm losing my head half the time............could it be related to sleep deprivation, I don't know.  My appetite is very little, I don't really feel like eating...........and when I do, it's not much.  I'm not going to complain about that, I'm sure once the mild nausea I have goes away, I'll be back to my old terrible eating habits.  The cravings for sweets definitely isn't there like it was with Hayden. I've been craving more salty stuff, pickles, olives, salt & vinegar chips.  I've also been loving milk and peanut butter & jelly too.  So any guesses from my cravings what I might be carrying?  A boy? A girl?
But the all time wierdest thing that has been going on is what I call......'baking'.  You know how women have 'nesting' toward the end of their pregnancy?  They have to prepare the house for the baby and something takes over their body to compulsively clean and organize.  That happened with my pregnancy with Hayden toward the end, but right now, I'm having the same thing, but it has to do with BAKING!  I've never been one to bake hardly ever...........I couldn't even make cookies very well.  Well, so far, I've made apple pie, homemade red velvet cake, breakfast muffins, chocolate chip cookies, homemade carrot cake, cutout cookies, and pecan bars. It is the weirdest thing.  I don't even hardly eat any of the finished products, I just want to bake.  So if anyone has any special requests, let me know..........I'm not very good, but I'll try! :-)~
Otherwise, my belly is starting to grow...........I'm already getting a belly! :-)~  I bought some fun new maternity clothes and I can't wait to start wearing them.  It's getting very exciting and very real. 
There are just a ton of pregnant women on my floor so it's all very exciting to chit chat with everyone about baby stuff.  We even had a little "Pregnant Princess Painting Pottery Party" a few weeks back.  We went to Color Me Mine and had a girls day, it was very fun!  Lots of new babies coming our way!
Well onto the next important topic!  Our 12 week ultrasound:  Today we had our First Trimester Early Screening Ultrasound to screen the baby for Down's Syndrome (Trisomy 21) and Trisomy 18.  I've explained the test in detail with the last entry, but feel free to email me with any other questions!  So, they measured the fat fold behind the baby's neck and this helps screen the baby for Down's and Trisomy 18.  They catch about 75% of babies with Down's using this test, incorporating the blood work they can diagnose about 85% of the babies  Based on the ultrasound, the baby looks great!!!!  YEAH!  I wasn't worried at all, I am just one that has to know for peace of mind.  This wasn't a formal ultrasound but the tech did look, there are two legs, two arms, we could see the heart beating..........and the spine looked good from what I could see.  The baby measured at 12 weeks 5/7 days which would put me at my original due date April 22, the date I've been saying all along! :-)  So, the ultrasound proved I was right, hee hee!  But it's only a couple days off from the date they gave me at my last appt, so I'm sure it won't change anything!  Here are the pictures of our precious little baby!  They're a little grainy, but you can definitely make out the profile and body hopefully!
Profile, from a distance. Head is on the left
Profile, a little closer
The baby was moving around a lot.  Whenever the tech was trying to get a picture, the baby would all of a sudden bounce from that Dennis is convinced we're having another boy.  He said boys don't like their picture taken and it's very active, so he thinks Hayden will have a little brother to play with.  I personally think it's a little girl this time.  This pregnancy has been so different than the last that I think it's because there's a little girl in there! :-)  We'll find out in about 6-8 weeks, right around Thanksgiving.
We get asked often about names.............and we pretty much have a boy's name narrowed down, but our girls name we're still trying to decide.  Dennis came home with a list of 10 each the day after we found out I was pregnant.  Of course I have a few that I really like, but there's really only a few that we both can agree on.  Once we know the sex that'll make the decision easier!   I'm not going to announce the names just yet, maybe in another journal entry.......keep the suspense going! :-)
As far as what is coming next............I'm doing my glucose test the end of this month, but before Halloween, whew!  The reason I'm doing the test so early as when you normall would do it (around 28 weeks) is because I failed my one hour test with my last pregnancy.  So, in order to catch it early if I do have gestational diabetes, he'd rather do the test early and start fixing the problem early rather than later.  That same day I'll have my check up with him then too.  So, I'll have more to report at the end of this month, but I'll be putting it on a new I'm officially into my second trimester now!  So, be sure to stay up-to-date on this new little baby of ours!  Take care!