Baby Reckward Part III
Expected to debut March 2, 2009
Baby #3 is on the way!  How did this happen?..........well, not really how........but how did we get here?  We have taken a lot of people by surprise with this news, including ourselves!  I always knew I wanted another baby but Dennis was very strong in his opinon on, 'we have one of each, that's all we need'.  I was not ready to say goodbye to those days of nurturing, feeding and cuddling a little one.  I am amazed at how wonderful our kids are and how proud I am of them.  Kids grow up so fast......any little glimmer of baby in Ms Macy is gone.......I knew that day would come and I would really have that aching for another baby.  Then, on other days when I was just exhausted having run wild after the two wild babes we have, I thought.......'ok, maybe we're done.......these two are more than enough for us!'.  I was just starting to come to the realization that we were probably done.  I was just starting to think about selling the kids' clothes and I have been able to loan out a lot of our big stuff to my sister......we were making some room (?).  Not more than a month ago did I think to myself, "I'll have to tell Dennis it's safe to take the crib down.....I wonder where we can store that?'  Then back in June, that is when Dennis took me by surprise and said that he wouldn't mind having another'd be nice to have a baby around..........."WHAT?" !  I was wondering who this person was that looked like my husband, smelled like my husband......burped and farted like my husband.....and where did he come from?  I was in complete shock.

I now realize I think it was a subconcious way for us both to take the shock of what we would discover that evening of July 17th.  We were indeed expecting another baby!!!!  So this is how the story unfolded.  Let's go back to July.............I had been feeling pretty lousy for about a month+.......very nauseous.  I was worried that I too was starting to develop some of the symptoms my mom had before she was diagnosed with her celiac disease.  Also, I had been having some pretty goofy periods.  I actually was late and had taken two pregnancy test beginning of June and one test about 2/3 the way through June......still no period.  Then July came and I had what I thought was my period......but it lasted a really long time.  It just didn't feel right.......and still feeling lousy.  So I made an appointment with my gynecologist to get things checked out, plus to address this crummy feeling I've had.   Still no thoughts that I would really be pregnant.......I'd been pregnant before, twice before would  think I would know what that would feel like.....duh!

Dennis and I had a Friday day off and thought it would be fun to take the kids to Valleyfair.  That night I decided, I better just take that pregnancy test that I bought the previous month that was WAY back in my bathroom closet just in case we wanted to go on some wild rides.  Not EVER thinking it'd come back positive.  So, I go to lay the kids down..........I get their night time milk sippys ready and we head off to read our 3 bedtime stories.  On the way there, I decide, 'ok, I'll just pee on the stick real the stories and be on my way!' I do so and read 3 short stories that night!  So, I go back and in the control window is the vertical line it's supposed to have............well then in the 'test' window, another vertical line....?.......uh, what's that mean?  So I look a little closer.......very, very faint horizontal line.  Ok, now really, what does that mean?  For Pete's sake, just give me a plus or a minus, damn it!  So I grab the instructions and it says that it could mean the test is faulty.  Ok, my heart rate drops a tad and the adrenaline slows down a could be defective?.......but that could be just a really faint horizontal line, making it a 'plus' sign and telling me that I am indeed pregnant for the third time!!!  So, I wait another minute, lay with Hayden and can't even sit still.  I tell Hayden, 'mommy needs to go talk to daddy, I'll be right back'.  So, Dennis is downstairs at this point.  So I grab the test, the box and the instructions and head downstairs.  He doesn't even know I took a test.........nothing like, 'SURPRISE, I could very well be pregnant!!'  Ok, this is going to be a totally (long)  random tangent but I need to give you a little precursor to the story here.......especially since I have not updated or blogged in about 6+ months. 

Ok, so within the past month we had a bat get into the house.  Dennis is absolutely TERRIFIED of bats.  This isn't the first time we had a bat in this or our other house..........this is a recurring problem.  We've had 3 bats now in this house since we moved in and can hear them often in the attic/garage.  It's one of the creepiest things I've ever had to deal with.  The most recent escapade happened around 3 in the morning when I was awake and working on pics in the basement.  Dennis was working in Cannon Falls that night.  I'm sitting peacefully in my chair when I hear a loud noise behind me.  I then see something flying around and immediately know that it is NOT a bird.  I throw myself under my quilt and grab my cellphone that is convienently sitting right beside me...(that never happens!)  I call Dennis and let him know of our troubles back on the homefront..........not that he could do anything but I was in a fight or flight mode and not really wanting to any-hoo....he instructs me to make sure the kids' bedroom doors are shut and to turn all the lights on and open the front door.  So, still under my blanket, I crawl across the living room floor and tear ass up the stairs, all the while on the phone still.  I hold the front door open, still under my blanket........and wonder if there are any neighbors awake and watching right now, are they going to wonder about me and if I"m smoking 'crack'!  It couldn't be that easy..........I'm deciding I need to brave it and stay downstairs especially so I can keep tabs on the damn bat so it doesn't plop down somewhere and scare the bejesus out of me later.  So I tell Dennis, "I'm going in........" and hang up the phone.  He is probably shitting his pants and thanking jesus that I'm the one that has to deal with this and not him!  I grab my weaponry and armor........a broom and dust pan, ice cream bucket and hat.  Head downstairs and actually pray that I will be able to find the bat.  It's no longer flying around the room...........I find it immediately and cannot believe that I found it so was sitting up on the curtain rod of the valance behind the TV.........I could see it's too little creepy ears poking up over the fabric..............ICK!  I forgot to mention that I had started the scary movie, 'Hide and Seek' right before this happened, so I had gotten a little spooked with the movie and came back down to the movie playing.  So I grabbed my broom handle and turned the DVD player off and then took the brush part of the broom and rubbed it across the valance, ready for the battle to begin.  Ok, so the bat didn't move.  I just keep getting more and more creeped out as time goes on.  A second swipe of the broom and the bat finally starts to fly.  Ok, so now it's circling the basement again and I look like a pro tennis player swinging my broom and grunting like a fool everytime I swing.  Now mind you this is like 3am and I'm not being quiet in the least...........hoping I don't wake the kids in the mean time.  I finally make contact with the flying rodent and a bunch of crap from the shelving all along the basement comes flying off the edge and a few things fall right in front of me, including the brush of the broom that twisted completely off of the broom stick.  I loose my eye contact on the critter and have to rely on my other senses to figure out where it is :)............I hear it behind my big huge reflector for my photography business flapping it's wings.  I 'reload' my broom by putting the brush back on the stick and get prepared for one last battle.  I wind up and smack the reflector with the broom and the bat comes flopping out right in front of me, right on the floor.................AUGH!!!  I take the broom up over my head and smack and attack and grunt with every hit of the bat until it was unconcious or dead..........i don't know it's not moving.  I grab my dustpan and ice cream bucket and place my victory in it's coffin.  I toss it outside in the backyard and call Dennis and do a play-by-play of the last 15 minutes.  I'm panting and my heart is racing, I can't believe that I just did it!!!  Dennis is grateful but to this day is still terrified that there will be a bat around any corner.  I admit that I was really scared of the dark and walking down into the basement at night for a good week of so after that.........also any noise would make me pretty jumpy while up at night.

Ok, so like I said, long tangent...........but back to our I go downstairs with pregnancy box in my hand ready to try to figure out what the heck this test is saying.  Dennis is sitting in his recliner and I don't even make it 6 feet to him and I say, "I have a question, I took this test and I can't seem to figure out what it's saying"...............Dennis pops up from the recliner and said, "OH GOD, I thought you were going to say something about a bat being in the house!"............I say, 'the fact that I'm holding a pregnancy test in my hand and that it could quite possibly be positive doesn't scare you?'re freaking out about a bat?'  This is not the reaction I thought I would be getting!
He immediately jumps up and says, do you need me to go get another test?  This guy knows the drill! :-).............a lot like last time I think!  So I lay down with the kids and he runs to Walmart and picks up the digital kind.  When he gets back I make him lay down with the kids and I guzzle my big 'trucker mug' full of water and wait for the urge to pee.  It seems like forever.............and ever...........I finally had to go and hoped it was enough once I started going.  It turns "Pregnant" like immediately!!!  I'm just floored and cannot even believe it.......I grab the camera and start snapping away!!!  I even get the photography lights up and start snapping away.  I think that Dennis will be coming down any minute now..........especially with the lights flashing.  I even have some time to get the pics dowloaded onto the computer and start working on my idea of t-shirts for the kids!  It's about an hour and a half later before Dennis finally comes down.  He just stays as calm as can be.........I am almost as in much disbelief with how calm he is to the fact I am preggo!

The hard part is, I have NO idea how far along I might be at this point.  I was trying to think back to when my period was, and when this could have possibly happened.  No idea!  So I make the appointment with OB right away.  I can get in the end of July but I'm still very puzzled on how far along I might be.  I know that they will be doing an ultrasound to determine dates at that point but I just have to wait patiently for a couple more weeks.  We decide to tell our folks right away regardless.  I made tshirts for the kids that one said, "Not" and the other said, "again!?" and had them go walking into my mom and dad's house.  My sister Megan saw it and figured it out first.............she had to look of terror on her face...............she whispered to me, 'are you?' and I shook my head yes.  My mom took a little while before it stuck what the shirts said.  She about had a heart attack right there in the kitchen.  But eventually said, 'if anyone can do it you can!'  Dennis couldn't wait for all of us get down to Decorah to tell his parents, so he told them while he was down there working.  Jim of course cried :-)'s so sweet.  Judy always knew we would have she is excited too.

So then, how we told our friends.................since we had already told our folks we thought it would be safe to tell our friends, even though we still didn't know when our due date was or how far along we were.  We were so floored by our news and with how lousy I was feeling it would be hard to hide it.  So I sent out an email plus with the times, put it up on Facebook!  What an overwhelming response and also surprised a bunch of people!!!  Well another great thing is that some very good friends of mine are also expecting around the exact same time as me!  My friend Maria is about a week ahead of me and is expecting her second and my friend Stephanie, we're very excited is expecting her first baby just days after me!!  Our friend Beth is expecting her third baby too just a couple weeks after our third!  And more and more people have been announcing their pregnancys and like normal NICU tradition, there are always about a handful of us pregnant at one time :-)
Here is how we announced our new arrival to be!

So the week of my doctor appointment comes.  If you're not familiar with the process of getting set up with OB, you have to meet with a nurse before you meet with a doctor.  You spend about an hour with the nurse and she takes your history and gets all your info in the computer.......this is where they do a lot of their education as well.  I thought my appointments were Wednesday (with the nurse) and Thursday with the Doctor, who I was fortunate enough to get scheduled with Dr Traynor again, the OB I've been with the last pregnancy and who did my csection with Hayden.  I get a call on Tuesday afternoon from a scheduler who said I was late for my appointment that afternoon and I would have to reschedule.  She said I couldn't see Dr Traynor until I saw the nurse and the soonest I could see someone was August 11th!!!  I said, 'ah no..........I'm not waiting that long when I'm unsure of my dates!'  (Did I mention not only have I been sick with this baby I've been really crabby too! ;) )  I did not want to be that 'NICU nurse who got late prenatal care!' they actually got me squeezed in to see a nurse the next morning and got to keep my doctor appointment in the afternoon.  I was so happy............but what was funny was as soon as I got to the nurses appointment they had to pull Dr Traynor in to do an ultrasound right then and there to get my dates established.  It was confirmed by an ultrasound that my due date was March 2, 2009........not as far as I thought, maybe, and it was a bit disappointing to hear that the nausea I was facing was probably just at the start of it's peak.  I was 9 weeks and they say it can be really bad from 9-14 weeks.....yeah!  He offered to give me something for the nausea but I decided to pass and 'tough' it out because I knew it could probably get worse and that I was able to keep food down.  I think as soon as I found out I was pregnant it got even worse.  It's been a TON of dry heaving!!!!  Poor Hayden for a while there when it got real bad would say to me, 'what's wrong Mom, you sneezing?' and then puke is his favorite word so it's been funny things like, 'don't puke on the floor mom' or he has his head right next to me in the toilet watching what may come out of my mouth!  He's very sympathetic though and that's very sweet.

My next doctor's appointment was scheduled around the early trimester screening for Trisomy 18 & 21.  This includes meeting with a genetics counselor, an ultrasound of the baby between 11-14 weeks and blood work.  This screen/scan looks at the fold behind the baby's neck and that in combination can give you the 'risk' of whether your baby has Trisomy 18 (which is incompatible with life) or Trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome).  I did the same test with Macy and during my pregnancy with Hayden they just offered the blood work.  I live with the philosophy that if there is anything you can tell me about my baby before delivery I want to know.  These tests aren't 100% accurate but the odds are pretty good that they can see these things early.  A friend of mine actually had all this work done and had a baby born with Down's which was such a surprise but such a pleasant blessing.  She's the perfect mother for him and he's the perfect little guy for their family.  She made an amazing video of their 'discovery' at birth and of his first year of life..........I bawled and bawled watching it, it's so great! 
Click here to see this video!  I just rewatched about 10 secs of it and had to stop as I was getting all emotional again. :-) but enjoy!

Ok back to my genetics :).........based on my age (haven't hit advanced maternal age yet but getting close).......they give you some many 'odds' to your chances of having a baby with a genetic abnormality.  Being that I will be 33 at delivery that gave me higher odds than being 28 at my delivery such as Haydens.  But then, the blood work goes and measures markers and if they are high or low, that gives a different number to your chances of the same thing.  There is no 'negative' test, just an number of what your chances of having a baby with either syndrome.  From there you have more options to further evaluate and get more answers.  But lucky for me, my numbers were very low risk and the ultrasound showed a nice 'thin' fold behind the neck, so I think we're ok :-).  It was great to see the baby again and he/she had the hiccups at the time so it was bouncing up and down.  I could see the little hands/feet moving, it was great. 

I met again with Dr Traynor and it was a very, very short visit considering it had only been a few weeks since I saw him last.  We kind of just mapped out what we'd be doing the next few visits and as he always does, asked if we were done having babies and if I wanted a tubal with my scheduled c-section.....'while we're in there, it's a 5 min procedure and it may be better than having a separate procedure for your husband'......  I think the man asked me at EVERY appointment with Macy and he's already starting to ask me!!  I'm very determined to not have a tubal and if he keeps asking me at every appointment, I might have to be a bit more 'aggressive' and firm in my answer!  Much crabbier with this baby! ;)

That was at the end of my first sure went by pretty quick, especially since I didn't know for the first half I was even pregnant! ;-)  I'm hoping that the nausea goes away early in this next trimester and will start to feel a bit better........but the good news about being sick is I know that the baby is doing ok!.......and this early on, it's always hard to really know what's going on, so some reassurance with some nausea is just fine.

Oh, for the record (more for me than anyone since I don't keep a journal), my cravings have been CHEESE!!!!  Cannot get enough! :-).........and veggies and fresh fruit...........and salty/vinegary stuff.  This is very similar to my pregancy with Macy.  I'm also not really tired...........almost have some insomnia which I'm using to my advantage...have lots to do into the wee hours of pretty happy about that!  One thing different with this pregnancy that my others is that I'm actually allowing myself some caffeine with this baby.  I had such HORRIBLE headaches with Macy and I think the withdrawl of caffeine was a large contributor of that.  And I figured, my kids are far from mellow, obviously the no caffeine rule did nothing to curb that, I'm not going to suffer anymore than I am and am going to let myself have a diet coke from time to time :-).  You think I'm crabby now?......think how crabby I could be with no diet coke?  Would not be a good thing!

WIll start a new page with more baby news for trimester 2!

Trimester Two