Macy Beatrice Reckward
Weeks 1-12
Week 1: April 28th
Our very first week with our little girl, how did it go you ask?  She is a saint.  Oh, how I love these baby days and how I love her!  First of all, she eats like a champ!  For the first four days of her life, she was attached to the breast all day and all night.  She still likes her food but is getting more satisfied with each feeding.  She sleeps really well too....the only problem is, she doesn't care to sleep in her bassinette all that much.  And, because she wants to eat much of the time, she has spent many a nights so far sleeping on me.  But, looking back, Hayden was very much the same way the first couple of weeks, so I know it'll be better.  She also doesn't like to be put down, she loves to be held and cuddled, which I have absolutely no objections to! :-)  She is a love bug!
While in the hospital, we had lots of visitors, which I'm hoping to get all those pictures posted soon, I have a TON so it's taking a while.  Since we've been home we've had a few visitors too.  But our homecoming was the best!  We had such a warm homecoming from her daddy, brother and Auntie Ashley, I just know this little girl is going to be spoiled rotten.  The house was decorated with pink and white streamers, balloons and there was even bubbles and silly string involved.  I have pictures of it all.  It felt good to get home and get the next part of our life started.  Dennis had the week off of work and he pretty much was responsible for Hayden while I took care of Macy.  We had great weather and so Macy and I got lots of quality time together while the boys were outside quite a bit. 
Macy has already been to a few places....our first night home we decided to pack the whole family up and go get some ice cream.  Macy did not enjoy the car ride at all, she screamed the whole time (probably because she wasn't being held!) but quickly forgave us as soon as we got home.  She also went to our friend Amy's going away party on Wednesday night......for those who don't know, our friend Amy Hendrickson will be moving to Maryland May 20th.  She is going to be missed tremendously!  I don't even want to think about how much we're going to miss having her , Milt and Hutson around.  We're hoping they make their way back to the Midwest in the next few years.  We only spent a short time at the party, but she did a great job and we were excited to show her off to some of my co-workers.  Then, Friday we went up to my work unit and showed her off a little more.  I'll find any excuse to dress her up and take her out! :-)  She has been tolerating the car seat much better each time we put her in it.
On Wednesday we had a check up with our pediatrician.  The pediatricians at the hospital wanted to get her seen right away because she was starting to look pretty jaundice while in the hospital (it was 7.5 at 34 hours old, nothing dramatic but they thought she looked higher at dismissal.......the details for all you NICU nurses:-) ).  So, we met with Dr Valdes who was very happy with her eating and pooping and her jaundice looked like it was improving.  Macy also weighed in at 9lbs 2oz at this appt and on Monday when she was dismissed, she was 8lbs 14 oz (Hayden's birthweight) it showed she was eating well and was getting back up to her birthweight.  We also got the statistics on the percentiles for her birthweight and length, both values were greater than the 97th %ile!  YIKES, I told you she was going to be big!  That reminds me, the winner of the baby poll was AMY BENDICKSON, a co-worker of mine who used to work in OB and she made that guess after feeling my belly one night at work............she did a great job.......guess the date and the weight right on!
Well, I can't seem to think of what else I should update you on, so I am going to get going!  I'll be trying to make my updates on Fridays for Macy's page, so be sure to check her page often!  Also, I'm off of work until July 18th, so if anyone is in the neighborhood and wants to stop by, we'd love the company!

Week 2: May 4th
Two weeks old already..........I just think back to how anxious and excited we were two weeks ago today to meet our girl and that she's already been with us for 2 whole weeks!  What a blessing she is!
It's been a good week for us.  Saturday, our family was going to do the 6 mile March of Dimes Walk America event, but due to cold and very wet weather we did not walk.  But, we went to the starting line and got to see some family and some of my co-workers and even some NICU graduates at the walk, it was great!  I was totally bummed that we didn't get to participate, but it was best for all of us to stay out of the rain and cold!  But, that afternoon, Aaron, April, Calvin and Jack came to visit and meet Ms Macy.  Then that evening, my friends Jenny, Missy and her littlest one, Owen came over and we all went out to eat at the Olive Garden.  The kids attracted some attention and Macy was the youngest one there!    She did really good and even ate a couple bottles that evening.  She has done really good with taking a bottle, even from me.  She just loves to eat, period! :-)
The nights are still going really well.  I usually get to bed between 10 and 12 and she eats around that time and then will get up every 3 hours or so.  The trouble is, she still would rather just sleep with me and not in her bassinette!  So, often times I'm feeding her, we fall asleep and I wake up an hour or so later, she's asleep and then I put her back in the bassinette.  I'm hoping she will start liking her bassinette a little bit more the older she gets.  I DO NOT want to get her used to sleeping with me.  I remember Hayden was a few weeks old before he really was sleeping good too.
The poor girl is pretty gassy too..........especially in the morning.  She toots SO much, it's unbelievable!  A lot of times, it's mostly air so it's got to be just killing her, but she's a pretty good sport, she doesn't fuss a whole lot.  But, she's still being held most the time so she is comforted by that.
On Monday, Macy got to meet my Nursing students, who I was meeting with to end the semester.  I got to show her off and everyone was so amazed because I wasn't pregnant anymore.  They've only seen me pregnant so it was weird for them to all of a sudden not see me with that big humongo belly anymore. 
We also got out for a walk this week as we had one really nice day this week!  Macy rode in the Infant Sling and Hayden was in the stroller.  She loved the sling, but it definitely reminded me of what it was like to be pregnant again as she was all out front and it got pretty heavy.  About 3/4 of the way of the walk I made Dennis put it on and carry her the rest of the way.  I said, 'this is what it was like to be pregnant, times two!' based on the weight I had gained with her pregnancy.  He said he could understand how it would get tiring, but wouldn't admit to how uncomfortable I really think he was............he was walking pretty slow behind us.  I then reminded him, 'now imagine that on your bladder, or bouncing on your pelvis!'.  It felt good to show him a litte one what it was like at the end there.............they don't have a CLUE!
Wednesday night, me, my mom, Hayden and Macy went out to the Mall.  We all needed to get out of the house so badly!  So, we did a little shopping and Macy did pretty good.  She wanted to get out and be held a couple times, but overall she did very good.  She got lots of attention from little kids and store workers.  It's so funny what some people say to new mothers.  We were at one place and there was a lady proably in her late 50s working behind the counter.  Well, I was holding Macy and she came over and started talking to me, asking how old she was etc.  Then she asked, 'are you breastfeeding?' and I said, 'yes of course'. and she said, 'good for you'...............then she asked if I held her a lot and I said, 'yeah, I guess I probably do, but she's still very young and needs that comfort'.  Well, she went into this big long story about how her sister used to do daycare and she would have to stop caring for those babies that were held by their mothers all the time because they had spoiled them.  It's hilarious what people share with you!  Then, we had some person with a petition come to our door and I was holding Macy when I answered the door and she did her speech and then asked me about Macy.  Then asked, 'are you breastfeeding?'..............what is with people?!  I mean, I'm a HUGE supporter of breastfeeding, but I don't go around asking COMPLETE strangers if they're breastfeeding their babies or not!  I guess I"m just floored because I never got that from anyone when I had Hayden.  Wierd! :-)
Otherwise the rest of the week, we've pretty much have been stuck in the house.  Dennis went back to work on Sunday and I've had my mom and sister Ash here a few nights helping out and getting Hayden bathed and put to bed.  Then, Amy & Hutson came over one night and that was so much fun!  I have some cute pics of Macy and Hut that I'm planning on posting!
Well, I think that's it................check back next week................AND I am getting closer to getting Macy's Delivery and Hospital page finished.....still working on uploading all the pics, I have almost 40 of them and they take forever! keep checking! ;-)

Week 3: May 12th
It's been a bit of a tough week for Macy.  She woke up last Friday with a pretty bad cold that she caught from me and her umbilical cord had finally fallen off and was oozing a little we made a trip back to the doctor's office to get her looked at before the weekend started.  Her nose has been super stuffy and sounds awful listening to her breath.  We've had to bulb syringe her nose quite a bit and can't seem to get it all out.  I feel SO bad because she caught my cold and she just seemed miserable.  Then her eyes started to goober up from her nose being all stuffed up.  So, she acted and looked pretty worn out from this darn cold.  At the doctor's they weighed her when we first got there and she had gained exactly one pound from her last appt which was about a week prior, so she weighed 10lbs 2 oz!  So, she is eating plenty!  and I could vouch for that even without a scale!  That is what else has made it a tough week.........
She wants to eat CONSTANTLY!! and when she's not eating she wants to be held.  I call her my 'high-maitenance' girl! :-)  I look all the cuddling and snuggling, but it does make everyday living a bit more difficult when you have a baby in your arms or even attached to the breast at all times!  But, we're slowly trying to get her used to her swing and just lying on her Boppy pillow more and more everyday.  I know she'll eventually let me put her down, but she is definitely complaining right now when I do!  Then, her crying really stresses Hayden out so I hate to get them both in a foul it's been interesting to say the least.
Macy has been really gassy and spitting up A LOT this week too.  It's like a volcano sometimes!  Typically when a baby spits up it's because they've eaten too much.........which I think she tends to do since I have a huge milk supply and she is wanting to eat all the time.  But, as soon as she spits up she starts crying and rooting around and acting like she wants to eat again.  I'm torn because I'm sure she's a bit hungry as she spit up so much, but at the same time, I'm thinking her belly was too full to begin with.  I usually cave in and give her more to eat.  She really likes to suck so we've been trying to get her to comfort herself with a pacifier.  It only lasts for a short time but she is SO loud when she sucks on it, it's hilarious!  Another thing is she has been REALLY gassy and pretty miserable from that.  Usually it hits her pretty hard with her last feeding at between 4 and 6a.m. she is pretty fussy and doesn't really want to eat but is kind of beside herself.......then she'll toot all morning and go back to sleep for a few more hours.  So, I've been trying to figure out what it might be making her so gassy.  The only thing I can think of is the large amount of dairy products that I eat......I've read can make babies who are breastfeeding gassy.  So, it's only been a day since I've decided to cut down tremendously on the amount of dairy that I eat to see if it makes a difference.  I'll let you know how that goes!
Macy made her first trip to the Mall of America this past weekend too!  My sister Ashley and I took my mom up there for a Mother's day of pampering.  We all got our make up done and had our pictures taken together.......we even had some pictures taken with Macy.  She did awesome, slept almost the entire time we were there.  She didn't mind the car trip up there and loved being pushed around in her stroller.  It really surprised me how good she did considering her preference is to be held.  She likes to be moving all the time apparantly! :-)
Wednesday we had Macy's newborn pictures taken, hence the reason I painted her fingernails!  I had to do it for pictures and then took it off very shortly afterward, even though she looked so absolutely gorgeous!  I did it while she was sleeping and did her toenails too!  They turned out pretty nice.  Her pictures went pretty good too.  I'm going to scan a couple of the proofs and post the picture...........she didn't care much for getting her picture taken that day.........(she wasn't being held or fed at the time! I think is the reason).......but the photographer did an awesome job and got some good ones in between her crying, eating and sucking on her pacifier.  We could get one picture, maybe two, between swigs of milk! :)
Well, it's getting late and I'm getting tired, so that's about all the updating I'm going to do for her 2nd week of life...............take care!

Click here to see Macy's newborn pictures and to see the photo session with her big brother!
Week 4: May 19th
Poor little Macy still has her darn's mostly just her nose being plugged up and her eyes will drain a little bit.  She sounds just awful......but it doesn't seem to bother her breathing, eating (as you can see from the picture with all the fat rolls below!),or sleeping.  She absolutely hates getting her nose suctioned out so you feel bad if you do it because it makes her mad but you feel bad if you don't because she sounds so bad.  Part of the problem I think is how much she is spitting up still.  I think it actually gets in her nose and sometimes even comes out her nose, when she does spit up so it is probably not helping the situation at all.
Macy had her first evening away from Mom and Dad this past weekend.  She and Hayden stayed home with Gma and Gpa Reckward while we went out with friends.  She did very good and pretty much just slept and ate for them.  She got to meet her uncles Chad and Darin for the first time too!  They couldn't believe how small she was and she felt very comfortable and right at home with them holding her.
As far as her sleeping is concerned, she's doing pretty good with that.  She will sleep 3-4 hours at night, but like clockwork is up at 4 or 4:30 every morning, regardless of what time she last ate.  I'm not sure why, just a wierd thing I observed.  She is also getting a lot better at sitting in her swing and bouncy seat for a bit longer than before.  She'd maybe do it for about 5-10 minutes at the most before, but she's getting better.  I am hoping to get her better at that in preparation for the Scrapbooking Retreat we will be going on over the weekend. 
That's right, our  first "Girls Get-a-way".  My mom is coming too to help with Macy and to get started on her scrapbook about Gma Scanlan.  We're looking forward to the time away and just spent doing this fun hobby.
Macy seems to be smiling a lot now too.........I know they say it's 'just gas', but I really think some of those are real smiles!  She getting to be a lot more alert nowadays too.  Her eyes are getting much wider and still SO pretty!
Macy has been enjoying the nice weather too.  We've been going out for walks quite a bit and she's been riding in her little sling that I wear.  She loves being so close and usually falls asleep to the rhythm of the walking, and it also reminds me of what it was like to be pregnant with her, which I'm already missing!  Crazy how quickly you forget the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and can't wait to do it again.  But believe me, it'll be a while before we do it again and that is "IF" we do it again. :-)
We went to Oxbow Park on Wednesday  and she did really good.  She stayed in sling the whole time but of course wanted to eat while we were all eating too, so she got to enjoy the nice weather and picnic too.  Macy has been really good tagging along while we go shopping to places like Hobby Lobby or Walmart, we have to break her in.  I tried bringing her clothes shopping and that doesn't go as well, as she likes to keep moving, so if I take too long looking at stuff or trying on clothes, she wants out of her carseat. 
Macy is enjoying her baths a bit more now too.  She might throw a fuss when she first gets in, but eventually she relaxes and enjoys the pampering.  I hope she'll like baths as much as her brother does!
I think that's about all for now.........enjoy the pictures!

Week 5: May 26th
I had the whole update made and then somehow exited my program without saving this update may be a bit on the weak side since it's my second time doing it and I don't have a lot of time these days! 
It's been another up and down week for us here at home.............the weekend was great though!  We went on a "Girls Get a Way" and went scrapbooking, me, Macy and my mom!  She slept the entire way there and did really good letting us get some scrapbooking done.  We made a super soft little bed for her right beside our tables and she slept a lot of the time, so between the two of us, we got quite a bit of scrapbooking done!  She also got lots of attention, and a new nickname!  Her nose is still stuffy, so sometimes it'd be super quiet, everyone into their scrappin and you could hear Macy just snorting away, so she got pegged the nickname, "Snorting Beauty"!  She went for a couple walks and even got to go to her first drive in restaurant.  We didn't get to stay too long, we actually had to bring our food back to the house because Macy thought it was time for her to eat as well!  Never fails, they always want to eat when mom is eating.  But all in all it was a super fun weekend and I'm glad to say I got Hayden's scrapbook all done, finally!  (Almost a year behind!)  I started working on Macy's, only got a couple pages into it, but it feels good to have hers started at least.
Haven't done a whole lot this week, just getting ready for Macy's on Sunday.  She is going to be wearing her Great Great Grandpa Pierce's baptismal gown, it's at least 107 years old.  Her little cousin Alex wore it at his baptism this past month and it's absolutely beautiful!  It's super fragile though, so I'm a little nervous about that.  Especially with all the spitting up she's doing still, I worry about her puking all over it!
Speaking of that, I took Macy into my chiropractor to get evaluated.  While I was there having an adjustment, she said that some babies may have some pinced nerves in their upper back which causes them to spit up, so I thought I would bring her in just to see if there was anything she could do.  I've also heard a little 'click' or rub on her left shoulder blade when I pick her up sometimes, so that was something else I wanted looked at.  Macy did really well, she enjoyed the pampering.  The chiropractor mainly did some massage, but did make two small adjustments with her 'activator' which is a small tool that makes fine tune adjustments, she didn't do any manual adjustments.  She had some tightness and slight tenderness in between her shoulder blades and she advised me on how to massage that area to help loosen things up.  Macy loved the massage and slept for almost 5 hours afterward!  She still has been spitting up since her adjustment, so I don't know how much it helped, but I guess it's possible that it'll take a little while to see the effect.
Macy is just growing and growing like crazy, even with all the spitting up she's doing.  I swear she's grown 2 inches and her thighs have gotten twice as big in the last week or so!  She has some great awake and alert time and is getting a lot better without me having to hold her all the time.  She is enjoying a lot more time in her swing, which makes life a lot easier on all of us!
A scary thing happened one day this week.  I was feeding Macy and Hayden kept pulling at my hand wanting me to go somewhere for him.....which he often does.  So, I put Macy down on the couch and prop something behind her so she doesn't go rolling off.  Well, Hayden pulled me somewhere and then decided he didn't want it, so I quick went to the bathroom,  but had Hayden go in there with me.  I still have a hard time trusting him alone with her.  So, I finish going to the bathroom, wash my hands and just as I'm drying my hands off, Hayden goes running into the living room........he's in there just seconds before I get there.  Well, I walk out and he's dragging himself across the coffee table and I don't see Macy on the couch.  I hear her crying, I freak out!  I look and she's on the floor between the couch and the coffee table and her head is pointing the other direction!  While on the couch her head was pointing east and when I found her it was pointing west...........hmmmm.  I am completely freaking out thinking, there is no way she rolled off the couch if her head is now pointing the opposite direction, plus I didn't hear a thud or anything!.  Did Hayden pick her up?  Well, he wasn't out there for more than a second or so....could he have picked her up off the couch and put her down in that time?  It still boggles my mind.........and there's been no other clues into what happened!  And, I know your next question will be, did the 'clicking' of her shoulder happen after that incident and no, it was doing that before that.........the chiropractor thinks it's probably just related to her positioning in utereo or from delivery.  But it was definitely a scare for us...............but she's doing just fine! :-)
I've been having Dennis spend more time with the kids alone in order to prep him for me going back to work (7 more weeks and I have to be back :-( the time if flying by!)  He still is pretty consumed with just Macy when he is watching her, but hopefully he'll get more comfortable and be able to handle both kids' needs when I'm gone longer.  It's been maybe 30 -60 minutes at a time, so I need to extend that more and more as time goes on.  He does realize though how challenging it can be especially with how much Macy LOVES to be held.....I came home one day and he said, "I can't get anything done beside holding her".......and I said very promptly, " I KNOW!".....but I have been learning how to swing it, and he will too! :-)  It's a good thing we've got this much time at home!
Well, that's about all for this week........I'm trying to get the pictures up, the website program has been giving me some problems, so I'll keep trying.
Til next week..............

Week 6: June 2nd
Can you believe that our girl is 6 weeks old already?  Wow!  It's been a rough week though and I've heard from a few people that this is the time were 'crabbiness' peaks and hopefully next week will be better.  Macy has had a few really rough nights and I'm not sure why.  She had a crying jag for at least two hours two nights this week, and it was a vicious cycle with her eating and spitting up.  She'd cry and cry and cry, and only stop if she was eating and then spit up like crazy and then cry and cry some more.  I've been doing a  little research on what might be going on.  First of all, I think I may classify her as a 'high needs' baby, I will go into that a little bit later.  Then, I think I may have an oversupply of milk, so then she eats way too much and then spits up and gets irritable.  I had been pumping at least once a day, sometimes twice and getting about 6-8 oz stored and frozen away daily......but my pump had broke on Sunday and I had to get a replacement part and I think maybe I just had way too much milk for her.  But, I started pumping the excess again so hopefully that'll help contribute to a happier baby.  Ok, so what is a high needs baby?  Click here for a really good article that describes 12 features of a high needs baby in more detail, but here is a summary: Intense (crying and personality), Hyperactive, Draining, Feeds Frequently, Demanding, Awakens Frequently, Unsatisfied, Unpredictable, Super Sensitive, Can't Put Baby Down, Not a Self Soother, and Separation Sensitive.  She definitely doesn't fit all of these, but there are a few that she fits her to a tee.  Often times babies get classified as colicky first but there is a distinct difference.  Colicky babies cry regardless if they are held or not and often times show signs of discomfort while eating.........high needs babies once they're held, they're fine.  I hate to label her so early in life, but if I can know how to deal with it, it'll be better for all of us.  I just ordered a book by Dr Sears (a pedatrician/author I just love his books!) about the subject, so I'm hoping to get some ideas.
We also had some GREAT days!  Macy got baptized on Sunday and what a beautiful and special day it was.  Tish and Stever were her sponsors and what wonderful sponsors they'll be.  They'll also be there for her and be such wonderful role models and will be there for her through thick and thin.  I'm so honored that they are her godparents!  I'm getting a page together with Macy's baptism pictures, but let me just say she looked beautiful and did a great job on her big day!...........she slept the whole day!
She has also been a lot more interactive with us.  Right before I sat down to type this, the girl had a bizillion smiles she shared with me!  Oh, it just makes your heart melt!  She is SO gorgeous!  She likes to sit in her little play gym and just coos away when she is in there!  There is a little mirror on one corner and as soon as she saw herself, she smiled and smiled.  I had tried to get a picture of her smiling at herself, but her head looked goofy in the relection, almost like a fun house mirror, so I didn't want to post it!  We've been reading stories and playing with toys.  She has a few wrist rattles that she has been wearing.
She has also been enjoying her swing a TON!  What a lifesaver that is!  Hayden likes to help 'push' it sometimes and will 'accidentally' hit it when he walks by, but for the most part, it keeps her safe from his big brother antics!~ It even helped us get through a cranky time last night, so we made sure to have plenty of batteries on hand, we don't want that thing out of commission at all! :-)
OH!  Macy and Dennis went to my 6 week check up yesterday and before we left, I wanted to get on the scale with her to see how much she weighed.......and it's at least 13 pounds!!!!!!  She has seriously porked out so much, it's unreal!......but she's getting longer at least though too.  Her 2 month check up is on June 26th, so I imagine she'll be probably 14+ pounds by then.........the girl loves to eat!
Well, that's about all for now...............I'm so impressed, I got an update done the day it was supposed to be done........I think I might be getting the hang of this 'mother of two' business!  That's good because my maternity leave is half over :-(!
Week 7: June 9th
Well today is going to be an interesting day.  Macy, Hayden and I are making our way up to the Mall of America with Jenny & Cecelia.  We'll be meeting Missy, Alex and Owen and all the kids are going to have their picture taken at Sadies.  We have coordinating outfits for them and we're hoping that we can get one picture without one of the kids crying! :-)  We'll see, wish us luck!  Will probably post a picture if it turns out!
Let me just say it's been a better week for Ms Macy........I think she's feeling better because we're starting to get a grip on things around here.  Less spitting up, just as much gas, but not as much crabbiness.  She still has her 'crabby' time at night and wants to be parked on the breast for 2 hours, but it's not as intense.  I think we may have figured out what the problem was.  I've been trying to provide less milk for her with her feedings throughout the day as I think she's overeating and I think it may be working.  We've also discovered that she really does not like her Avent bottles.  She just flat out refused to eat her bottle over the weekend so I've been on a mission to find a bottle that she likes.  I have 6 weeks to get her to take the bottle better otherwise, I feel VERY sorry for whoever will be watching her while I'm at work.  I've also tried a different pacifier.  She doesn't really like to take one but she loves to suck and suck and suck, so if we could find a pacifier, maybe that'll prevent her from wanting to eat non-stop in the evening and then get a belly ache from it.  I bought a couple different bottles and so far she's doing ok with the one Evenflo one I got.  She's still not crazy about it though.
She's been in such a good mood for the most part.  She's enjoying time in her swing and she's been cooing SO much lately too!  You have no idea how much love overwhelms you when you hear your baby make those precious sounds.  Then, she's been smiling like crazy too!  Oh, it makes up for those fussy times, that's for sure! ;-)
We've made a few road trips in the past week and she's done awesome!  We went to Medford on Friday and she did good shopping.  She was carried in her sling and I got  a lot of wierd looks from people.  I don't think they realized there was a baby in it and that it was a big fannypack/purse (yuck, I have much better taste in accesories than that!)  We had a couple people that were completely shocked and then said, "There's a BABY in there!"  I keep forgetting people probably have never seen one of those before.  Then we drove over to Faribault and saw our friends parent's lake house.  She slept on the way there and back which made the car ride enjoyable mainly for Hayden who still does not like her crying.  Then on Saturday we went to Greene, IA to see The Hansons.  Macy did good while Daddy and Aaron was not until that night when she fell apart.  We tried giving her a bottle so I could enjoy a beer with April and Macy was not having that.  So, after some time struggling and throwing a tantrum, she got to nurse.  She is most definitely a mommy's girl!
We've been going on long walks everyday and she's enjoyed it in her sling.  But, the weather is getting really hot that I'm afraid she's going to overheat in there, so I went and got a front carrier.  She's holding her head up good and I think she'll do ok in that now.  We'll definitely get our moneys worth as she needs to be held a lot.......and I don't think that's going to change much in the near future. 
I just got my "Fussy Baby Book" and so far have enjoyed it.  I think it's going to give me a lot of suggestions and help me approach her temperment in a more relaxed way.  What is really interesting is, the authors of the book are married, the husband is a pediatrician and the wife is a RN.......they have like 8 kids or something.  Their first three kids, boys, were very content babies.........then comes #4, a little girl.....and guess what her name is?  HAYDEN!  How weird.  From reading th e book, it sounds like our Hayden is a High Need Toddler, but wasn't as a baby.  I don't know if that's possible, but he fits the description, but aren't most toddlers that way? :-)
We're all donig very, very good and Macy is starting to adjust to life as the little sister just fine.  She's gotten hit and pinched a couple times, but for the most part is pretty tough already.  She loves to watch her brother Hayden who is showing her the ropes and how to enjoy life.  He's even showed her how to play with the Hop n Pop which she stood in for the first time this week!  They've also been taking baths together too, saves time for me.  She's enjoying those too.
The three of us went to my Aunt Bobbies on Thursday and played at the "Broadwater Playground"..............I'll be putting some pictures up of it on Hayden's update page and also his Summer page, which is still a work in progress.  But,as you can see Macy wasn't all too excited, I think she doesn't like being in a swimsuit! :-) Just like mommy............but doesn't she look so cute!  I couldn't believe how much she filled the suit out, it's a 3-6 month suit...........what a big girl!
Well, going to run, my girl is calling me.  Til next week!
Week 8: June 16th
Only 4 weeks left, can you tell I'm getting anxious about coming back to work?  I'm really torn, because I can't wait to go back but yet, it's very scary to think there's about a month left!  I'm most scared about how Dennis is going to do with both kids......or anyone else who ends up babysitting for us.  And, Macy is the big worry!  She's been just a pistol!
Our biggest battle right now is her not taking a bottle.  I've been buying different nipples, different flows, etc. and she just does not seem interested.  And when she does drink the little that she will, she ends up spitting most of it out and/or crying/gulping so then she ends up with a terrible tummy ache afterward.  I finally broke down and called one of the Lactation Consultants that I work with and spent a good amount of time on the phone with her with every problem we've had so far.  I got some EXCELLENT advice and am hoping to report better progress next week........we've got 4 weeks to get the job done and I'm confident that we'll be able to do WISH US LUCK!  Otherwise, my poor husband is in for quite a treat.  He's absolutely terrifed!  He said he's more scared with Macy than he was with Hayden...........with Hayden he just didn't know babies, but with Macy, she's a nightmare for anyone but me because
i have the boobs......with the milk!    But it's not just the milk, she just wants to camp out there.  At night, she'll be nursing and fall asleep, and I'm SO used to having her there all the time, that we'll be watching TV and it'll be time for Dennis will come to take her from me and carry her to bed and she'll be lying there, hugging my boob.  Dennis said one night, 'there she is, hanging out with her best friend" we started singing that song from Queen, "You're my Best Friend" so fits her!
Last week we did LOTS of stuff..........Friday we went up to the Mall of America (her second trip there already!) and had the kids' picture taken.  The moms ended up in the picture too to keep the babies calm and the picture turned out pretty good considering the number of kids in it!  (see pic below) Macy did pretty good...........she stayed in her Snuggli carrier the whole time and seemed to enjoy it the more time she spent in it.  It's been a lifesaver for me, no doubt.  I'm beginning to learn how to do almost anything with her strapped on!
Macy also had a couple babysitters this past weekend too!  Friday night, Dennis and I went to our friends Tracy & Matt's house and the kids stayed home with my mom.  Macy slept the whole time.  Then on Saturday, Dennis, Mom and I went golfing and Ashley and Josh watched the kids.  Macy pretty much slept the whole time when we were gone both days, wish I was SO thankful for.  But, who knows, maybe she'll do better than I think when I go back to work and Dennis is in charge.  Sunday we went out to eat and Macy did AWESOME!  Usually she is wanting to eat as soon as I start eating and she did a great job!  Then we spent quite a few nights hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We've been going for walks a couple times a day and we needed a change of scenery, so we went for a walk around their neighborhood one night.  Mommy and Daddy would love to live up by them someday!  We have lots of friends that live around there too, it'd be a lot of fun for us.  Ashley (and Josh too) got to babysit for us again on Thursday as we tried to take Hayden to Cars.    I'll go into more of that in Hayden's update......but Macy did pretty good that time too.  She did wake up and fuss a bit, but from the picture below, she did get some good snuggling time in with Ashley that short time we were gone.  She loves her Auntie Ashley so much too, just like her big brother!  We're so lucky to have Ashley in our lives and she's so good to our kids and to us........I told her she can never leave us! :-)
Macy has been smiling so much too!  Thursday morning, Dennis said, she found her toes and 'she thinks they're hilarious!'  She is cooing so much too.  She loves to talk to Grandma and the ceiling fans!  One morning she woke up and just jabbered for 5+ minutes at the fan!  I LOVE the sound of her voice, it's SO beautiful.  Just like my darlin Macy..................isn't she lovely?
Well, that's all for now..............more next week!
Week 9: June 24th (2 months old!)
It's been a pretty good week for Macy.  She's been less and less fussy, so it's hard to say if she's getting over some 'hump" of fussiness or we're just getting to know her better so we can meet her needs better and faster.  We've also been working on the bottle since that's something she's a little persnickity with.  She'll take an ounce or two from Dennis and even took a little bit from me, but that has been in between feedings as more of a practice than anything.  I think we will have to approach her with a bottle feeding before she realizes she's hungry otherwise she gets too cranky and would much rather prefer the breast.  So, we're making some progress and it's getting a little less worrisome for me to go back to work as well.
Macy has been a lot of smiles and laughs this week too.  Several times a day we can get her smiling and on occasion get her to laugh too.  Omigosh, it brought me to tears one day because it's the most precious thing ever!  I sang Winne the Pooh to her and she about lost it, I must have a pretty bad singing voice, huh?
We have been back over to Bobbie's twice this past week, on Saturday with Grandma too and then on Thursday.  Macy enjoys it very much there as Bobbie has a rocking chair and an awning on her patio so we can rock the babies to sleep.  It's a perfect setup for anyone of any age!
Last Friday our family and my mom went up to the Mall of America to the Underwater Adventures Aquarium.  Macy hung out in the carrier and slept pretty much the whole time!  We even walked through the amusement park.  On the way home she chatted with Grandma almost the entire trip in the backseat.  Then we ate at Cracker Barrel and she got a bit antsy by the time our food came (big surprise!, they always get fussy when it's time for the grown ups to eat, don't they?) so she and Grandma spent some time walking around and even got to rock in the nice rocking chairs they have outside their restaurant! 
Macy also went to her first Rochesterfest event this week too.  Monday, we went and ate downtown and then went to the ice cream social.  I treated myself to some dairy (some super yummy ice cream) and Macy didn't seem to be too bothered.  Her gas pains have improved dramatically!  She still has some mega-huge farts, but she's much more pain free!  Thank goodness!
We're going to be making our way to the parade tonight and then to Gma and Gpa Reckwards over the weekend.  I hope she behaves for them while Mom and Dad get out with some friends!
Well, my lil girl is calling for me, she's had enough time in the swing I guess.  I might have some more pictures to put up so check back later!

Week 10: June 30th
Update coming later on today...............enjoy the pictures for now!
Macy is just getting better and happier with each day that passes, which is such a relief.  I don't know if maybe her tummy is feeling better nowadays since I kind of got her feeding/milk thing figured out or if I can just forsee her needs better and therefore life is a little easier......but whatever it is, we'll take it.  That girl is smiling and laughing like you wouldn't believe.  And it's almost as if she knows I can use a great big smile from her, it melts my heart and cheers me up instantly..........which somedays, I really need, especially in dealing with her big brother!  More on that with his update on Monday!
Friday night we went to the Rochesterfest Parade and she did fantastic!  She sat on my cousin's girlfriends (Emily) lap almost the whole time we were there and gave her smile after smile!  They are so can't help but smile when you see her do it.  There were lots of loud noises at the parade and it didn't bother her at all.   I figured with her being a "high needs" baby that she would startle easily, but she did great.  Macy had mom and dad all to herself that night as Hayden stayed with Gma and Gpa Deden.  She was very well behaved for us.  Then Saturday we went to Decorah and spent all day with Gma & Gpa Reckward.  They hadn't seen her since the baptism and they couldn't believe how much she had grown.  She also wore a funny shirt and little tennis skirt I bought her at Old Navy, the shirt said, "Cranky But Precious" so suits her! :-)  (But like I said, that is getting better, and I mean it with the kindest of hearts, I wouldn't change a thing about her!)  We got to introduce her to a few friends that had not met her yet also at a picnic for Jason Larson's 30th birthday.  Dennis and I also got to go out that night, which I SO needed............I feel like I'm losing my mind most days, so it's nice to get out for some social time.  Macy did ok for Gma & Gpa, she did cry a while but then they brought out their old wind-up swing and that did the trick.......she fell asleep, but she didn't eat a bottle for them at all.  We were only gone a few hours so it was ok.   Then Sunday, Dennis and Macy spent much of the day together, just the two of them.  Hayden and I went up to the cities and Daddy was in charge for the first time, just the two of them.  She was very good, she took 5oz from a bottle from him but then had a big blowout and had to get her outfit changed.  Then she spent a little quality time with Gma Deden and was SO good for her too!  So, this makes me a lot more reassured that everything is going to be OK when I go back to work, now we have to get Hayden in check.  Can you tell it's been rough week with him?  Monday was Macy's 2 month check up with Dr Valdes.  She weighs 14lbs 11oz and is 23.5inches long.........that's over a pound heavier than Hayden at 2 months and .5inches shorter.  They didn't tell me the %ages for those measurements, I'm really curious to know, that's got be up there! :-)  She got 4 shots and then the new oral rotavirus vaccine.  I was a little unsure about the rotavirus one, it's new and my pediatrican didn't warrant it necessary, but I'd hate for her to get something this winter and then me regret it later.  I'm sure it'll be fine.  She cried SO hard for her immunizations and I did too, of course.  Then she cried the entire time we waited to schedule our next appt and a portion of when we were waiting for her prescription.  I talked to Dr Valdes about starting her on Zatac (it's like Pepcid) for her reflux that I think she may be having.  It's hard to say for sure, but we're going to try it out and see if we see an improvement.  She's got a lot of the symptoms so I'm pretty sure she does have it and have heard great things about how the Zantac works.  My girlfriend Missy used Prilosec on both her kids for their reflux and she said it worked wonders, so there are always other options out there.  We'll re-evaluate that at her 4 month check.  That's the next time she's due to see the doctor.  Monday afternoon we had my work baby shower.  It was a great time.  Macy did very, very good considering she had gotten her immunizations that day.  She enjoyed being cuddled by my co-workers and she looked like a GIANT compared to the other kiddos there.  My friends little girl Cecelia is 3 months older than her and Macy outweighs her by more than 2 pounds!  What can I say, she loves to eat! :-)  We got lots of great gifts and it was SO nice to see my work gals again, I'm looking forward to getting back to work and seeing everyone more often.  I work with a GREAT group of people and really enjoy what I do, I know it sounds crazy to want to get back already, but for those who work there, you understand! :-)  Otherwise, the rest of the week was pretty uneventful as Macy is considered. 
She's still waking up a few times at night, sleeping anywhere from 2-6 hours on average......but she wakes up in the BEST mood, which I love!  She is awake and alert a lot more during the day.  She enjoys her swing the most, playgym, rocking/vibrating chair, Hop N Pop, Bumbo seat and has even tried out the Jumperoo already.  Lots of things for her to do including watching her crazy older brother and all the shenanigans he's up to.
Well, going to get going, must run...........trying to get the kids down for a nap and so far has been totally unsuccessful............
Take care everyone!!!

Look at the similar picture of Hayden!
Week 11: July 7th
One more entry after this one and I'll have to start another page!  WOW!  How time flies by.  This has been another good week for Macy.  She's been so smiley and such a good's good to see her so happy.  She talks a ton now too, it's hilarious, yep, she's going to be a talker! Go figure coming from our family :-).  She'll just coo and coo and then when she gets a little mad and no one is coming in response to her shouting, she's learned to suck on her thumb, HALLELUJAH (sp?).........that has made life a lot easier on the both of us.  She's been sleeping so good at night too.  Not in her crib yet and still spends part of the night in bed next to me, mostly nursing, but she's going back into her bassinette after feedings much better and throughout most the night.  Come early morning then she's getting up every couple of hours so I just keep her next to me and let her eat.  I know, I know........I've always said I'd never let my babies sleep with me, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.  Dennis is even getting more comfortable with it, he was SO nervous about her being in bed, but we both have realized, she needs that closeness with us, mostly me because of the we do what she needs.
Saturday Macy made her first trip to the MN Zoo.  She slept through most of it as she was in her Snuggli carrier and she absolutely loves that!  It was pretty hot and muggy that day, but she didn't get too warm or sunburnt.........she had on her cute sunhat and lots of sunscreen.  Then we stayed over night in Lakeville at the hotel that Dennis and his family stayed at every summer for their family vacation.  Dennis wanted to share his tradition and we enjoyed the family time.  Then the rest of the week has flown by...........did a little shopping, which Macy thoroughly enjoyed.......she was talking and laughing almost the whole time!  We also went out to Shannon's house and played with her kids, Isiah and Josanne.  Her kids just loved her and I got some cute pictures of them holding her.....they were so gentle and loving and Macy loved having more than just Hayden to watch run around! 
Macy's first 4th of July was also fun.  She had an adorable outfit of course and posed so good for her pictures..........her brother on the other hand did not want to be in the picture so I only have one semi-decent one of the two of them.  We went over to my parent's house and hung out with a bunch of my family, aunts, uncles, etc.  Macy got lots of loving, as usual and soaked in all the attention.  We didn't get to go see any fireworks this year, her brother passed out before they began, so she'll have to wait until next year.  She doesn't even know what she missed! :-)  But, we had quite a lot of noise around our house with fireworks and she didn't get startled at all.  She's used to all sorts of noise around her, what's a few firecrackers, right? :-)
Next week we're going to be on our annual family vacation up North to Nisswa, MN.  I am SO looking forward to the vacation.  I think she's going to do super good too.  We have a little portable swing and a kiddie sized umbrella, so she's set to be hanging out on the beach but out of the sand.  I'm hoping to get some sun though, I've usually had to stay in the shade because she is usually strapped onto me, so I'm hoping to catch up on all the sun I've missed so far.
So, we'll have lots to update on once we're back from the cabin............will keep a daily journal like last year and have a special page........then it'll be back to work and onto a new update page for Macy!  If you want to see the page from last year's vacation,
click here.  It's fun to see how little/young Hayden looks!
Also, I had snapped a picture of Macy earlier this week and it SO reminded me of a picture of mine when I was you see a resemblence?  I think she's starting to look even more like me now...........she did have a bit of Hayden when she was first born, but she's really starting to change her looks.  She's got those Pierce blue eyes though and we get more comments on how pretty they are from so many people............I hope they stay blue.........but her brother does have some gorgeous brown eyes though, so either way, she'll look adorable!
Week 12: July 16th (YIKES!...........12 weeks already!)
Ok, so I'm back to work on Tuesday night and now I'm getting a little nervous and sad.............all this time I've been saying I'm ready...........and in ways I am, but in other ways I just find it so hard to believe it's been 12 weeks Ms Macy has been with us.  What a rollercoaster these past 12 weeks have been for us all.  We've all had the worse moodswings you can imagine, tantrums and crying fits........and I mean everyone! :-)  So, wish us luck this week, going to's either going to be really hard or a piece of cake! :-)

This past week was spent mostly at the cabin, so you'll have to go to our vacation page to get the weeks news..........BUT, Macy attended her first wedding (outside the womb that is) and looked absolutely stunning!  Below are pictures of Macy at my Aunt Tonia's wedding.  Macy wore the very first thing I bought with this last pregnancy.  I didn't even know if I was having a boy or girl, but I saw this dress and sweater and could not resist!  I knew my girlfriend was having a girl, so if I ended up having another boy, I knew someone that could have the dress, but deep down, that was another reason I wanted a girl so bad!  She looked precious in it of course.....but not as pretty as the bride! :-) 
Will be starting a new update page for her as well, next week..................