The Proposal
On July 4th 2003, Dennis proposed to me in the river town of Clayton, IA.  A large group of friends went down to Kelly's parents cabin for the holiday weekend.  NO one but Dennis (and my mom) knew what was in store for that weekend.  As Kelly and I were playing a bartop computer game of checkers we were just getting ready to take a "lemon drop shot".  To my surprise Dennis came over with my shot and lemon on top of a wooden box shaped like a heart.  I grabbed my shot and saw the box.  My heart started to pound as I asked him, "what is this?".........he said "if you can get the box open, I'll marry you!"  So I tried for about a whole 10 seconds and couldn't get it open.  I handed the box to him and said, "you can't do this to me"........I started to cry..........he opened the "trick box" and I discovered the most gorgeous ring.  I handed it back to him and said, "will you get down on one knee and ask me?" this point I hadn't noticed that everyone was gathered around, cheering and taking a ton of pictures.  I probably didn't notice because I was crying so much.  Dennis got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I stood up and hugged him forever and ever.  We then proceeded to celebrate for the rest of the night and racked up a pretty big bar tab.  It's a day and bar that I will never forget.  I never envisioned how this day would happen, but I will never forget those few moments.  They seemed to pass by in slow motion.  I've since had a perma-grin and cannot wait to start planning the wedding!
More pictures from April coming soon!  She had a great front row seat to the event..........
Closer shot........there's the shot glass on the box
Dennis before he proposes......
Pictures don't do the ring justice!
Dennis even danced that night
THANKS for all the shots that night Kelly!
The great bartender that put up with all us drunks that night!  He's pretending to cry! :-)
Still in the state of shock!  I've got that "showing off my ring look" down pat!
Not a pretty picture of us, but we're happy!
No night would be complete without getting up on the bar!