Special Delivery of
Macy Beatrice
On Friday April 21st, we had our repeat cesarean scheduled.  The first day we were able to schedule it was April 18th, but we decided to wait until closer to the weekend, so Dennis had some normally scheduled days off.  We kept the date a secret from everybody but my parents who would be the ones to watch Hayden while I was in the hospital having the baby.  They did a great job keeping it a secret from everyone, that way it could be a surprise when she was born. 
My surgery was scheduled for 10am that Friday so we were expected to arrive to the hospital around 8am.  We were both so excited and anxious to meet our little girl, finally!  It just didn't seem real walking into the hospital all prepared and (mostly) pain free and saying, "I'm here to have my baby!".  We got checked in on the Labor & Delivery floor and we were put into a small room where I got changed into my gown and was hooked up to a monitor.  It was getting SO exciting, I could hear her heart beating and I could actually see when I was having some contractions!  My L& D nurse was just awesome, her name was Katie and she actually had her two boys 20 months apart, exactly the same as Hayden and Macy , so I asked her, 'how was it?' and she said, 'Do you want me to be completely honest with you?  It was hell!'...........I had to chuckle but totally appreciated the honesty!
I then had a catheter placed which was a totally different experience than last time..........I had my epidural when I had a catheter last, so I felt what bladder spasms felt like.......not pleasant!    Then Anesthesia came in to place my IV and go over my history.  I actually met with 3 different people from anesthesia, a Nurse Anesthestist (sp?) Student, Sara.............an actual CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist) and the Anesthesiologist.  A couple different OB doctors cam in as well. 
It was a lot of people to meet with but it definitely made the time go by fast!  Which was fantastic because we were getting more and more excited as it got closer to 10am!
Be warned, if you put your mouse over this picture, you'll see the only bare belly shot of me.  I figured, this was my last chance!
So it was finally time for me to go into the OR.  I walked in there with my L& D Nurse and they were going to put my spinal anesthetic in first then let Dennis come in.  So this was all so weird to me, even though I had a c-section before, I just came into the OR very differently the last time, already numbed up and pretty out of it!  So, they had me sit on the OR table and the anesthesiologist started worki ng on my spinal right away.  I was getting very nervous at that time.  I was freezing cold and just couldn't believe what was happening.  I felt the prick as they numbed up an area of my back/spine, the slowly I felt the medication start to slowly numb my bottom half.  Then they very quickly pulled me to a lying position, slightly on my left side ( I think because of Macy's heart rate) and started to put up their drapes and sterile field.  Then I waited for Dennis to come in, as anesthesia kept poking/pinching me to make sure my anesthetic was working.  At that time I started to feel a tightening in my throat/neck area and felt really lightheaded and tired.  I had them try to reposition my head and I just kept breathing in slowly and deeply the oxygen I had on.  But the time Dennis got in, I was feeling much better.  They said my blood pressure had dropped (which is very normal) and that is probably why I was feeling the way I did.  Dennis was at the head of the OR table and started to videotape very shortly after that,.
Eveyone in the OR was just phenomenal!  They kept talking me through everything.  They also knew I had wanted to see Macy as soon as she was out, before she had to go to the warmer and get cleaned up, so they kept giving me a play by play to let me know how soon it would be before I could see her.  It took a little longer than normal to get to her because I had previous scar tissue and adhesions from the last surgery.  This is typical for a second surgery, so it just took a bit longer than the first time.  Pretty soon, Sara was telling me that they were to the uterus and that very soon I'd be hearing a swoosh and then some suctioning.  When that happened, I immediately asked her, 'is the fluid clear?'.............another NICU thing instilled in me, I did not want meconium stained fluid for fear that she'd breathe some of it in.  But, she knew exactly why I asked and why I'd be worried, so she reassured me when she said, 'yep, it's clear!'.  Then the OB resident yelled out, "she's got a ton of dark hair!' which put an immediate smile on my face and then in her next breath said, 'she is really crammed in there'.  Then, everybody worked together to get the blue sterile drape down and to get my head lifted up so I could see Macy being pulled out of my belly!  At first I couldn't see her, but once they got her head and shoulders out, THERE SHE WAS! 10:42a.m............I couldn't believe the dark hair and the CHUBBY cheeks!  The first thing I thought of was, 'she looks like Hayden'.  It was the best thing to see her so quickly.  You'll never forget the first time  you lay your eyes on your child, it's amazing!
So then they brought her to the warmer just a few feet from me to get her warmed up, wiped off and examined.  The Pediatrician (Dr. Ellsworth)  who examined her was someone I've worked with in the NICU and when I heard it was him, I was ecstatic.  He is such a nice guy and a fantastic doctor, that I had 100% faith in him and was happy to have someone so kind to be with us in the OR.  Also, the one of the doctors that helped deliver Macy, is one of the same doctors that delivered Hayden (Dr Amoles), and he did such a great job the first time, I was relieved to see a familiar face, especially since it wasn't Dr Traynor doing the actual surgery.  Dennis got to cut the umbliical cord, which he needed little to no direction on how to do, he remembered from last time!  Dennis said her umbilical cord was SO thick and my/her placenta was so big.........no wonder why she was as big as she was, she got A LOT of nourishment while inside me!
Then I was waiting to hear what her weight was..........everyone in the OR  knew my guess was 9lbs 6z, even before I saw her.......I knew it was going to be close.  So, they weighed her and they were not able to convert it to lbs and oz right away, but when they said 4300 gms (4.3kg) I thought to myself, HOLY MOLEY!  she's a big girl!  So, they finally got it converted and it was 9lbs 8oz!  and she was (56 cm) 21 3/4 inches long.  I knew she was going to be big! :-)  I even heard them say that they were going to have to get the 'big diapers' for her!

I could just hear Ms Macy crying and she sounded so healthy and so lovely, now I just couldn't wait to get my hands on her and give her a great big kiss!  It wasn't too long before they brought her over to me.  They laid her down beside me and I couldn't really reach her face to give her a kiss, but as sweet as can be, she'd reach her hand out toward my face and I'd kiss her fingertips.  I just kept telling her how much I loved her and how excited we were to finally see her and have her here with us.  We got some more pictures taken......our first family photo and Macy started wailing........she was SO hungry!  She started sucking her thumb which was SO cute!  My arm started getting shaky so Dennis held her while they finished putting me together.
It was probably a little after 12 noon when I got wheeled into recovery.  I had to spend 2 hours there hooked up to a monitor to watch my vitals, etc.  My anesthetic was going to start wearing off while in recovery too.  I actually had an old Nursing Instructor from Nursing School's OB rotation as my nurse while my L&D Nurse took a lunch break!  I knew I was in good hands there too!  Well, Macy was a STAR when it came to eating for the first time.  She nursed probably the whole entire 2 hours we were in recovery.  We made a ton of phone calls to our family and friends announcing that Macy had finally arrived!

At about 2pm, we made our way up to my postpartum room and I got to meet my nurse for the weekend, Rebekah.  It's such a small world, that she's really good friends with a couple of my co-workers and was actually a bridesmaid in both of their weddings!  So, I knew she had to be cool if she was friends with them! :-). 
Then  we had our first group of visitors!  Shannon Benson was the first to visit and first one besides Dennis and I to see Macy.  Shannon was also the first visitor besides family to see Hayden!  It helps she works at Mayo and is nice and close.  Then Amy, Milt and Hutson came to visit.......then shortly afterward, my parents, sister Ashley, and BIG BROTHER Hayden came!  Oh, it was SO exciting!  I was dying to show off all of Macy's hair, but she was in such desperate need of a bath, it looked pretty grimey! :-)  I think Hayden was more  excited to see all the company than his sister who he ignored right away.  He climbed up on the chair next to my bed and just started jabbering away, it was so cute.  We caught it all on video!  I wanted to hold him so badly, I missed him so much........but he was SO busy checking everything in the room out.  He also got a Toy Story Woody Doll from Gma and Gpa and then got real interested in playing with that.  He didn't even notice his little sister at all!
Later on that evening, after Macy got her first bath, Jim & Judy came up to meet their granddaughter.  They were both so excited to meet her as well.   This is the first girl on the Reckward side.
Dennis stayed with me that night and had a heck of a time getting comfortable for the night.  I on the other hand felt great, even though tired from the long day we had.  But, I hardly slept as I kept watching our little girl who was sleeping in the bassinette right next to us.  What an exciting day..........Macy's Happy Birthday!
Here is Macy in her very first outfit, a Michigan Tee!  This was the first outfit Macy's brother Hayden wore in the hospital too!  Don't they look alike?
The next day (Saturday)  was a fun day, we had LOTS of visitors come to see us!  Macy did SO well.  She slept most of the time, but we still had her decked out for company.  I had made t=shirts for the kids, Hayden had a shirt that said, "I'm Macy's Big Brother" and then Macy wore a t-shirt that said, "I'm Hayden's Little Sister".  I was hoping to get a good picture of the two of them in their shirts, but Hayden only got close enough one time and it was to give her a kiss.  I was thankful to get a picture of that!  Here are some pictures of the visitors that came to visit Macy and I that day. 
That night, Dennis and I had a special dinner together.  He brought balloons, a 'birthday' cake for Macy and Victoria's to eat.  We watched a movie and I ended up staying at the hospital by myself that night.  Macy did a great job again, but pretty much wanted to nurse all night long, so she slept on me the whole night...........but we slept, so that was good!
Sunday was a very quiet day for us in the hospital.  Dennis and Hayden came up after breakfast and we spent the morning together.  Dennis took Hayden home and brought him back after his nap.  Then my mom and Aunt Tish came to visit and then my sister and some of her friends.  We had ordered supper for Hayden through room service and he just inhaled the hotdog and french fries!  My mom then took Hayden back to her house for a while and Dennis and I got to spend some more time together with Macy.  The doctors said that I would have been able to have gone home on Sunday if I really, really wanted to, but I had decided to stay one more night.  I was feeling comfortable pain wise and Macy was eating well, but I thought one more night would be good for both of us.  I had also noticed Macy was looking jaundice on Saturday night, so they checked her bilirubin level and it was only 7.5, so I thought it'd be good to be in the hospital one more night to make sure her jaundice didn't get any worse.  We had SO many gifts for Macy, Dennis had to take a load home with him that night, so there'd be less to bring home with us the next day!  I had gotten most of everything packed up and ready to go for the next day.  I was both excited to get home but glad we stayed the last night.
Come Monday morning, there were a whole bunch of people to see...........a group of 3-4  pediatricians, Dr Traynor plus 2 or 3 other OB physicians, the Lactation Consultant and the scheduler for our Pediatrician appointment.  Macy also had to go down to the nursery for her dismissal exam.  She was only in the nursery probably a total of an hour the entire time she was in the hospital, she'd start crying and want to eat if she was not 'latched' onto me for more than 30 minutes......it was crazy! :-)
That morning I had a few more visitors, mostly co-workers of mine, Tracy, Maria, Randina and Karen.  Then I got to get Macy ready to go home in her special dress/outfit Dennis bought for her.  I could not wait to get it on her but had to wait until the last minute as she was spitting up quite often.  It was about noon when we got to leave and we had such an awesome homecoming.  She Macy's Weekly update for the details,
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