Hayden James Reckward
Weeks 37-52 (ONE YEAR)
WEEK 36: April 18th
No pictures to add to this page this week, but found a cute baby picture of Dennis that I thought looked a lot like Hayden.  I also have added a page of Dennis' pictures as he was growing up, click here to see those pictures.  I can put mine up too, but I'm not really sure how much I want to do that, as growing up I had such HORRIBLE hair!.......so I'll make a link if I do decide to share my pictures too, but I doubt it! :-)~
I did make a page with the pictures we took of Hayden while he went swimming, so
click here to check it out.  I also added a Hayden & Friends page.....so see who is all on there!
It's been kind of a rough week for Hayden.  I think we're on the brink of that second tooth erupting, so his nose has been running and he's been having a really hard time sleeping at night, he just hadn't been himself.  But as the week progressed he got a bit better....no tooth yet though.
Hayden has been moving faster and talking more.  The funniest thing is he now will almost 'whisper' "da,da,da,da"...........it almost sounds like he is saying 'cha, cha, cha, cha".  Then he has crawl into the bathroom and tries to get in the garbage can and dog dish, still causing trouble
Hayden is also standing on his own too.  He's done it a few times but once he realizes he's doing it, he'll plop to his butt.  Still hitting his head at least 10 times a day, but so far, no brain damage that I know of :-)~
Well, going to run, I'm at work and pretty tired, so I'm sure I'm missing some exciting stuff, so might be adding things later.
Week 36
April 18th
WEEK 37: April 25th
The big news this week is that Hayden got his second tooth this past week, it's his eye tooth!  He hasn't even gotten his 2nd bottom tooth yet and out pops his eye tooth!  And now it looks like his top front tooth is ready to come too.  This kid has a mind of his own, in more than one way.  He's starting to stand a little bit longer and more frequently on his own.  He also was caught climbing up the stairs from the family room following his daddy out to the garage!  He is growing so fast and he seems way too young to be doing that already!  In other big news, Hayden got to go play at the park for the first time this past week.  Me, Megan & Hayden went for a walk around Silver Lake one of the only nice days this week, I have pictures posted of our trip to the Park.  Click here to see those pictures.
We also got together we many members of TEAM NICU for Walk America and tie-dyed t-shirts for our team to wear. 
See those pictures by clicking here...............
More great news.......we have a few more friends that have new little ones!  My friend and co-worker Beth had a little boy, Cameron Charles, on Saturday.  Our friend Amy Hendridkson is pregnant and is 13 weeks along and got to see the heart beating and baby moving around on Friday.  I will soon be tutoring her on how to build her own baby website so her family can check out the baby's progress..........I will be sure to post the link to her site once it's up and running.  AND.....we have one more friend that is pregnant, but I'm not sure if she's sharing the news with everyone yet, so I better not say.  Maybe I'll be able to announce the news next week.....so stay tuned.
I think that's about all for now..........we'll have a bunch of pictures from the March of Dimes Walk next week, so be sure to come back.  And again if you care to join us or join us, please let me know!!!  You can also donate or register online..............donations go to
www.walkamerica.org/MBredeson or register for the walk at www.walkamerica.org
Week 37
April 25th
WEEK 38: May 2nd
First things first, the March of Dimes pictures are posted!!!  Check them out!  www.mandyanddennis.com/Walk.html.  You'll never believe how much money we raised!  More updates later, I'm up late as it is, finishing up my grading for the semester!  All done with school for the  year.........YEAH!!!  Let the summer begin, bring on the nice weather! More pictures added to Favorite Pics page.
Alright, so I'm finally making it back to do my update.  I have a feeling life will be slowing down a tad and I'll be able to do my updates closer to the beginning of the week vs the middle like I have been.  Another eventful week at our house.  The week started with a trip out to Suzy's Roadhouse in Ostrander to have supper with some of the NICU folks.  Hayden was a hit, he got to play with all sorts of people, including a former doctor of his!  He 'played pool' for the first time and had a blast with the cues.  I think he's got some Vern Bredeson (my Gpa)  in his blood..........he made his way through college playing pool!........(or so I've been told)  He also went and had 'all you can eat Burgers and Beers' with us, Gma, Gpa and Ashley on Thursday.  He's a social kid, likes to go places with us!
Then Hayden got his first offical bloody/fat lip.........he took a pretty good spill one day and I think must have bumped his lip on one of his new upper teeth.  It was a little scary, but he recovered well.  Strong man on our hands.
Hayden is starting to eat 'finger foods' now too.  He LOVES it!  I think he likes the fact he can feed himself rather than the food itself........although he did enjoy the Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream he had on Saturday after the March of Dimes walk. He's also chewed on a pickle on night and LIKED it!  He also is in his new Big Boy Carseat.  I wish I could report he likes it, but he screams, arches his back and refuses to sit down almost everytime we put him in it.  I don't know what it is............we're still trying to work out all the kinks and become more efficient at buckling him up, especially when he's fighting it so bad..........so we're not totally loving it yet either!
The weather has been pretty crappy so we haven't been able to go on walks around the neighborhoood that he enjoys so much, but we made up for it on Saturday.
Hayden has been moving even faster and getting into more stuff everyday, so we've been on our toes just keeping up with him.  We've also been working more with his signs.  We're still doing, "eat", "milk" and "no", we've added "more", "daddy" and  "mommy".  We haven't seen any signs back yet, but I think it'll be soon.  He's starting to clap his hands like "pat-a-cake" and can point his fingers, so that is a sign that he may be able to physically start signing back.  I'll be sure to announce when he does, it'll be nice to have some way for him to communicate with us.
Well, I think that's about it.........more to update with next week!
Week 38
May 2nd
Eating Finger Foods for the first time! Yummy Banana flavored puffs!
With Pediatric Residents  playing pool at Suzy's Roadhouse for a NICU gathering
Tyler was one of the residents in the Newborn Nursery when Hayden was born, so they had met before!
I can't believe, 9 months already, he is such a big man!  He's starting to do more and more for himself, especially when it comes to eating.  He insists on doing it all himself and we end up with handfuls of babyfood several times during meals!  I just have to come to grips with the fact, my floor is going to get splatters of babyfood and that it's going to be a big cleanup job once he's done eating.  He almost needs a bath after every meal, he makes such a mess!  He's eating the zweibeck (I have NO idea how it's pronounced or spelled!) toast and really likes digging his teeth into it.  Then he's tried little bits of cheese and little bits of deli turkey and ham.  He doesn't enjoy the Stage 3 baby food all that well, I think he'd rather eat the real deal now.  I found him leaning over his booster seat, spitting out the ity bity pcs of pasta onto the floor!  Now, is he boy or what?
Hayden got to finally get out in the grass and feel it with his barefeet this past week.  He loved it and I have a feeling we'll be outside a lot this summer.  He tested out the new wagon and Haylee even got in on the action.
Click here to see the pictures of him playing! He's still enjoying long walks, which is great for me, I need to get out and be more active.  He has been so unbelievable pleasant, he is the best baby anyone could ask for!  He just screams with delight and jabbers away all day long.  He loves to play and he loves to give some hugs and kisses too.  A mommy couldn't ask for anything better than the little boy I have.
Which brings me to Mother's Day..........my first 'official' Mother's day this year.  The boys got me a MP3 player which I can't wait to get songs downloaded on and use it at the gym or on walks.  We also went out to eat to the Branding Iron and met The Reckwards down there to celebrate not only Mother's Day, but Uncle Spud's birthday (Darin, May 6th).  It was also my sister
Megan's big 21st birthday on Saturday!  I haven't talked to her yet to hear how the celebrating went, I have a feeling she might be nursing a hangover still! :-)~  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGS & SPUD!!!
This Mother's Day meant a lot more to me this year.  Now that I'm a mommy,  I realize how special and full of love moms are and how much they do and sacrifice for their kids and don't get the recognition for, so I hope all you moms out there had a GREAT Mother's Day..............I am so blessed and honored to be a mother to my awesome son, I would give the world to that kid, he deserves it.  Shouldn't there be a "Awesome Kid Day" too?  Just look below to how precious he is!
Week 39
May 9th
Put your mouse over the picture to see "Scary Hayden"
WEEK 40: May 16th
Another busy week, between all the stuff we've done and then how busy Hayden has been keeping us.....there's always something.  Dennis' new nickname for Hayden is (and this is meant in the nicest way possible), "Hell on Wheels".  Let me just list some of the latest and greatest feats Hayden has done; no longer leaves his socks on, insists on playing with the toilet, the plant, and the garbage can, he's taken his own diaper off leaving his pants on (still can't figure out how that happened), found the liquor cabinet and started pulling the bottles out, and the funniest thing of all, crawled through the 'cat door' in the laundry room door!!! 
He's also really taken a liking to the ladies.  A few of us went to go visit our friend Beth who just had her baby (Cameron) and Hayden got to play with all the kids.  Well, Beth's oldest, Sierra was crawling by and Hayden swatted her butt!  Then later on that night he grabbed the waitress' butt at Macaroni Grill and then had his hand resting on the waitress' butt at Pannekoken!  I have no idea what his father is teaching this child when I'm not around!  But he's also making the little girls cry too!.......see picture below, so we need to have a talk on how to treat women. 
There are also some other pictures posted of our visit to Beth's on his Hayden & Friends page
Hayden is getting his 9 month pictures taken today, so I'll post the link and username/password once I get it so you can view the pictures.  He's getting baptized in a couple weeks, so we'll be having pictures of him in his baptism outfit too.  I'll be getting invites out in the next few days for his baptism, but for anyone I might miss or if you're interested in coming to the service or to the celebration, here is the info:  Sunday May 29th at 10:30 a.m. at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.  We'll be grilling out at our house afterward, please join us!
That's about all for now...........I've made a lot of updates and additions to the webpage, so be sure to check out the box at the bottom of the
homepage to see what has been updated last!
Week 40
May 16th
Already making the girls cry!
Poor Josanne!
New friend Cameron Ruechel
This was taken almost a year ago!
Week 41
May 23rd
WEEK 41: May 23rd
Here is the link to his 9month pictures.....www.target.photoreflect.com Last name : Reckward Password: 5332.  I honestly don't think he could be cuter!
Hayden's new favorite place to be is in the cupboards, as you can tell from the pictures below.  The weather has been pretty icky, so we've been stuck inside a lot lately, so he's been having to release his energy somehow.  We haven't gotten out for our walks, so we both feel like we have a little cabin fever.
Tuesday we went and  met a bunch of co-workers and had lunch at one of our co-workers new place called "Glynner's Pub".  It was really good, here is the link to their website, it's a fun new place you should check it out........
www.glynnerspub.com. A few of us from the NICU are also playing softball this year and they're one of our sponsors. 
After our trip to Glynner's, we went to the library and Hayden got his first Library Card!  We checked out a couple of fun, classic books, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Corduroy, and a few others.
In other big news he is totally walking now!  He started off slowly one morning and by afternoon, his aunts had worked with him so much, he was walking down the hall and across the living room.  He took a couple big spills and hit his head pretty good, so he's not as brave as before and is preferring to crawl again, but he'll take some steps still occasionally.  He'll be running in no time I'm sure!  Then we'll really be kept busy!
Hayden spent the Friday night at Gma & Gpa Deden's and got to do some fun exciting stuff.  They went out to eat and he tried some mashed potatoes, then went and played at Great Aunt Bobbie's house and I think he didn't want to leave.  He was awfully tired when he was done!  She has a great house full of toys!
In other news, our friends Amy & Milt got some really exciting news this week.  Milt got a scouting job with the NFL working for the Baltimore Ravens.  We're all very saddened to have them leaving but what a great opportunity for the two of them!  And, they're actually going to be very close to our friend Jessica who is living in Philadelphia for the next 6months with her travel nursing job.  Milt has to leave in a couple weeks and then will be home for a little while before he has to head out there permanently.  Amy is planning on staying in MN until after their baby is born and possibly through the holidays.  We wish them the very best of luck with everything, they're such wonderful friends of ours and they deserve the best!  Amy is going to be building a website too, so I'll be sure to post the link to hers once it's up and running....................so you can keep track of her pregnancy as well.
That's about all for now.........be sure to check out Hayden's 9 month pictures!  See ya next week.  Oh, I'll also be updated
Our House page, and putting new updated pictures on there, so check to see the progress of that page.
Week 42
May 30th
WEEK 42: May 30th Happy Memorial Day!
Another big week for our family!  Hayden is a walking machine, he walks everywhere.  If he falls down he's right back up again!  So, this also means, he is able to get into a lot more things and a lot quicker!  I'm exhausted trying to keep up with the little bugger! :-)  I did get a little vacation away though, so I did get some rest and relaxation in.  I spent 2 1/2 days in Whalen scrapbooking with some co-workers and feel like I accomplished quite a bit, but definitely really far behind still.  I am only up to "August" in Hayden's scrapbook, I had a lot to document to get up to even his first month of life, pregnancy, delivery, etc.!  I have a lot of catching up to do.....he'll be turning a year before too long, so hopefully I'll be getting some more time to get a little bit more caught up.
He sure missed me while I was gone............he wouldn't let me put him down for the first few hours I was home.  Which brings me to the next topic....
temper tantrums! The kid is learning how to throw a mild version of a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way (which by the way isn't that often!)............so that has been pleasant! :-)
From the picture below, I'm remembered to share how many teeth Hayden is getting............he has two on the bottom and 4 on top!............so there he is brushing his teeth..........it feels so good on his gums!  He also likes to bite anything he can.  He's starting to act a lot like me when I was little between the tantrums and biting........urgh, the worst habits!
We also had Auntie Ashley's high school graduation this week, which I cannot believe!  My baby sister is going off to college!  I just know what I was doing at that age, yikes............be good Ashley :-)
I have pictures posted of her ceremony Friday night. Hayden actually got his first kiss that night, some little girl around 1 1/2 years old kept watching him and eventually once Hayden got down, she came right up and kissed him on the lips.  I almost wanted to ask her name just in case  they met when they were older, we could look back at that day and chuckle!
Hayden's big Baptism was on Sunday as well...........busy, busy week! 
Click here to see pictures from his Baptism.  He did a great job and waved to everyone while we introduced him to the congregation.  What a charmer.
That's it for now..........keep coming back..........thanks for thinking of us and checking in our little guy!~
To see more Byron Graduation Pictures click here!
Week 43
June 6th
WEEK 43: June 6th
Thanks for being so patient, I haven't had much time to get all my new pictures up from the weekend yet, I've got some GREAT ones though........so be sure to check back to see the new additions!
What a busy few weeks it has been, I feel like we've hardly been home.  Hayden has sure tolerated all the activity really well.  I worked a lot last week and Dennis worked some goofy shifts, so he stayed at Gma & Gpa's a couple nights.  He always has so much fun there.  He loves to play outside with their decorative rocks, pull at their plants & bushes and harrass the dogs.  He still loves his walks too, and they do a great job on getting him to sleep.  He's been fighting sleep SO bad, for his afternoon naps and at bedtime.  He just thinks there are way too many other things to do instead of sleeping.  He's eating more and more table food and for the first time, Hayden had to get supplemented with formula along with breast milk in his bottle.  I'm having a hard time keeping up with this growing boy, so we had to top it off with some formula.  I was pretty bummed about not being able to supply enough to just feed him strictly breast milk for his first year, but almost 10 months is pretty good.  But, he's still getting whatever breastmilk I can give him and some formula as well.  This weekend Hayden enjoyed munching on an ice cream cone and almost an entire pancake to himself!  He thinks he's a big boy I think!
The weekend was super busy!  We had a surprise 70th birthday party for my Gma Bredeson and a 50th for my Aunt Gwen.  I didn't get to be there for the surprise on Friday night, but Saturday we drove to Owatonna and saw everyone.  Hayden got to play with his cousin Ellie for the first time and they hit it off good.  Ellie had lots of kisses and hugs for Hayden and the two had fun running around. There are more pictures of Ellie on the
Hayden & Friends webpage.   Hayden also showed off all his walking moves for everyone.  We don't get to see the Bredeson's too much,  they're spread out all over the place, but it's always so nice when we do. 
Sunday was Ashley & Andy's High School Graduation Open House at my mom & dad's house.  That was SO much fun.  Great food and great company! 
I've started a page with their pictures, I will be adding more soon, but check it out in the mean time.  Hayden had a great time, he played non-stop!
That's about it for the weekly update.............lots of weddings coming up soon, will have pictures to share of those.  Also,
LOTS of my girlfriends are pregnant, so be keeping them in your thoughts and prayers............I'm so very excited for them all!!!!
NOTHING stops this kid, not even a wedgie! Hayden's cousin Ellie (& Gma B), added to the Hayden & Friends page
Ashley & Andy's Open House Pictures.....coming soon
WEEK 44: June 13th
Hayden got to finally try out his inflatable swimming pool that his Auntie Meg bought him..........and as you can tell in the picture below, he was VERY excited to be swimming.  He even tried drinking the water, he leaned forward and started lapping it up like he's seen Haylee do! :-)  The water has been a little bit cold, but he doesn't seem to mind too much.  He'll really love it once it really starts warming up outside. 
He is really growing up and starting to do such big boy things.  Not only is he walking like a fool, he is starting to do big boy things too!  He is starting to stack rings and stack cups.  He is also putting things in buckets and then dumps them out right away.  He even threw a clean diaper in the garbage can at Gma & Gpa Reckward's.  Hayden has also progressed to Big Boy pajamas, the two piece sets!  He looks and acts so grown up!
Hayden has also been pretty sick this week and still hasn't gotten over the darn cold yet.  At first I thought maybe he was just cutting some more teeth, but he started coughing quite a bit over the weekend, so it's a full-fledge cold.  The boy's nose has been running constantly and he's pretty wiped out....but he keeps on going and going and going!  He pretty much has fallen asleep while he is walking, his eyes are hardly open but he keeps running around. 
Friday night we went to Ethan and Auny's wedding and Hayden stayed with Gma & Gpa Reckward.  We had a great time with friends and he had a great time with his grandparents.  I don't think they wanted him to leave, but he was feeling pretty under the weather so we just headed home to recooperate.
I think that's about all for now that I can think of.  Might be adding more later.
Week 44
June 13th
Feeling under the weather this week!
Week 45
June 20th
WEEK 45: June 20th
I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten to my update until just now.  I have to be more prompt with this, because I'm also getting more forgetful and am forgetting what all we've done the week before!
All I know is Hayden has a mind of his own!..........and if he has his mind on something, he'll get it.  He's been a little Houdini getting in and out of places he shouldn't be, and you know the saying, if there's a will, there's a way?.........that's him to a tee.
He's been enjoying being outside, especially his long walks in the stroller.  He'll hold Haylee's  leash while they're out on a walk and he thinks that is SO cool!
For Father's Day, we went out for breakfast at Pannekokeon.  Hayden enjoyed pancakes, which he just loves!  and he also grabbed another waitress on the butt!  He has been doing this EVERY time we go out to eat........I don't know where he is getting this from!  All in all, we had a great time hanging out with Dad on his special day!  We love you Daddy!
I know there is more I should be adding, but I just can't seem to think of what they might be, so I'm just going to sign off for the week!  Take care everyone!
Hayden in his room, his toy 'box' is finished, click here to see the final product!
WEEK 46: June 27th
We're having some technical difficulties in the Reckward household this morning............I can't  get my pictures from last week uploaded from my camera..........so I'm going to keep on trying and hopefully we'll get them up soon.  We've got some fun ones of Hayden swimming and helping fill up the swimming pool with the garden hose.  Dennis and I were out of town at our friends' Andy & Melissa's wedding in Ottumwa, IA, so we have some fun pictures of that as well.
Will be back to get our update finished and our pictures added hopefully soon!
Alright...........so I better at least make my update made before I'm due to make next week's update.  I feel horrible, I don't have any pictures uploaded yet for the week, we're still having difficulties.  But, I will let you know what went on anyway.
Hayden's had a pretty rough week, kind of cranky and took a pretty big tumble into the coffee table this week too.  He banged up his upper gum real bad and it bled real good.  His teeth are all in good shape yet, so that's a blessing.  I unfortunately was at work when it happened, so Dennis had to provide the first aid, but both guys are doing alright! :-) Hayden spent the weekend with Gma Deden (Gpa was off fishing).........and boy did they have fun.  Dennis & I were out of town fora  wedding.   Before Gpa left for the weekend, he and Gma took Hayden to the Rochesterfest parade and I guess he loved it!  He'd clap whenever anyone else did and enjoyed watching everything.  The meant to spend a lot more time swimming this weekend, but the weather didn't really cooperate.   We were sure in a hurry to get back to see Hayden though, that's the longest both of us have been away from him.......but we survived!
We've been having so much fun with Hayden and he's starting to have so much fun exploring and figuring the world out................he's been keeping us VERY busy!!    More to add next week!  Once I get my pictures downloaded, I'll post them under this week's entry.
Week 46
June 27th
WEEK 47: July 3rd HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
I hope everyone has/had exciting plans for the 4th of July...........Dennis and I both unfortunately have to work, so Hayden is going to be with Gma and Gpa for the fireworks.  I'm pretty bummed out that we'll be missing it.  I've got some great pictures of Hayden in his 4th of July gear too..........but am still having problems downloading pictures........I will be getting the problem resolved hopefully this week.  Too many cute pictures that I'm dying to show!
Also, we're heading off on vacation next weekend, so we'll have some fun new pictures we'll be added from that trip.  We're going up North to Nisswa (outside of Brainerd) with my parents for the week.  I'm looking forward to the time away from the everyday and getting to spend that much time with our families.  Hayden is going to have a blast swimming and playing in the sand.  Well, that's what's ahead, but what happened this last week you ask?
I still think Hayden has some teeth brewing or has a major growth spurt coming because he seems to be sleeping a lot!  It's been alright though because he's been in a better mood since he has been sleeping more.  He's starting to get more on a routine now, a bit more predictable. 
We've been going on a lot of walks, especially Daddy & Hayden when Mommy is at work.  Hayden likes to hold Haylee's leash when they're walking too.  The boys sure have been bonding.  They have the best time together, they're little buddies.  Dennis has been taking trips to Dairy Queen too and Hayden sure loves it when Daddy shares his ice cream with him!  Hayden pretty much wants whatever you're eating, he's not too picky.  He loves hot dogs, cheese, cheese crackers, bananas, yogurt, pickles...........anything really! 
Hayden & Dennis came to watch me play softball this week too and he had a great time playing with everyone there.  He was pretty much the center of attention and he sure ate it up............smiles and giggles for everyone.  He loved hanging onto the chainlink fence and shaking it and trying to climb it!  We're going to have a very active, mischevious boy I'm afraid!  He's still going out to eat with us quite a bit and behaves himself so well..........he likes to explore and check everything out, but for the most part, he's so cooperative.  He's just a sweetheart!
Saturday we went down to Tonia & Brit's place for a 4th of July celebration and Hayden got to play a little bit with Kauri and went swimming.  He also played with Uncle Denny & Aunt Carol's big dog, Abby.  He had a blast!  Abby is about eye level with him while he's standing and she gave him a few kisses and he would just giggle!
We went and had lunch with Gma & Gpa Reckward on Sunday in Preston and Hayden enjoyed seeing them.  He let Gma rock him after lunch and the two had the best 'conversation'. 
So it's been a great week...........but we're starting to realize our little boy isn't so little anymore!  He'll be turning one before too long, we can't believe it's been that long.  He's turning into one handsome little dude!
OH.........also before I forget, it's been exactly 2 years today since Dennis and I got engaged, I love him even more today than I did back then!  He's the best!
Week 47
July 3rd
Week 48
July 11th
I'm making this update a little late as we've been gone all week up north on vacation............so here's a belated (and brief) update on the last week for Hayden.  It'd been a busy week with Dennis and I  working a lot before going on vacation, so we didn't get to spend a lot of time with Hayden, so we were both looking forward to the time away from our jobs.  We're on the hunt for a replacement babysitter though and have a few prospects in mind. Ashley is starting college this fall and we'll miss having her as our nanny......so if anyone knows of anyone who would be able to watch Hayden about three mornings a week, send them our way!
We've been hearing more and more good news of friends (and some family) of ours that are expecting!  I hate to announce it right here, just in case they haven't been able to tell all the people they've wanted to yet..........maybe in a few weeks!  There's going to be quite the baby boom in the next year..........we're so very excited for them all.
Saturday we all went to a big going away party for Milt, he's leaving next week for his new job with the Baltimore Ravens!  We are going to miss him SO much, but am VERY excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for the NFL........way to go Milt and BEST of luck!
Well, that's about all I can think of to report.........will be adding more pictures now that I'm getting my camera to work finally!
This is Hayden peekng  in the laundry room
Week 49
July 18th
WEEK 49: July 18th
Spent the week at the cabin, click here to see the pictures and to get the update!
WEEK 50: July 25th
As Hayden's first birthday is getting very very close, I am wondering if I should continue with my weekly updates........if you have an opinion I would love to hear it..........is it getting to be a bit too much?  Am I one of those mothers that shove how great and cute my child is down everyone's throat? :-)  I personally like looking back and seeing all the changes he's made or having a 'diary' or sorts for us..........but is weekly too often?  Would love to hear the opinions......I guess if there's a demand for more Hayden James, I will definitely keep up the updates, I would love it!
Another hot week, wow!  Thank God for air conditioning.  Hayden is all settled back into the groove of things at home and even has been out swimming, keeping cool,  a couple of times since back from vacation.  He's found a new thing to keep him occupied.  He's been totally fascinated with doors and lids, having things open and shut...........so the latest thing that has been keeping him busy is Haylee's dog kennel!  He likes to crawl in there with his toys and open and shut the door.  It's the perfect little size for him..........poor Haylee has no sanctuary (sp?)!  He's also had his first experience with getting his head stuck somewhere it shouldn't be.  He had his head stuck between the side sofa table and the wall the other day.......it left a couple of good indentations and one unhappy boy, but he hasn't been back investigating that area since, so he must have learned something from it!  He's also crawling up on things and ontop of them.  One of the pictures below is when he cleared off a crate shelf and crawled right into it.  Another day he crawled onto both of the coffee table/side tables downstairs!  He's a little monkey!
He had a busy weekend laying with his friends too.  We went down to Decorah and Hayden played with Calvin all day on Saturday, while Dennis and some friends went golfing.  Hayden got into his share of things, but had a GREAT time playing with Cal and all of his fun toys.  He wasn't too fond of a remote-controlled car that Calvin had, it actually made him cry.  I'm not really sure why........maybe he'll just have to get used to it. Hayden got to play April's piano while we were there too, he really liked banging on the keys and making a racket.  I wish I would have remembered the camera so I could have share pictures of how cute the two looked sitting by each other playing a duet on the piano! It was fun having the boys together.
Then on Sunday, Hayden went over to Jenny & JPs and played with Alex (he and his mom Missy were in town visiting).  It's been a few months since we've seen them and Alex is just two months older than Calvin, so those two kept each other busy too!  Jenny made her mom's famous Chicken Salad sandwiches and Hayden inhaled it!  He made such a mess of himself but he couldn't get enough!  Then the boys went swimming in Jenny's backyard and played on her jungle gym/swing set in her back yard.  Hayden loved the slide, he went down with me just holding his hand, he wasn't scared at all!
All in all, it's been a great week............busy back to work, but good to be home.  Like I said earlier, Hayden's birthday is very soon and I'm hoping to get his invites out in the mail in the next few days (I'm making them so they might take a little while) but, for the basic information
click here.  Please RSVP or email me to let me know if you can make it!
Week 50
July 25th
WEEK 51: August 1st
Hayden is growing and changing so much, it's scary!  He's doing more and more 'big boy' things everyday.  He still only says 'daddy' but we're working awfully hard on getting him to say 'mommy' too.  I think he's getting closer to saying 'hello' and 'Haylee' unfortunately!..........not fair! :-)  He also likes to roll his tongue in and out and make a fun repetitive sound, Dennis thinks it sounds like 'lad-le, lad-le, lad-le'. We're still working on signing with him too. We have yet to see him sign something familiar to us, but we have seen him make a purposeful sign on his own.  I don't know if he's making up his own sign or just trying to do one that we taught him and that's what it turns out to look like.  Who knows............we'll be excited to have him communicate more effectively once he can sign though!  We're trying VERY hard to get him to drink from a sippy cup and he absolutely HATES it.  He'll throw any cup we put in front of him, so I think this is going to be quite a battle!  Another battle is getting him to stop throwing his food from his booster seat, or leaning over and feeding Haylee!  Some meals are just non-stop discipling..........it gets to be a little frustrating!  Any suggestions anyone?  He won't stop throwing his food onto the floor, at least we have Haylee to eat it up.
He's also become quite the dancer!  At first it was so crazy, he'd only start dancing when he heard Cher's, "If I Could Turn Back Time", which had me very worried ( All I can say is, you know how much Jack from Will & Grace loves Cher!)!  He got super excited and ran in place and smiled huge!  Then as the week progressed, he'd hear the start of the song, stop in his tracks and then start spinning in circles.  He's now broadened his musical  taste and will start dancing to any music, whew! :-)~  He'll even just look up at his CD player and start spinning in circles.  He also does a little knee bend/bop type move, it's SO cute!  Another cute move he has started to do this week is, "SOOOOOO Big".  His Gma Reckward taught him that, I didn't even know.  Just one day by accident Megan said, 'how big is Hayden?' and up came his arms and his goofy grin (put your mouse over the last picture to see it!) and our hearts just melted.  He his so smart, Gma had only shown him this a couple times and he remembered it from the previous weekend!   I just can't believe it.
Dennis had his 10 year reunion this past week, during NordicFest in Decorah.  10 YEARS!  Yikes.......  The boys went down to Decorah and stayed all weekend, so I had the place to myself!  It was lonely, but I got some good sleeping done after work.
We're anxiously getting ready for Hayden's First Birthday party..................
please check out this page for the details.....
We'll have lots of super fun pictures to share after this week's festvities.  We're going to have a great time.   If you haven't RSVP'd, please call or email me as soon as you can.
Take care and hopefully we'll be seeing you at the Birthday party this weekend!  PS, also I'm starting to work on a homepage just for Hayden so he has his own links on his own page.  I'll be taking them down from our homepage and making him his own page.  The work is in progress.  This will be a nice way to organize and find all of his pages/sites.  Have ta good rest of the week.

Week 51
August 1st