Mandy & Dennis
How we met.............
Dennis and I met on a blind date set up by our friends Shannon and Jason in March of 2001.  Neither of us were expecting anything to come out of the blind date, but soon we were inseparable.  Dennis was living in Decorah, so we would take turns visiting one another.  In August 2001, Dennis moved up to Rochester and started working for Coca-Cola.  After a couple of months in our new place, we got our puppy Haylee and I started working in the NICU.  We thought we would only be staying in Rochester for about a year and then venture off to somewhere warmer.  Realizing how much we would miss our friends and family, we decided to stay a little longer.
What we're doing now.........
March 2003
Well, soon we'll be celebrating our two year anniversary and neither of us can believe that it's only been 2 years!  We both say it feels like we've been together forever!  Dennis has recently relocated back down in Decorah to get a second bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Health.  I feel this is a very smart move for him and couldn't support him more.  It's sad that he's not in Rochester all the time, but he does come back and work on the weekends.  You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It's not the first time we've been separated from each other (his summer internship), but hopefully the last!
July 2003
Where does all the time go?  Lots of new exciting things to update everyone on.  First of all, Dennis and I bought our first home and will be moving in September.  And you know that there'll be a housewarming party shortly after. :-)  Dennis is back in Rochester for good now.  He started working full-time at Mayo in the Cytology/Pathology Lab as a Laboratory Assistant.  He gets to wear a lab coat and work with chemicals. He's warranted the nickname, "C.S.I.", since that is one of his favorite shows and now he gets to live it, sort of. He LOVES his job and has great hours and great benefits.  We feel very blessed.  He is planning on taking some evening classes in the fall to continue his pursuit of a Education degree.  The summer has lots of weddings in store.  So I'm hoping this will spark us planning our own wedding soon! :-)  I am just working in the NICU this summer as the school year for Winona is over.  I'm hoping to return back to instructing when fall arrives.  This fall will be my 4 year anniversary at Mayo.  It's unbelieveable that it's been that long since I graduated from college!!!  But, I still love nursing and couldn't imagine doing anything else, or working for any other department.  Lots of big things happening in our lives.  Will continue to update everyone as needed.  Keep in touch!
October 2003
Well, the biggest news of all.........we're finally engaged.  I'm sure it's not new news to anyone, as I've been basically shouting it from the rooftops since it finally happened!  But we've made a lot of progress on the wedding plans and have set the date.  October 9, 2004............almost one year from today.  We also have reserved a bed and breakfast for the ceremony.  Check out our link to see pictures of the place, it is absolutely amazing! 

More big news, we are finally all moved and settled into the new house.  It's been so nice to be here and in such an awesome place.  We couldn't have asked for a better first home.  I'll try and get some pictures up of the house with our stuff in it and post them onto the site, but feel free to
check out the pictures we had before we moved in.

Dennis has really enjoyed the new house too, especially the garage!  He is in the process of building a workbench and is going to start woodworking.  He got a tool combo pack for his birthday and is excited to start building.  I think it'll be a great hobby for him.  My new hobby is, I'm going to start scrapbooking an album for the wedding.  But, since we moved I haven't found a lot of free time to get a single page done yet.  I've also got a great resource that lives close by, Steph ! 

I just started teaching again and am blessed to be back with my students on 54 & 64, my old nursing unit.  It'll be so nice to be back with my old co-workers and working again with students and adults.  Although, I must say, I enjoy my full-time job with the babies, can you blame me?

Lots of new things going on, so life has been pretty crazy.  I've been finding it hard to keep in touch with everyone, but know that we still love ya and think about you often.  Thanks for visiting the site!
January 2004
Well, I don't know what we can do next to top this one... but as many of you know, the next big thing to happen to us recently was we're expecting a BABY!   Check out the new webpage with all the baby details!

Other than that, we had a great holiday season that we got to spend with both of our families.  Santa even came to our house this year and left Haylee and I some wonderful gifts!  It was a great end to a greatly eventful year!

Speaking of eventful year, this one will probably be one of the greatest!  and busiest!  But, so exciting and so worth all the work that will be needed.

Not much more to report.  I hope everyone had a great 2003, and will have an even better 04!
See more pictures of me and Dennis.