The Life & Times of Hayden James
12 - 15 months
August 8, 2005
I've been working hard on trying to get all the birthday pictures up on the computer.  I had gotten this page all done and then all of a sudden my computer froze up!  So, I lost everything I had put on here! Urgh!  I will make my weekly update later on today and I will also try to get the birthday pictures up too.  It might not be done until tomorrow, but I will get them on as soon as possible though.  But in the mean time, here is a cute poem I found for Hayden's first birthday............enjoy..........

Your 1st Birthday

Covered in cake and icing,
Your smile stretched ear to ear.
A single candle celebrates,
The joy of your first year.

We sing Happy Birthday,
You play midst wrap and bows.
We marvel at how you touched our lives,
Just one year ago.

I remember the first time I held you,
Kissed your head, whispered your name.
You've changed our lives forever,
Our hearts will never be the same.

As a child you'll love this day,
For all the sweets and presents too.
As parents we'll love your day,
For the gift we got was you.

Each year we'll add another candle,
So proud to see you grow.
But always with the memory,
Of your first day long ago.

Please sign our guestbook to leave Hayden a Birthday message, I will be saving them for his scrapbook!

Okay, so here is the rest of the update.  The really super big thing that happened this week is that Hayden finally signed back to us!  Hayden and I were out running around on Tuesday, making some last minute stops to get stuff for his birthday party.  I grabbed some lunch and hopped in the backseat to share it with him before we went into the mall.  Well, on his own without me prompting at all, he signed "more" which is the one we've been working on with him the most.  I almost started crying when he did it.  He did it several times during lunch, I couldn't believe it.  It took a couple more days before he really started doing it more often, it's just unbelieveable!  So, we've been so excited showing him more and more signs.  Hopefully, it'll really start now..........
Saturday we went to a wedding reception for our cousin Colin and his new wife Heather.  Hayden had a great time!  He enjoyed the company, food and music.  He wanted to just stand up by the DJ, watch the lights and dance all night.  We had a hard time getting him away from the dancefloor.  We got to see a bunch of relatives who we hadn't seen since I was pregnant, so it was nice that they got to meet Hayden.  He warmed up to them right away and showed them his charm!  He got to play with his cousins, who all refer to him as 'Baby Hayden' and they all had fun dancing and playing with each other.
Those were the big events of the week.  With his first birthday coming, I just sit and think about how blessed Dennis and I are to have this little guy in our lives.  We are so happy being parents, more than we could have imagined.  He's brought so much joy and love into our life, it's so overwhelming, you can't even describe it! 
We have lots of friends who will becoming parents for the first, and some a second time and we are so excited for ALL of them  Here's to becoming parents, it's the best job you'll ever find!!  So congrats and best wishes to:  Shelly C, Amy R., Amy H., Missy,  April, Jenny, Tracy, Maria, Amy B, Heidi, and anyone else I may have forgotten!
Helping me with laundry
Causing more trouble
Dancing at Colin & Heather's wedding
August 15, 2005

Well the official birthday happened............Dennis and I were pretty emotional that day, we just kept thinking about what we were doing that day at different times of the day.  How unbelievably happy we were to have our little boy come into our lives.  Every day since then, even a year later has been a blessing and we are so proud of the little man he's become!  To look back at the day, click here.
On his actual birthday we went to AppleBee's for supper with Gma  & Gpa.  He had a great time, ate a little macaroni and cheese, drank some of Gpa's lemonade, he made funny faces at the people sitting behind us (he thought he was pretty cool) and then enjoyed some of a Birthday Sundae.  We didn't have the waiters/waitresses sing to him, we didn't know how he'd react .  As another part of his birthday celebration, we hope to be making a trip up to the Minnesota Zoo in the next couple of weeks.
Because of ALL the toys Hayden got for his birthday, we ended up making our spare bedroom downstairs into a playroom for him.  My cousin Hollie joked around and said we would have and once we got everything in, we realized that we most certainly needed more room for all the fun things he got.  I've slowly been getting pictures of him playing with all his new things, I will post them and a picture of the new toyroom maybe later on this week.  We're both pretty fond of the room, we've been having fun playing with him in it. :-)
Pictures of the playroom are now up.
Hayden had been and still is a bit cranky since the end of this last week.  He is getting more teeth in and I think it's his molars next.  You can feel them just getting ready to come right through. He's been a bit crabby and not really wanting to eat a whole lot.  Although we're still battling him wanting to throw his food on the floor while he's eating.m which is ultra-frustrating!  Haylee is sure reaping the benefits of Hayden's rebellious behavior! :-) 
Hayden is strictly on big boy food now too, whole milk, all fruits, he even tried some eggs, but didn't like them, right now anyway.  He's loving watermelon and pasta.......especially spaghetti and spaghetti-O type foods!  Sometimes he just amazes me how much he eats too.  He'll just shovel it in, both fists going. 
Hayden got to spend Saturday night with Gma and then stayed overnight at Gma and Gpa's Sunday night.  He hasn't spent the night there in a while, I know both Hayden and Gma & Gpa were missing that.
That's about all I can think of for this week, I'll be adding the pictures later on today...................have a good week, enjoy the rest of the week.  Can you believe summer is almost over?
OH, I just remembered, our friends Randina & Jeff had their little girl, Claire Christine last Sunday, 6lbs 8oz!  This is their first and she's just a beauty!  CONGRATULATIONS!!
Watching TV with Dad
Going to help Daddy Grill
Just loves his blanket and bottle!
Hayden on his actual birthday, riding his new 4 Wheeler from Daddy!  Click here to see more pictures of all the fun gifts he got!
August 22 , 2005

We first want to wishl Gma Deden (Nanny) a HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!  She left for Las Vegas with her sisters for a few days, hopefully she'll have some birthday luck!
So what's new this week!?  Well, hopefully everyone got the email with the big news!  If not,
click here! you don't want to miss out! 
Hayden has still been teething and has been pretty miserable getting those molars in.  He's been chewing on his favorite blue blanket for comfort, which seems to be what helps the most.  Him and that blanket are inseparable!  But what is neat, is his blanket is just like his Daddy's favorite blanket.  And, if Hayden is staying over at Gma & Gpa's and Dennis is sleeping alone, he sleeps with Hayden's blanket.  How sweet huh?
Hayden started the week of with a pretty good fall, which I almost thought we were going to have to get stitches for.  He fell right into the coffee table and nicked the very lower corner of his right eye.  It split instantly and started to swell.  I almost thought we were going to have to go in.  But, Amy was there, helped me get a washcloth and ice and we stopped the swelling and the bleeding stopped too.  Now, it's just a little scab and it turned only a little bit black and slightly yellow.  But, what a scare.  He didn't even want his bottle, it hurt that bad.
This didn't happen last week, but I forgot to write about it and it was pretty cute, so I thought I would share it now.  A guy Dennis works with needed some help hauling some wood one night while I was working.  Well, his co-workers daughters offered to help watch Hayden while Dennis helped their dad.  So, Hayden had his first real babysitter (other than family and friends) and he ate it right up.  He showed the girls his playroom, showed him all his new toys.  They sang to him while he danced and he even playfully bit one of the girls!  Yikes!  All in all, he had a great time showing off for someone new.........what a little ham he is.
We went up to St Paul this weekend for our friend Jeremie Baker's (and now Sara Baker) wedding.  They got married at the Radisson Riverfront in St Paul.  They had the ceremony, dinner and reception all in the same ballroom, it was really neat.  We ended up bringing Hayden with us.  It was his first time staying over in a hotel and really enjoyed running loose in the room, opening and shutting the closet door, the drawers, toilet bowl lid, etc.  He was facinated with the telephone though, I'm pretty sure he called room service or some other hotel rooms a time or two while we weren't looking.  Well, Hayden and I didn't get to sit very long at the ceremony before he wanted to get up and run around.  So, I let him run around for a while, we checked out all stuff we could.  He LOVED the escalators, so we rode up and down those many times.  When he had the most fun was at the dance.  He couldn't wait to get out there and dance!  As soon as the floor was cleared he went right up to the DJ and  started dancing and smiling. Then he'd cruise through the ballroom, peek at strangers sitting at their table and get browsing through the party.  He was mingling!  He found a little guy on the dancefloor that wanted to hang out with him.  Hayden ended up getting chased by this little guy a few times during the night, and soon it ended up being a game.  Finally I let the other kid catch Hayden and he wanted to give him a hug and kiss, so he did.  But he didn't want to dance with him, Hayden is a solo kind of dancer!  He doesn't even really like mommy dancing with him.  He got lots of attention with his dancing though.  He's side step from one foot to the other and stayed with the beat too!  Then he'd bounce up and down with his butt...........then at the fast parts he'd run in place.  To jazz it up a bit, he'd throw his arms up in the air.  It's so funny how kids just can dance........I never taught him any dance moves and he just does this whenever music starts.  Crazy!  As Nanny says, 'he's got the music in him'.   We didn't end  up going back to the room until about 11:30pm.  At that point, he couldn't hardly keep his eyes open and head up.  Everyone wanted to party with him yet, but he couldn't make it any longer!  It was a fun night and Hayden had a great time, we did too.  Congrats and Best of Luck to you Jeremie and Sara!

That's about all I can think of for this week's update.  If I think of anything else, I'll try to add it later.  I will be posting some new pictures later today.
August 29 , 2005

This week was a very special, but sad week.  It was one year ago, that our very dear Gma Scanlan died.  Hayden was just two weeks old when she passed, but they did get to meet and it was very special.  I can't believe it's been a year without her.  Hayden and I made a special trip to Lanesboro to visit her gravesite on the anniversary of her passing.  I took pictures and made a special page in rememberance of her. Click here to see those pictures.  My mom and her sisters made a trip out to Las Vegas this past week, as this is something their mother (my grandma) LOVED to do!..........she loved to go to Vegas and gamble.  I think the last time she was out there was when my aunt and uncle got married out there..........but I know she was with her girls, in spirit, this past week, playing the slots with them! :-)
Onto the Hayden update...........he is still teething something awful!  You can see the tips of the molars have come through, but they still have a long way to go.  He's had sore teeth, a sore butt, and a little bit of a fever and runny nose off and on.......what misery!  But, we've been trying to have some fun still.
We went to Silver Lake this week and walked around the lake and played on the swings.  I probably should have waited until we got all the way around, as Hayden did not want to leave and threw a fit a good part of the way back to the car......but, he lived and eventually settled down.  Lesson learned I guess!  We've been trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible, it's not going to be long before we can't go out on our walks as often!
We also made a trip up to the MN Zoo this weekend too!  That was SO much fun! 
Click here to see the pictures from our trip!
Before we got there, we also got to stop at Daddy's favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel and had some lunch.  Hayden attracted some attention and was getting a little bit unruly, I think he was anxious to get to the ZOOWe made it there and back and can't wait to go back again!
We've been teaching Hayden more and more signs and he doesn't demonstrate them back, 100% of the time, but you can see him trying his hardest to show them to us.  The funniest one is, I love's a pretty hard sign to make, and he can't seem to get all of the fingers up that he needs to, but you get the gist of it and he shakes and drops his jaw and gets super excited!  He's also been giving lots more kisses too...........I call him my "Sweet Boy" because he's been so affectionate lately.  We've been teaching him, "HELP", "MOMMY", "ALL GONE", and "CHANGE" and he'll do them everyonce in a while.  I don't think he knows what he's signing half the time, but he'll learn! :-)  I can't wait until he does, because he's still only saying "dada" and 'daddy'.  He makes all sorts of sounds, but nothing other for words.  We've figured out that he calls Haylee, "ya-ya" and loves her soo much!  She just makes him giggle and they'll chase each other around the living room about once a day.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something, but it's getting late and I'm going to head off to bed.  Our big boy is keeping us very busy and this week will be even more busy.  He has his one year checkup ( alittle bit late) and immunizations this week, and I've got a couple appointments in OB, for our new little one.  Then we're going up to the cities to see NEIL DIAMOND on Thursday night...............we're getting so excited for that.  Then for the weekend we're going to Chicago for our friends Adam & Tracy's wedding.  Hayden is staying with Gma & Gpa Reckward for the we'll have lots of fun things to update you on for next week!
September 6 , 2005
Well, first things first, Hayden went to his Doctor's appointment on Thursday and we had a pretty good visit.  He is 30 inches tall, which puts him in the 46th%ile, which is average.  He weighs 21# 8 oz, which puts him in the 24th%ile for his weight!  I was super shocked when I saw that!  I knew he had really thinned out but I didn't realize he was that little!  The doctor said she wasn't concerned at all...........she said, he started off big, at this age with all their activity it is hard to keep their weight on.  We have been having some struggles with him at mealtime to get him to eat and after my visit with the pediatrician we figured out why.  He's been drinking about twice as much milk as he needs!  I felt so bad, I've been filling him up on milk and so he doesn't want to eat much food, which totally makes sense now.  It's a hard transition when you go from exclusively getting milk to transition it down to just 12-15 ounces a day.  So, we're slowly cutting it back and he is slowly gaining more of an appetite for food.  Then hopefully, he get some weight on him too..........but he is SO darn active that might be a little bit harder to do.  The nurse and the pediatrician both told me I have a very active boy on my hands!  I said, 'well I think he's busy, but I'm sure that's just how all 1 year olds are'..............they said, 'no, we've seen lots of kids, he's busy!'...........yikes!  I was so embarrassed, at the doctor's office, he ripped a little poster off the wall in just seconds flat! He is so darn quick!  He is just very curious and has to explore everything and figure out how everything works.
He's starting to climb on things now too, he got himself up on a dining room chair at Gma & Gpa Jim & Judy's this past weekend.  He's continually getting up on the coffee table, or even his little table and chairs in his room.  He's a little monkey, Monkey Butt as my mom calls him!  We're really going to have to be on the lookout.
Hayden stayed at Gma Judy & Gpa Jim's this weekend while Dennis & I went down to Chicago for a friend's wedding.  He played and played SO hard all weekend, I think all three of them were wiped once the weekend was done.  Hayden went grocery shopping, went to his Great Grandparent's farm, played with Uncle Chad's rabbit, Vinny, played outside for hours and hours.  They even tried church, which didn't go over too well.  Hayden wanted to run around, so him and Gpa went to the car and played with all the buttons and gadgets until church was over.  We have to get him better acquainted with behaving in church.  He had a great time with Gma & Gpa and slept so well for them too.   We appreciated them watching him for us too.

We had a very busy week and are looking forward to things slowing down now that summer is over.  School is officially starting for me today, back to teaching.  This just might be my last year, we'll see.
Will try to get the few pictures I took of the week up on the site later today or tomorrow.  Will be adding some new info and a picture to the new baby's page too!  Check that out! 
Click here to get to that page!
September 12 , 2005 13 MONTHS OLD!

I'm already starting to slip..............I only have one picture to add to the website this week!  It's not for lack of fun things that Hayden has done this week, but I just didn't have my camera handy at the right time!
The big event of the week was Hayden going to Day care for the first time!  He went to Mayo's Back Up Child Care two times this week and loved it!  I got to take him the first day and he didn't even bother giving me a kiss goodbye, he went right up to the teacher and started playing!  He didn't even notice that I had left, it obviously was harder on me to bring him there than it was on him.  He is still in the infant room until he is 16 months he had some little ones around him.  From his report card, his first day went really well.  He ate all his lunch and snack and only took a little nap.  When Dennis picked him up, the teachers sort of gave him a hard time about the very detailed sheet I gave them that I like to call Hayden's Babysitting Sheet.  It includes birthdate, clinic number, weight, likes/dislikes, sleeping habits, eating habits, etc.  They said, they have a lot of mom's give them lists, but nothing this elaborate.  I'll be the first to admit, I'm a bit of a neurotic mother! :-)  But I think it might be a bit of the nurse in me too! Anyway, his first day went well, expect Dennis did find out that Hayden was a bit of a rough with a little girl in the room.  But, she was a bit bigger than him and didn't stand for Hayden pushing her, so she stood her own ground.  That'll teach him :-)~.  The second day, Dennis had to drop him off very bright and early and so it was a bit of a change for  him not being able to sleep in.  I picked him up in the afternoon and they said he was very tired the whole day but only napped for about 45 minutes.  The next thing I was told was that he 'is the busiest 13 month they ever took care of'.  "Great", I thought, another person telling me how active my kiddo is!  They just said he just would zip all around the room, that you could hardly keep an eye on him............and he'd sneak up on them out of the blue! :-) I explained, he was used to a lot of one on one attention being babysat at home.  But all in all, he has behaved very well and they said, they never would have guessed that he had never been to daycare before........he fit in very comfortably.  This makes me very proud of him!
We also bought Hayden's new toddler bed this week and put his room all together.............or temporarily that is.  We may be making some changes, we'll see.  A co-worker and I are going to be doing daycare for each other starting the end of this month.  She has a 2 1/2 year old and will be staying over some nights with us while she works nights.  So, we bought Hayden's bed early so Vanessa would have a bed of her own to sleep in while she is with us.  I'm very excited to have a little playmate for Hayden, she is a sweet little girl.  Vanessa's mom is moving into a house a couple blocks from my mom and dad's so it'll be nice and close to them too!  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures of the kids together..........and you'll be hearing lots of stories of the two!
Hayden got to spend a couple of nights at Gma & Gpa Reckward's again this weekend while Dennis went golfing.  Dennis came back reporting that Hayden was saying "outside", "up", and "hello" while at Gma & Gpa's.  As always, he was very well behaved for them and enjoyed his visit with them!
Hayden has been just a love bug as of late too!  He gives out kisses and hugs like you wouldn't believe.  And not just one, he might keep coming back and giving you three or four.  It's been awesome, getting smooches from that cutie!

OH, a couple things I forgot to report last week........................Hayden stayed a couple of nights at Gma & Gpa Deden's house earlier in the week and did a very funny (but naughty) thing.  He was playing with Gma's Mickey Mouse phone, one of his favorite things to do.........and he accidentally called 911!  Well, unbeknownst (sp?) to my parents, the police call back to the house and ask, "Mr Deden, did you call 911?  There was no response when our operator was called", my dad said, "well, I didn't call, but I have a feeling that I know who did, my grandson!".............the police said that they would stop the police officer in route to their house!  YIKES!  So, he's no longer allowed to get close to the phone anymore! Gma also put together a fun little playroom for him at her house.   She pulled out all the old toys my sister's used to play with............a big Fischer Price kitchen set, cupboards, cash register, etc.  He had SO much fun playing with all the new stuff.........he just sat and giggled and giggled and giggled!  It was the funniest thing.  He is going to have hours of entertainment with all that fun stuff!

So, that's about it for the week.............again, sorry for only one picture of the little man this week!  This was him on his first day of daycare!  Not the best picture, he doesn't stay still for very long these days!
September 19 , 2005
The time is just flying by!  Can you believe it's the middle of September already!  Almost everyday I sit and think back to what we were doing a year ago........I sit and think about how much Hayden has changed and how much our lives have changed in this past year.  But yet, it's gone by SO fast!  Hayden is just getting bigger and smarter by the day, he just absolutely amazes much they learn and change within one year. 
Fall is here and it's my absolute favorite time of year!  The smell, the slightly cool air, the trees, etc.  Hayden helped Gma pick some apples out at her work and we made an apple pie for Daddy.  We plan on going to the pumpkin patch next weekend, which will be super fun too!  We have to take advantage of doing things outside before it gets too cold out there and we're cooped in the house all day.  We're also on the hunt for a fun Halloween costume............we have some ideas, but no official decision yet.
Hayden went to daycare three days last week and still seems to enjoy it very much!  The teachers are really getting to know and love him too.  Dennis dropped him off one morning and her ran up to his teacher and snuggled right up into her arms.  What a smooze! :-)  He has become SO affectionate and I think the person that gets the most kisses are his aunties, Meg & Ashley!  He gives them unlimited number of kisses, lucky them!  Us girls and Hayden got to hang out last night and he definitely loved them up!
Hayden has been getting really good at playing his harmonica this week too!  Before he'd play one or two notes and then giggle..........but he's starting to play a lot more and start dancing while playing it too!  We've got some GREAT video footage of him doing a jig while Dennis was playing a song...........HILARIOUS!
We've made the final rearrangements of the bedroom this week too!  So, I finally took a picture and posted it below.  As you can see from the other picture below, it's that time of year again, college football!  So, in order to support our team, Hayden had on his blue and maize (sp?) and cheered on the Wolverines with his Daddy on Saturday!  But what's funny the very first Michigan ourfit he ever had on (his very first day of life)...........he had a 'blow out' in this outfit too!  Maybe he's trying to tell his Daddy something, maybe he's not as big of a Michigan fan as his Daddy is!..............or it's just coincidence! :-)
We had our last wedding of the year too!  I think that makes about 5 or 6 for us just this summer! Dennis and Hayden stayed home while a few of us girls went to the ceremony.  It was my good friend Alissa, who I used to work with on Gyne...............she was an absolute STUNNING bride!  One by one, we're all growing up, getting married and having babies!  6 years ago when we all started at Mayo, we never would have envisioned our lives today...............we were young, wild, crazy and single.........brand new to nursing and the world was our oyster. And rather quickly within the past couple of years, we've all been married to GREAT guys........and starting our familes!  It's great to see such a large group of friends evolve like that and ENJOY marriage and motherhood so much and all around the same time!  Such a wonderful thing to all experience and share together.
I think that's about all for this week.  Daddy has his
29th BIRTHDAY on Thursday!  We'll have to find something fun to do!  Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday...........30 is just around the corner! :-)
Click on picture to get a larger view!
Can really play harmonica now! Put your mouse over to see him playing it!
That time of year again!  Go Big BLUE!
September 26 , 2005

Sorry about the delay in getting my update made........but here it is.  Not a whole lot new this week, just keeping busy just trying to keep up with Mr Hayden  Did I mention that he is known as 'the busiest 13 month old" a few people know! :-)~  The really neat thing is the kid is signing up a storm, especially when it comes to eating.  He signs, "more", "more", "more" a lot throughout his meals!  At daycare they said he's been signing "eat", and for us he'll also sign "all gone".  He's still doing "I Love You", but having a hard time getting all three fingers up for that, so it mostly looks like an "L" but then he'll shake his arm/hand as if he's really trying to get that other finger up, it's so sweet!  He's also trying to say 'more' when he signs it.  He definitely has his own 'phrases' of things he's trying to say and it's pretty consistent, it's as if he knows what he is saying.  It won't be long and he'll be really getting his point across.
Early in the week we went to one of the newer parks in town by Soldiers Field.  We had never been there and what a fun park!  They had all sorts of neat stuff.  I'll be adding those pictures to Hayden's First Time at the Park page.............I'll add a link once those pictures are added to the old page.  At first he just wanted the dirt and woodchips...........(all boy!)..........bur eventually started getting into all the toys and fun things.
He spent a few days at daycare and is really starting to woo the ladies of them even said how smart she thought he was!  They probably tell all the moms that, but of course I agreed with her! :-)
This week was also Dennis' birthday!  We had fun making a sign for Hayden to wear when Dennis got home!  We didn't get to do anything fun the day of his birthday, but he and I got to go out to dinner on Friday night.
Hayden spent a few nights at Gma & Gpa Deden' night while Dennis and I both worked and then the other while Dennis and I went to celebrate his birthday.  Gma bought him the cutest pair of Elmo slippers, which he surprisingly keeps on!  It's funny, he'll bend over and put his head to the ground to get a good look of the slippers!  I've been meaning to catch a picture of him doing it, but he always stops doing it once I get the camera out.
I can't seem to think of much more that happened this memory is slipping I think!  But, I did get some fun check them out below!  Also, I added a couple more to our
Favorite Pics of Hayden Page. The story behind it goes.......Dennis' dad is a tractor mechanic for most International Tractors (the red ones)............and there is a big thing in their family that it's only red tractors, NOT the green my dad and Uncle Denny decided to put Hayden on a green John Deere and put a John Deere hat on him too!  They wanted to send those pictures to Hayden's Gpa Reckward to pick on him!  So, my Aunt Carol scanned the pictures and emailed them to me.  So check them out on the Favorite Pics page!
Have a good week everyone!  Thanks for checking in on us!
Hayden is really starting to enjoy Story Time!
October 4 , 2005
I haven't gotten my pictures for the week downloaded yet, but hopefully I'll get them up on this page later on today.  The week flew by so fast!  Hayden went to my best friend Jenny & JPs house on Monday while I got to go to a couple meetings for work.  He had a great time at their house.  Jenny has a lot of nephews and one neice and so her house is stocked with toys galore.  So, he has a great time playing with all the new things.  He's also excited because Jen & JP will be expecting their first baby before too long............a little girl in the beginning of February!  YEAH!
Then Tuesday he got to go to Day Care again and is flirting something terrible with all the ladies there.  At first Dennis asked, well, which little girls are he flirting with?..........I guess he's flirting with the big girls too!!  What a smooze! :-)  He's getting much more free with the kisses and is definitely showing excitement when he sees certain people.
We went and met Gma & Gpa Reckward for supper down in Preston on Thursday night.  It was Gma Reckward's birthday and we all went down to celebrate.
Wednesday Dennis, Hayden and I made a trip to Medford to get him a new fall/winter wardrobe...........and boy oh boy, we hit the jackpot! He came home with some fun new pjs, lots of new shirts and some new pants.  He tolerated the shopping trip so well and then we made our way up to Burnsville to get Dennis' birthday present.  The portable DVD player made the long trip a little bit more bearable for Hayden, he got to watch some of his favorite movies.  And, I got to stop at Hardee's on the way home, so that made the trip even more fun! :-)
By Friday, I think Hayden was getting sick of having me at home and was pulling some pretty crazy stunts!  I think he was testing my patience and I was feeling ready to get back to work for the weekend.  He's been having some pretty bad crabby spells and tantrums and on Friday afternoon, I was laying him down for his nap when he pulled the first one of the day.  I was hoping that I could also get my nap in before I went into work that night.  Well all of a sudden I heard a big crash.  I went into Hayden's room and saw the baby wipe warmer hanging from the changing table and looked in Hayden's crib and he had every single wipe from a brand new pack sprawled out throughout his crib!  Well, he was kind enough to help pick them up and put them back in the warmer for me :-)..........thank goodness he's cute!  Later on that afternoon, I was putting all his summer clothes away and he kept digging in the drawers pulling out the new clothes and dumping over the baskets with the old clothes.  He's such a helper!  It's almost impossible to fold laundry when he's around!
Since I worked the weekend, Hayden and Dad got to spend a lot of time together.  They had a great day on Saturday Michigan won in overtime to Michigan State! It was a happy day in the Reckward household! :-)
So, another busy week for all of us............I will hopefully be posting pictures soon, I haven't hardly had time to think while at home, so I'm hoping to just put this week and next's weeks on at the same time!
Thanks for checking in on us! Have a good one!
October 10 , 2005 (14 MONTHS OLD) & Our One Year Wedding Anniversary!
Well, first things first!  Amy & Milt had their little baby boy on Friday!  Dennis and I went to go see him on Saturday and he is just the sweetest and cutest thing!  His name is Hutson Allen Hendrickson, he weighs 7lbs 1oz.  Amy did a tremendous job delivering him  and yes, Milt made it back to MN for the delivery, that's one of the first thing most people ask me, so I best make sure to mention that. We were SO happy he did.........he wouldn't have missed it for the world!  I always joked with Amy that it'd be like that movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles, if it had to be.  Everyone looks and is doing great, we are SO proud of them!  What a beautiful family.  I added a couple pictures of them below, click on them to get a bigger image.
The next big thing of the weekend is our first wedding anniversary!  (So much for this being Hayden's update this week, just kidding, I'll get to that! :-)~)  We had a great weekend............and a great first year of marriage!  We celebrated the anniversary all weekend long.  Friday I got a dozen long stemmed roses and a super nice card with some fun 'gift certificates' in them, like housecleaning, supper, etc.  AND, I also got one for Dave Matthews Band concert tickets (they're coming in Nov) and for a one night stay in a really super nice hotel in Mpls.  THEN, Saturday Dennis and I spent the day together.......we had massages in the morning, we went for breakfast then went to Color Me Mine paint-your-own-pottery. He did a Michigan Football candy dish and I painted a plate with our names and wedding date on it.  I'll post pictures of the final product next week, we haven't gotten the finished product yet.  Then Dennis took a break and watched the unfortunate Michigan/Minnesota game....don't ask how he's doing......:-(  Then we went and saw the new little man, Hutson, and then we went to the Hubbell House for dinner.  It was such an awesome day.........we haven't spent that much time together, just the two of us in a long was very nice.  Then today I gave him the other part of his gift.  Mine was just little stuff, nothing as great as I got him...........he did good!!
So, onto Hayden's update! :-)
We took Hayden to Leo's Pizza Palace for the first time this week and he had a great time.  It was right up his alley..........lots of screaming, kids running wild and pizza to eat! :-)  He played on a few of the toys, liked to look at the coin-operated games, and especially LOVED it when Leo came out to see everyone.  He wouldn't take his eyes off of first I thought maybe he was scared, but Leo came over and tickled him and Hayden just giggled! But your mouse over the picture to see that.
Hayden went to Marisa's for the first time this week too.............he was so tired from playing so hard, he fell asleep at 7pm on the floor right next to Dennis in the living room!  He played with playdough with Vanessa and helped empty out Marisa's cupboards.....he was very busy, of course! They've also said that again (he's busy)  at daycare and that they think that he may have outgrown the room he's in now......he's got to stay in there for another 2 months before he can go with the older kids.  I wonder what they're trying to say :-), they want him out?
Hayden has been quite a grump in the afternoon's lately too, I think he may be getting even more teeth or is coming down with something.  He's had a runny nose and a sore, sore, sore butt the past few days and is sure crabby.  I've got some pictures to prove it, and I think he's pointing to the problem too!  Poor guy.........I hope he gets a break from that soon!
Hayden has done the funniest things this weekend, he keeps us all in stitches that's for sure!  He especially gets goofy when his aunts are here.  He picked his first booger and shared it with his Aunt Meg and then also danced around in circles so much he got dizzy and hit his head on the entertainment center, showing off for his Aunt Ashley!  He also proved that he loves to kiss his aunts and only his aunts.  He's been SO stingy with the kisses this past week, but then when his aunts came over Sunday night, he gave them kisses galore.......NO FAIR! :-)  I did end up with one finally at the end of the night. Hayden also had me cracking up on Sunday night.  I had America's Funniest Videos on TV and I went into the kitchen to do something.  Hayden was out playing in the living room and all of a sudden I hear him laughing deep from down in his belly, over and over again.  I go and look into the living room and something that he was watching on America's Funniest Videos was making him laugh over and over again.  They showed like three different clips and he just kept laughing!  I could not even believe it!  He's getting to be such a big boy!
Well, I think that's about all for now!  Talk to you next week!
Elmo Cookie After
Elmo Cookie Before
October 17 , 2005
I don't have a whole lot of time for an update right now, I'm trying to get to bed this morning after a long weekend at work.  I do have some fun new pictures of lots of things...........a couple more of Baby Hutson (click here to see his very own webpage!) and some other old friends of Hayden's.  And, I am getting a page started of the pictures of Hayden & Vanessa, click here to see it..  Vanessa spent two days with us last week and the kids had so much fun together.  I will do my best to get the pictures up very soon and the rest of my update made.  But, in the mean time, I did make some updates to the Baby's here to get the latest info and to see the little one now!
Well, Halloween is near and we are in the spirit..............we're wearing our orange and getting ready to pick out some pumpkins and do some carving.  It's been fun with Hayden and Vanessa getting them all hyped up for Halloween.  I have Hayden's costume idea picked out already, but I'm waiting to share what it is.........some of  you may know already, but I think it'll be a cute surprise to see the costume come Halloween!
Hayden started off the week with a cold that he just couldn't shake.........his cough got real bad on Monday, then Tuesday my mom and I took turns taking care of him while the other was at work.  I was fortunate that we've slowed down at work so I could take Tuesday night off and be home with him too.  By Wednesday he was back to his old I'm happy about that.  Wednesday and Thursday we were busy shopping and playing with Vanessa.  I did learn that Hayden is not the greatest at sharing right now..........good thing to find out before another one comes along.  He would bring a book to me that had all sorts of textures to feel and Vanessa would try to feel them too and he'd literally take her arm and shove it out of his way.   I don't know what he didn't want to share, the book or his mom.  He'd also get real cuddly if Vanessa was sitting on my lap, so he'd grab his blanket and want to come on up too.  I think it's going to be good for him to have a little older child around to learn how to cope with not being the only one in the spotlight.  It will sure be a shock for him.
Friday, Hayden spent the morning with Gma while we went to our doctor's appointment and then spent the rest of the day with Dad.  I went down to see Amy & Hutson (
see his pictures by clicking here), I decided to keep him home just in case he had any remnant of his cold left, I didn't want to get Hutson sick.  Saturday Hayden & Dad spent a lot of the day shopping for a new garage door opener.  Of all the stores they went to, Menards was his favorite because Dennis said he could reach absolutely everything on the shelves!  He then spent some time with Gpa while Dad watched the big Michigan game.  Sunday we met a bunch of people from my family for pizza and Hayden got to see his aunts, great aunts, great uncle and some cousins that he hasn't seen in a while. .He was showing off his new talent, his fake laugh!  It got everyone just laughing!  Then his Auntie Meg babysat him while Dennis and I had to both work.  He did good and enjoys his time with his aunts.
I forgot to mention the week has been  filled with plenty of tantrums!  The kid has quite a temper on him!  He's been regularly throwing at least one sort of tantrum a day............the intensity will vary, but usually there is one a day.  Our big thing is, we're weaning him off his bottle, so I think that might be part of it and the fact that he's SO determined!  His appetite is so little, that we've really had to restrict his milk intake and thought we'd get rid of the bottle at the same time.  We've been giving him one before bedtime for now and he seems SO grateful when he does get it, he'll just run around with it hanging from his mouth!
That's about all I can think of right now............oh Happy Belated Birthday to his buddy Alex Hess!
Click here for more pictures of Hayden & Vanessa
October 24 , 2005

Sorry no update just's been a busy weekend and I'll be super busy the first part of the it might be Wednesday before I get some pictures up.  I may be able to get to the written part of the update in the next couple of days.  I've got some great pictures to post.............we had a fun week!
Come back soon!
Alright, we'll it's Thursday and I'm just finally getting to my update!  Yikes!  That's just an indicator to how busy our lives have been.  But as far as last week, here's the scoop!
Hayden spent a couple days at daycare and is still just loving it!  It won't be much longer before he has to go to the next age group room.   He really likes his teachers in this room, but I think it'll be good for him to be with older kids especially with how active he is.  Vanessa spent a day with us too this week and the kids are really enjoying playing with each other.  Me, Hayden and Vanessa met my co-worker/friend Stacy and her two boys at Leo's Pizza and the kids had SO much fun!  They spent a good hour and a half just running around and playing.  Thursday we took Haylee to the vet, Hayden had never been there before.  He enjoyed seeing the other dogs there.  That night we met Gma & Gpa Deden, Aunties Meg & Ash, Great Uncle Denny, Great Aunt Tish and Great Uncle Steve and Great Gpa Scanlan at the Eagle for all-you-can-eat Burgers.  It's starting to be a tradition with our family .  Hayden likes seeing everyone and running around the place.  He eats pretty good and enjoys a little bit of Sierra Mist in his sippy cup..  Friday was a big day for our family, our friend Jessica flew into MN to visit us for the weekend.  We haven't seen her since our wedding last year.  So, Hayden and I got to drive up and get her from the airport.  Hayden did super good on the way up and back.  We stopped by our friend Shannon's house and he got to see her big black lab dog, Maya.  Hayden LOVED playing with someone more 'his size'..........and would run around waiting for her to chase him.  He also got quite a workout going up and down Shannon's steps and running around trying to get into cupboards.  Saturday we took Haylee to the groomers and when we went to pick her up he said the cutest thing.  Haylee jumped in the backseat and then went to sniff Hayden and he screamed with delight, "Ya-Ya!!!!", that's his word for was as if he was telling her how beautiful she looked!  During this time Dennis was down in Iowa City at the big Michigan vs Iowa game............Hayden and I were back at home hoping for a big win for Michigan............and they DID!  It was a close game, but they pulled it off..........we knew Daddy would be happy!  That Saturday night, Auntie Ash babysat Hayden while Jessica and I got to go out and go see a girlie movie (In Her Shoes, VERY good!) and then Meg met us for supper.  Dennis came home that night and Hayden was happy to see him.  Sunday was a pretty lazy day, it was cold and gloomy.  Jessica and I went to Treasure Island hoping to win big, but didn't last for more than a couple of hours, as we quickly ran out of money.
OH!  I missed the most important thing of the week!  Hayden finally said MOMMY!  I couldn't belive it!  Now he says it alot and the kids jibber-jabbers A LOT!  It's SO cute..........he'll grab his play phone and just jabber away...........I can't wait until he starts saying more words.  IT won't be too long I'm sure!
I think that's about all for here.............enjoy the pictures!!
October 31, 2005  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Happy Halloween everyone!  We are so excited for Halloween this year and I am very excited to show off Hayden's costume.  I'm going to keep it a secret, you'll just have to wait for me to post my up at my Mom and Dad's tonight to see the little man in action! :-)
As far as how our week went.  One of the big events was Hayden got to see his Gpa Bredeson!  He hasn't seen him since our wedding last year, so it was a shock with how much Hayden has grown.  At first he was a little shy, but then my dad started taking pictures of Hayden on his cell phone and then Hayden buddied right up to him and charmed the cellphone out of his hands.  He got to see his Gma B-R and he got a kick out of her digital camera too.  We went out for supper and Hayden enjoyed running around and making a bunch of noise to show off for them.  I'll be posting some pictures of Hayden and his Gpa later on.
Have more to update, but I have to get running......will write more later and try to get the pictures posted!

I have a new poll through our guestbook started to vote on the sex of the new baby...............I will be adding my update with the baby later on too!

Time for the rest of the update:  Alright as far as the rest of the week goes...about midweek Hayden ended up with a big owie on his forehead.  He was testing out his new pair of winter shoes and was running down the sidewalk, when he tripped and bumped and scrapped his forehead.  It left a pretty bad sidewalk burn and a big bump, but it's already scabbed over healed and you honestly wouldn't have known that he did anything to it by the way he acted afterward.  I think it looked a lot worse than it hurt him.  You can see it on one of the pictures below.
He's really taken off on eating now used to be such a struggle, but now he just shoves it in at mealtime and snacks a lot.  I think he's having a growth spurt.  I think he's grown some too.  He is supposed to have a 15 month checkup pretty soon, so it'll be interesting if his spot on the growth chart has improved from last time.
Hayden's been pretty pleasant this past week, not too many tantrums (long ones anyway).  He's getting better at trying to let us know what he wants.  It's so cute, he takes your hand and puts it to what he wants or he'll try and drag you somewhere.  It's getting nice that he can somewhat communicate with us, a little anyway.  Sometimes you really don't have a clue what he means! :-)
He loves to play pat-a-cake, he just laughs and grins and has even started doing the motions.  He also loves his toes being played with, especially to 'this little piggy".  HIs new hobby is climbing!  He'll climb up and down the lounger and then jump off the end, thank goodness it's not too far off the ground.......he's done a somersault one time, he thought it was pretty cool.  Then I found him standing on his laundry basket turned upside down!  That kid is already giving me gray hairs!  I am not looking forward to him getting over the gates, I really hope that is a long way off!
I worked over the weekend and Hayden got to spend the Saturday at Gma and Gpas Deden's and then all day with Daddy on Sunday.  He was very good for everyone.  On Sunday he did the funniest thing.  He's been getting a little aggressive lately, which I've been reading is normal at this age.  He has been pulling hair and trying to headbutt, hitting and pinching, it's getting a little brutal.  I honestly worry about the baby! :-)~  Well, anyway, he really gets into pulling hair and he's been doing it to a lot of us lately.  After telling him no a few times, if he keeps doing it, I'll give the back of his hair a little tug and usually that ends it.  Well, Sunday I was down on the floor playing with him and I had my hair down.  Well, he started tugging really hard.........I told him no, that hurts Mommy..........then he reached around and pulled his own hair!!!!  Can you believe that!?  It was as if he was saying, 'mom, don't worry, I'll get it!  I'll punish myself.'  What a character!  If anyone has any other suggestions on how to get him to stop being so rough, let me know.  I'm sure it's a phase and will be over soon, we're all just going to have some bumps and bruises until then! 
I think that's back next week!  Don't forget to vote!

November 7, 2005  (Almost 15 months old!)

Well, it's Monday already and time to do another update!  I'm hoping Hayden will give me a few minutes today to get it done and maybe I'll be able to get the pictures up today too! 
Well, last week started off with a very fun day!  Hayden's 2nd Halloween!  If you haven't seen the pictures you have to
click here to check them out!  He was so absolutely adorable!  We didn't end up with any trick or treaters at our house before we went over to my mom and dad's house.  We had some supper and Hayden went wild!  Every time the doorbell would ring he'd scream and run to the door.  I think what he enjoyed to most was opening and shutting the door on his own.....not necessarily the trick or treaters at the door.  One time he even shut the door on them!  He's still kind of new to this whole trick or treating business! :-)  Anyway, by the time we got him in his costume, he was just wild and didn't want anyone of us getting in his way.  We wrestled with him to get his costume on and decided we better head out before it got too late.  Well, he didn't make it far before he wanted to start playing with our pumpkins (we brought over from our house)  He was content just doing that and then pretty much ignored the trick or treaters coming to the door.  Then we finally got him to come with all of us to just go trick or treating around the cul-de-sac.  He screamed and threw a little fit before we got to the first house and  he realized how fun it was that he could ring the doorbell, people would tell him how cute he was AND he got candy!  He really started to get into it after the second house.  Even at one place they had a little train that went around the front of the house and it'd stop when the kids came and they could pick out candy from one of the cars!  It was so cool!  He maybe went to 7 ot 8 houses, and eventually wore out a little bit.  So, then we could finally get some pictures of him in his costume.  None the less, it was a good time and we got lots of candy.
Tuesday he spent the day with Vanessa and had a good time there.  Vanessa then spent part of the evening with us on Wednesday.  The kids are getting along good and I enjoy the time they get to be together.  Hayden is getting a little better with sharing still likes gets a little testy at times.
As far as his tantrums go, my mom finally got a taste of what I've been talking about.  Up until Friday, she never believed me when I told her about his fits or some of his naughtiness.  She always thought, 'oh she must be tired or she must be exaggerating'.  Well, Friday Hayden was into absolutely everything and wouldn't take no for an answer............she said she never had to tell him 'no' so many times ever in her life and when she finally had to pull him away from whatever he was getting into, he threw himself on the floor and just started thrashing around...........she seriously thought he was having a seizure, she had never seen him do that before.  But now she knows!  He kind of had a testy day that Friday, but overall he's been really good.  He's been pretty pleasant most the time and started to do lots of new things.
He has been climbing and climbing on more and more stuff everyday............he's learned to climb up on the coffee table upstairs without stepping on anything to get up there.  He.climbs all over and up the back of the furniture and up some of his bigger toys. He's quite the little monkey!  He's also been just jabbering too!  He has his own words for certain things............some I really don't know where they are coming from.  But, he's also signing more regularly and so that has been SO cool.  He's now signing 'help' (when he needs us to do something for him) and he'll do 'milk' now and I saw him sign 'eat' too.  We've been trying to show him more signs now that he's been 'getting it'.
On Sunday Hayden's litte buddy Alex came over to play.  It was fun seeing him interact with an older boy.  He was not shy at all!  He ran right up to him and started jabbering and started playing and showing off.  It was so cute.  I think he's going to be very outgoing and doesn't typically have a hard time adjusting to things.  That will be very nice attributes for him to have!  We went shopping and found him the absolute cutest outfit for his Christmas pictures!  I can't wait to show it off.....they're not scheduled yet, hopefully soon.  Then Sunday night, he went to my best friends mom's house, while she and her mom watched him while we went to a movie.  She is the grandmother of 9 grandsons and one granddaughter, so she had the best toys to play with!  He had a great time playing and did really good while we were gone.
I think that's about all the updates for now..............Hayden will turn 15 months on Wednesday and has an appt for more vaccinations and a check up with the Pediatrician.  Will have a new weight and height to report next week!.........I really think he's been getting taller and starting to fill out since our last appt.........I am interested to see how he's done!
Well, hope to get pictures up real soon!

Dennis taught Hayden how to put money in his piggy bank, he spent probably 30 min putting money in there.  Don't ask why he's only in a diaper, the kid loves being half naked!
Alex is going to be a big  brother too!
Missy is due this  December!
Hayden LOVES watching Elmo, put your mouse over the picture to see him smiling!
New page started
Hayden 15-18 months!