Dennis Reckward Mandy Bredeson
August 9, 2004


Rochester, MN

8 lbs, 14.4 o

21 inch
Hayden James Reckward
Some of our favorite pictures now posted......
Hayden was born by c-section after three hours of non-progressing pushing. 

Contractions started regularly on Sunday at 12noon.  We went to the hospital at 3:45am on Monday and I was dilated to a 4+cm and 75% effaced. At 5:45am, they broke my water and contractions started very heavy and very continuous about 30 minutes later. My hope was to do this delivery naturally, but the pain was too intense and I HAD to have an epidural.  I was feeling SO much better after that was started....:-) At 7:45am, I was dilated to 9cm! and almost completely effaced.  I started pushing around 10am.  At that time my epidural was slightly decreased and started having a lot of pain and come to find out, Hayden was facing 'sunny side up' and then it made sense why I was so uncomfortable!  I then broke a fever and things started getting a little scary.  Hayden's heart started to get really high and we kept losing his heart rate by the external monitors I was wearing.   I was put on oxygen, given more fluids and he had a monitor put on his scalp for closer monitoring and I had another one put in to monitor my contractions better, and was started on pitocin, which is a medication that makes your contractions stronger.  I continued to push and no luck.  So finally about 2pm, it was decided, Hayden just wasn't going anywhere.  They decided I was going to need a c-section as he was not fitting through my pelvis and coming out the natural way. 

They prepped me for a c-section and off I went to the OR.  Dennis and my mom got to wear some hospital scrubs and come into the delivery and see him come out.  It only took about 20 minutes for them to get him out of me.......but then it seemed like forever until I got to see him myself.  I had a drape in front of me and all I could hear was him crying.  But I've never been so happy and so proud of that crying........that's all I had, was to listen to him cry.  I had yet to see what he looked like.  I sat and listened to what everyone was saying and got more and more happy the more cries I heard.  Dennis' first words were, "Mandy, he's huge!".....and I heard a lot more people say that........then I heard how big his feet were, and what a conehead he had from me pushing.  They took him right to the warmer in the OR to get him cleaned up and checked over.   Dennis got to cut the cord and was videotaping all of this excitement too!  My mom was taking tons of pictures too.  We were all crying from excitement, Hayden was finally here! Finally they got the weight, 8lbs 14.4 oz and 21 inches long!  Wow, I can't believe that was inside of me!  Dennis came back to check up on me, we were still crying!  Then finally after about 10-15 minutes (it seemed like FOREVER!) they brought him all bundled up and laid him right next to my head.  I couldn't believe it, here he was.........our son.
They finished with the surgery and Hayden was still 'squaking' away, he wanted to eat.  He kept sucking on his fingers and sticking his tongue out.  About an hour later the two of us, were wheeled into recovery and spent about two hours there. Both sets of grandparents were there and my sisters.  My aunt Tish also came.  He's had so many people waiting for him, it was all SO exciting!  I couldn't have asked for a better day.  It started off rough, but we got the best thing in the world when we were done!

I'm going to start another page about the next few days of Hayden's life and with frequent updates with all the fun things he's been doing.  So check back to this page for the link to find out all the news on the love of our lives! :-) 
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