WEEK 30!  May 31st

The third trimester is finally here!  It seems like the time has gone by fast, but yet it seems like forever ago that I found out I was pregnant.  I think with the change of the weather and seasons, that's why it seems so long ago.  10 more weeks and he'll be here.  It's unbelieveable.  So, now I'm starting to focus on the delivery part of this pregnancy....and what to do afterward.  It's time for a crash course and some cramming of material before this baby comes.................AND to get my last minute wedding stuff done too! :-)

At my last appointment, we measured bigger than our gestational age should be.  This was the first time we've been off on the measurements (fundal height)..........and it's no big surprise.  I AM HUGE! :-)  People who haven't seen me in a while have finally said, "you're finally starting to show!"  It's just amazing though to notice from day to day the changes. It's also pretty obvious where he's lying most the time belly has been lop-sided a time or two and you can see the huge waves of movement.  It's so exciting.

My OB has been out for a few weeks, so I was not able to see him last time and won't be able to see him until June 8th, but everything has been just wonderful so no worries!  No is the time we'll be seeing more of each other though.  And believe me, if this kid keeps measuring big, we might just be talking about moving the due date up a bit too! :-)

My hopes are to do a natural delivery with no epidural or pain meds.  I'm really hoping to do this but won't rule out getting an epidural if I really feel the need to.  So, we start our prenatal classes in a couple weeks and I'm going to try and get as much advice on how to stay au naturale as I can.  I've been asking a lot of people at work too, so if anyone has any great advice for me, I'd love to hear it. 

Dennis has also been reading a lot about becoming a new father.  I bought him a really great book that is extremely thorough and breaks everything down in's interesting to hear Dennis make comments or ask questions.  He's so involved and is going to be the best dad ever!  He is really been preparing himself for this new journey, I think he might even try quizzing me pretty soon!

We also finally got our baby and wedding registries done.  We registered for baby stuff at Toys R Us and Target, and for wedding at Kohl's and Target.  I felt a little strange at Target saying, 'we need a registry gun for both wedding and baby please.' :-)  But, what are you going to do!?  We're also starting to get our showers planned, I'm very excited for those! 

There are so many people who are helping us celebrate this great time in our lives.............we can't be more thankful for everyone and all their generosity and caring.  We are such lucky people to have such great friends and family surrounding us.  Everyone has been so helpful and so supportive to us........we truly could not ask for better people.  SO, THANK YOU!!!  WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS!

That's about all I have to update for now.  It won't be long until I go to the Dr again........and time for some more updates...........I can't wait to see how big he'll be then!

OH!  We got our engagement pictures done and also took a really fun pregnancy picture.  I don't have the actual picture yet, but if you want to check it out,
click here.  (If you have trouble viewing, username is Bredeson and password is 1212)  Once I get our pictures back (2-3 weeks)  I'll scan them and put them up.  So, check back in a few.
WEEK 32!  June 14th

8 weeks to go, and I have a feeling it's going to go REALLY fast! Many people have a feeling I won't be able to make it another 8 weeks because of how big I already am........we'll see, I'm thinking I might go a little before his due date too.  If you have an opinion or would like to guess on Hayden's birthday and birthweight,
click here to take the baby poll I've set up for him.  It's been interesting to see all the guesses so far.................we're still trying to think of a prize for the person who guesses correctly, or maybe even the closest.  So take a guess!

Dennis and I went to our first prenatal class on Monday night.  It's a 2 hour long class for the next 6 Mondays..........then it'll be just a couple more weeks before Hayden comes, so hopefully all the information we learn about labor and such will be fresh in our minds.  I'm supposed to be the first one in the class to have their baby.  I'm looking forward to learn about the labor's been so long since nursing school and my OB rotation, that I may have forgotten a thing or two.  But, Dennis and I have both been doing a lot of reading, so we're going into this pretty well educated.  Now, let's see how it goes! :-)

Dennis is almost finished building the changing table/dresser for the nursery.  It's going to be absolutely beautiful!  He's been so innovative with the original plans it's going to be an original "Reckward" design.  Who knows........this hobby of his might end up being more than just a hobby! :-)  After it's built we'll just have to paint it and it'll be ready to use.  It's going to be white (like the crown molding in the nursery) with a sage green top (like the color of the walls)........and it's going to have three glass front drawers and 2 side drawers (one will be a shelf and the other will be another drawer).........I can't wait until it's all done!  I'll be sure to post a picture right away.

I also had another doctor's appointment from my last entry.  This time I only measured 1 week bigger than I I think he'll be big, but at least he's not getting to be that much bigger and bigger every time.  I was a little concerned that he was getting so big and if we would have to maybe move the due date up..........but my doctor said, if he were to measure 3-4 weeks bigger than his gestational age, then we might worry, but the ultrasound at this age won't be able to tell us a whole lot more than our measurements, as they can be off by a week or two also.  Another good thing was my weight gain.........I've gained a total of 8 pounds since I've been pregnant.......the doctors and nurses are very pleased with that.  But, it's common to gain 1/2 - 1 pound a week from here on out as the baby is getting so many more fatty reserves under their I'm sure I'll be doing some serious gaining the next few weeks. 

I'm starting to get the joy of puffy ankles..........and now that it's getting hotter, it's going to get worse.  So, I'm trying to take care of myself better and get lots of rest.  It's been fine because we've been pretty slow at work, so I've had lots of opportunity to take it easy.  But, this is a busy time in our life, so I can't get too lazy! :-)  I have also started having heartburn worse than ever in my life!  There's an old wives tale though that says your baby will have lots of hair if you experience heartburn in your pregnancy.............we'll see if that's true once he comes.  My sisters were pretty bald at birth and for quite a while afterwards and mom had lots of heartburn.  I also heard, boy babies tend to give it to you worse...........As Dennis says, there's a little him in me, so of course he's going to give me heartburn........he takes after his dad!

Speaking of Dads, this will be Dennis' first Father's Day coming this weekend.  And for Father's Day.....I got Dennis airfare and hotel out to Las Vegas for his Bachelor Party next weekend.  I am using this as a bit of a guilt trip...........I keep reminding him, ' now, just remember
you're going to be a father, so behave and get back safely in one piece and hopefully with no broken bones".  April Hanson and I are a little worried that it's going to be just like the movie "Very Bad Things" with Christian Slater.  If you've seen the know what I mean. There's a pretty big group of them, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure they'll be just fine.

I'm also having my first baby shower next week while Dennis is gone.  Stephanie is hosting the shower at her house and I'm very excited!  My aunts are also having a shower I believe next I'm really looking forward to all the get togethers!  It's going to be SO much fun!!  I just love being able to see everyone.   It's amazing how little I get to see it's great just to be able to hang out!  Some of the girls and I are already talking and planning my bachelorette party......end of that is going to be a fun time!  I think it'll help me in a speedy recovery after my delivery. :-)

As for wedding stuff, I'm in the process of getting invites printed.  I have bought most of the supplies for the invitations and everything is pretty much ready to be printed.  So, in a few weeks, we'll have them ready to be assembled.  I've decided to make them myself, and I am pretty impressed, I think they're going to turn out really good!  My goal is to have them mailed out beginning of August, right before Hayden is here, so we just have RSVPs to worry about.  Next on the list will be favors and centerpieces which I already have an idea of what I want, it's just the labor that goes into them. I have the programs pretty much ready too.........but I won't have those printed until much much closer to the date.  So, I'm hoping to have as much done or prepped before our little guy comes...............but I might be recruiting a few more hands to help me get stuff finished.  That's what bridesmaids are for right? :-)

I have another doctor's appointment toward the end of the month, so I'll probably do some more updating then.  Take care!  And don't forget..........
the baby poll........enter your guesses if you haven't already!
WEEK 35!  July 4th!

Well, one year from the 4th and we got engaged (
click here to see the proposal pics) and I don't think ANYONE would have thought we'd be doing what we're doing right now!  Dennis and I were talking and we can't believe it's been a year since we got engaged, but what a productive year it was!  It seems longer than a year, but then again, it doesn't.  The next year is going to be pretty exciting as well!  As for wedding stuff, the invites are pretty much finished, it's a matter of the last details and then sending them out.  It won't be long and you'll be getting yours in the mail! :-)
As for Dennis' bachelor party, I'm happy to report that everyone made it home safe and sound.  No broken bones, bar fights, or robberies.........just a few hungover guys!  I didn't get a lot of details of what happened out there, because you know the saying, 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", but I did get to hear a couple of good stories, but I'm sure there is a lot more!  No one came home a millionaire, but everyone still had the shirt on their they can't complain.  It sounds like they want to make this an annual thing, they're running out of guys getting married, so they have to find an excuse to get together for trips like this.
As for baby stuff.............I had a check up this morning and my total weight gain is 15 lbs.  That was all that I had wanted to gain my whole pregnancy, but I think my sweet cravings have caught up with me!  From one appt to the next (the previous one) I had gained 6 POUNDS!  That's almost what I had gained total up until then..........but now is the time where I'll be gaining the most weight, and there's not much you can do about it.  I'm definitely looking and feeling pregnant these days.  I'm getting frequent hot flashes out of the blue and the big huge puffy ankles.  I even had a few contractions yesterday!  That kind of freaked Dennis out, but I reassured him I could be doing that for the next five weeks.  My doctor is not worried at all..........he compared childbirth to a wouldn't expect to run a marathon without some training, so that's what my uterus is doing right now, training for labor.  He said, if I were to go into labor now, they wouldn't do anything to stop it.  At my next appointment I'll have my cervix checked to see if I've effaced or dilated at all, just to give us a baseline for where I am right now.  I also had another generic ultrasound done at this visit.  They were checking my fluid levels and Hayden's placement............he's right where he is supposed to be, head down and turned to the side.  They also think he has dropped already, that I could tell already.........I can breathe easier and I have to pee ALL THE TIME!  And for all the skeptics, we got a good shot of his "boy parts", so there is NO DOUBT that there's a little boy in there!  :-)  So, I feel pretty confident to start washing all those little boy clothes in preparation for when he comes home, let the nesting start! :-)  I got a couple of pictures, but they're pretty fuzzy because of the machine they used and that he's so big now, we could only get pictures of we got one of his head and one of his 'dooper', the doctor joked, 'top and bottom'.  I may end up putting them up on the website though.
The scary thing is, the end is coming, it's inevitable.  I'm not too scared of the pain part, I'm just a little anxious because I don't know when and how it's going to happen.  Again, the control freak coming out in me!  So, my goal for the week is to get my bag for the hospital packed.........I need to be ultra prepared.  Dennis and I are about half way done with our prenatal classes.  We got to watch a delivery last time and that was so moving and helpful.  I cried.....(big surprise!)  We just can't wait to see Hayden........we love him so much already, I just cannot even imagine how overwhelming it's going to be once we finally see him, hold him, and kiss him for the first time.......I'm tearing up just thinking about it right now.  He has NO idea how much he's is going to be loved.  Not just by us, but everyone around us.........he has so many people loving him already.  What a spoiled boy he is going to be!
Speaking of those who love him and spoil him already, I had my first baby shower a couple weeks ago.  Here is a
link to the webpage.  It was so great to have my girlfriends there and we got some AWESOME gifts!  Thanks again to everyone who came!
I think that is all the updating I have at this time.......I'll be seeing the doctor more often so I may be making more updates.  It's getting closer to the end.........and hopefully the 'end' will be sooner than later............please pray that I don't go too far overdue.......we have a lot to do between August and October! :-)
Well, I've had my first official 'check' and I've had lots of phone calls from friends and family wondering if I've made any progress yet.  Well, Dr Johnston said I was 90% effaced and 1cm dilated, and has about 2cm to drop yet to be fully 'engaged'.  Good news and bad news..............good news is, I have made a little progress with the contractions I've had, bad news is............I could be sitting like this for the next 3 weeks!  I just hope the contractions continue and start doing what they're supposed to be doing.  Generally everyone I know thinks I'm going to have this baby early.......I'm thinking positively :-)~.  Dennis claims 'he's not ready yet', but I'm not sure what more he needs to do to get ready............I think he's more nervous than I am. My bag for the hospital is pretty much packed...........we have our new video camera all charged up and ready to go......along with our film camera and about 6 rolls of film.............but the digital camera is still out of commission for the time being..........and I don't even want to get started telling you about that whole mess............but some words of advice, don't buy anything big from Best Buy, they're 'service plan' is a crock!  And there is my two cents.
Not much else to report as of right now.....I will be having weekly check ups from now on.  I'm hoping that I can talk my OB into maybe 'stripping my membranes' in order to get things started shortly.  I really don't want to go overdue!  I'll see how persuasive I can be.  Come back for more updates next week!
Cervix update for those who are interested! :-)  Nothing more personal than talking about one's cervix..........but I know I have a lot of people waiting very patiently for Hayden to come soon, so I best let everyone know how we're doing.

I had my doctor's appointment this morning and I was 2cm dilated and 80% effaced (I was 90% last week, so it just goes to show how subjective all this measuring is).  My cervix is still pretty posterior so Dr Johnston doesn't think he'll come all too soon.  But the good news is, he did strip my membranes, and it didn't take a lot of convincing either!  He gave us a rough estimate that I have a 20% chance of delivering from this 'stripping', because my contractions have been pretty minimal.  But, he said that this will help prime me for the next time they strip my membranes, which will be next week (Monday).  It'll make the second time more effective...which is good to hear.  I might just have that August 3rd baby after all (that was my guess on the baby poll)  I was happy to hear that the contractions I had been having were making some progress as I was more dilated, that also made it possible to strip my membranes too.  It wasn't as painful as I had heard it would be, but I can already feel some of the affects of it.  Dr Johnston also said I had about 1cm to go before he was fully engaged, which I could tell he's dropped some in the last week too, my belly shelf is starting to droop a bit! :-)

I was a little nervous starting the weekend out.........all Friday afternoon I was having pretty mild contractions. Being a first time mom is real nerve wracking, you just don't know what's normal during pregnancy.....and everyone is so different.  I'm too much of a control freak to leave this all up to when he decides he wants to come out. I'm too much of a planner, when it comes to big life events like this.......but what can you do......not a thing, so I best just let nature takes it's course! :-) 
We made it to NordicFest in Decorah with no problems.  Dennis had all the guys worried down there that they'd have to make a road trip up to Rochester for us to have this baby.........but we made it through!  We're all anxiously waiting.  I was hoping to have this baby early this week, so Amy Hendrickson's husband ,Milt, could see him before he leaves for his big Green Bay Packers Internship on Wednesday.  If Hayden doesn't come, the two won't meet for another 6 weeks.  We want to wish Milt
GOOD LUCK with his dream job of working with the Packers!.........we're all SO excited for him!

Well, that's all the updating I have right now.  Will be sure to notify everyone if any big changes happen!..........if you don't hear from us, check back in about a week to see where we're sitting from there!
Well, I'm now 3 cm dilated and had my membranes stripped for the second time.  I didn't get to see my regular OB doctor, but the doctor I did see, said if anything were to happen this time it'd be within the first 24 hours of being stripped.  So, PLEASE......let me have this baby soon!  We're SO ready for him!  She also mentioned, if I don't deliver next week, we'll schedule a date for an induction between August 18th - 24th.  I don't think I will be willing to wait that long (more health risks to baby the longer you go overdue), so if he's not out by next appointment (August 12..........the day after my due date), I will hopefully be able to schedule my induction for early the following 16th or 17th, we'll see. 
I also have to add, that I finally got a guesstimate from the doctor on how much she thinks he weighs right now.  She had asked if we had any guesses and I told her, all Dr Johnston would say was, "he's a generous size baby" she goes onto feel my tummy and Hayden's position and she says, 'oh yes........he will be a big boy' I made her give me a guess..........she said
8 1/2 lbs!!! So if we go much further, like past my due date, we're looking at a 10 lb kid!  I got to lay off the sugar! :-)~  So Dennis and I both agree, 8 1/2 is totally do-able, so we're hoping to go sooner than later. 
Everybody is officially ready for him to come, so now it's a waiting game.  I had my big bridal/baby shower from my aunts Bobbie, Tonia & Tish on Sunday and had a GREAT time!.......good food, good company and awesome gifts!  I have my film getting developed as we speak, so hopefully I'll get those and my other shower pictures up on the site soon.  Will give more details on the "shower page".......maybe later on was so much fun though!  THANK YOU to everyone who came, Grandma even got to come for a good majority of the was so nice having her there.
I am hoping the next entry into this page will be one that gives the date, time, and weight of our new baby boy...............I'll be sure to let everyone know once that big day comes.  Just in next appoint is the 12th, so I'm hoping it won't just be another update of my cervix! :-

Also, tonight, Dennis and I went on the hunt for Black Cohosh tea.............which I've been told by a couple people helps induce contractions.  We couldn't find the tea anywhere, but found the drops and can make a drink out of it.  I've so far only taken one dose, but can feel more contraction-like activity since I took the one dose.  Any suggestions for anything else that'll work let me know,  I'm totally open to ideas! 

Latest Update:
Well, it's Sunday night and we've made our first official drop in to the Labor & Delivery unit this afternoon.  I really don't think it'll be too long now.  I had suspicions that maybe my bag of waters was maybe leaking and wanted to just make sure it hadn't.  So, we were told to come into the PRU (Patient Receiving Unit) at Methodist and they'd hook me up to a monitor and check it out on Sunday.  Well, as soon as I made the call, I started getting more regular contractions...........FINALLY!  After all that I've been doing to get things moving!  We took our time getting there and the contractions starting coming about every 3 1/2 - 5 minutes apart while we were up on the Labor & Delivery unit.  Well, my water didn't break but because my contractions were so regular and frequent they decided to check me.  I was only at 3cm still.........and according to their measurements, 75% effaced.  Again, just goes to show how subjective all this measuring is........where is Dr Johnston when I need him, I think he must be generous with his measurements
:-)!  If I would have been 1 more cm dilated I would have stayed......but they sent us home.  It was fine with me.......they'd rather us be at home and get things progressed rather than have to intervene to get me to dilate further.  The resident said, I wouldn't be surprised to see you back tonight.  The bad part was, I had worked Saturday night (12 hours) and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep from the night I knew if it may be a long night ahead of us so I should get some rest.  So, I took a little cat nap and we kept all of our bags in the car so when it's time we'll be on our won't take us as long to get there this time. :-)  Currently my contractions have slowed down to anywhere from 5 minutes - 10 minutes........but I've been pretty immobile.  We plan on doing some walking later and I just need to keep moving around the house.  It's a good thing I'm a night person!........I decided to stay home from work tonight as I was contracting so regularly.  Sunday was my last scheduled shift prior to my maternity leave.  But heaven forbid, if he doesn't come, I might end up getting put back on the schedule, just so I get a full 12 week maternity leave after he's born.
So that's the story as of right now..........I hope to be sending out news of a new baby boy real soon. He's coming.........and maybe sooner than later!!!!  Thanks for checking in on us!!!