Hayden James Reckward
15-18 months
November 14th:
Hayden had his 15 month check up last week and here are the stats: His weight is 22lbs, still in the 24th%ile for his weight.  He's now 31 inches tall, 48th%ile for his height.  Still a little guy, but he's so active, it's not doubt he can't put any weight on! :-)  He also had to get three shots and he has never taken it so hard.  He had the flu shot along with the regular vaccinations.  This is his first time getting the flu shot, so he has to get a double vaccination this year, one now and then he has to wait a month.  The poor guy really screamed when they poked him and his face turned bright red from crying.  But he didn't cry for too long, he's a tough guy.  You could see him wince though that night whenever he bent his legs.  The next day he thought his bandaids were pretty cool though......so it didn't keep him down for too long.  We also talked to the Pediatrician about his language skills.........I was concerned that he wasn't really talking much.  She said to not be too worried about it.  He's very active physically so it's often very hard for them to develop language at the same time, their brain can only really concentrate on one sort of development at a time.  We're going to really try and work harder with him to try and get him to say words.  He jabbers a lot and has is own words for stuff and the one he really has been saying a lot lately sounds just like sh*t!.....I don't know what he's trying to say, but it really does sound like a naughty word!.  I had asked our Pediatricianr about the Baby Sign Language and she's not a big supporter of it.  She said, it's almost like teaching them two languages at once.......why not just focus your time and energy on getting him to say the word versus signing it.  I'm still happy we're doing it and we'll still continue to work on it.  I feel this at least gives us some idea of what he wants.  He's been doing pretty good with it, so we'll just keep introducing signs and trying to get him to say the word along with it.  They say boys take a little longer to start talking too. 
Hayden got to spend a lot of time with family this week.  Auntie Ashley watched him a lot for us this week and he always enjoys having her around.  Grandma also got to watch him a little bit too.  Grandpa Deden was gone hunting all week, but Hayden was sure excited to see him on Friday when he got home.  On Saturday, Hayden and Dennis went to Decorah and Hayden got to spend time with Gma & Gpa Reckward and Uncle Chad.  The weather was so nice he got to play outside and he worked up such an appetite and ate really good for them.
One of Hayden's favorite things that we have really found out this week is his Elmo DVD.  He would watch that over and over again if you let him.  He just lights up everytime he sees Elmo..........a toy, on TV, anywhere.  He just stands absolutely still too.  It's amazing!  He was also watching Shrek on TV last night and would giggle at the Donkey.  I love to see him react to stuff.........especially with his laugh, it makes me melt!
I can't seem to think of too much more to report on this week..............just keeping busy as usual............will get pictures posted later.
New jacket Grandma Deden bought Hayden!
November 21st:
Well, the weather has been getting colder and it's been harder and harder for Hayden to stay inside. The hard thing is that when he goes outside he's been throwing a fit getting his jacket on and especially his hat and mittens.  It's going to be a long winter.........but we'll just have to deal with it.
Believe it or not, he's become more and more of a daredevil.  He's climbing on everything.........he's even learned if he stands on something it makes him taller and able to reach things he probably shouldn't.  He's such a boy!  Dennis was laying on the floor at the end of our chaise lounger and Hayden was of course climbing all over it, standing up, acting crazy...........and all of a sudden he did a belly flop right onto Dennis' stomach without any warning what-so-ever!  We about had a heart attach!
He's starting to get more and more rough too.  Poor Vanessa.  I honestly think he's trying to hug her but he gets SO aggressive and she's so little she can't take the weight of him.  He'll come from any direction and just bear hug her and just hang on her.  And then when she falls over, he just keep climbing all over her.  He's smiling and hugging at the same time, so I"m hoping he's just trying to show her some love and that it's not that he's being mean.  He just doesn't realize his own strength.  Kind of like that Abominible (sp?) Snowman and Bugs Bunny..........."I will love him and squeeze him and call him George".  Hayden does enjoy having Vanessa over..........they spent a lot of time playing in the playroom together,  She'd make him 'lunch' and he'd sit right at the table and wait patiently.  They also both enjoy The Wiggles and will dance together to them............and they both love Elmo.  So, they are getting along so great.  I've added more pictures of those two to their own webpage........
.click here
We also went and got his Christmas pictures done.  I'm realy bummed out..........for some reason we can't view them online........I don't know if they got rid of that service or what.  But, after this visit, I've decided I'm not going back to Target to get anymore pictures done..........and it's not because of anything Hayden did.  I was REALLY unhappy with the customer service and quality of photography I got from the guy who did our pictures.  The 'good' guy that has been there no longer works there and they ya-hoo we got this time, total jerk.  We've had him before, but he was so completely inappropriate this time, I won't go back.  I was almost tempted to not get any pictures at all......but we did have some cute ones turn out.  He just acted like he hated kids and was totally unrealistic to think if I told a 15 month old to sit on the stool that he'd stay there the entire time so he could get his pictures.  Hayden was totally happy and kept coming up to him and smiling and being very pleasant.  But the guy did nothing to try and help the situation to get Hayden to pose or sit in one spot.  I would have thought he was brand new with how unprofessional he was.  I was requesting background changes and props..........I just was not pleased with him at all.  We'll be getting our pictures on the 28th, so I'll be posting some of them once we get them.  If Hayden wouldn't have been so cute.........we probably would have just left.  Just wait until you see him! :-)
That's about all the time I have to write right now........will try and write more later..........Hayden is calling...........
Hayden hates having to get bundled up for the cold weather!
November 28th:
It's almost Thursday and I'm just finally getting to the update........yikes!  I'm getting more and more tardy with the updates.  I'm sure no one minds, but I do get forgetful from one week to the next so I best get these done in a timely manner, otherwise, I'm not sure what I'll need to write! :-)
Alright, what happened this past week........it seemed like the week just flew by with the holiday in there and I seemed to work a lot right in the row, so forgive my forgetfulness. I'll just jump right to the holiday........... I was scheduled to work this holiday so.Hayden & Dennis went down to Decorah on Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving Day with his Gma & Gpa Reckward........and uncles Brad, Chad & Spud.......and his Aunt Jen was there too.  Brad & Jen hadn't seen him in a really long time and just couldn't believe how much he's grown and how busy he is.  I think everyone was beat after the big meal and trying to keep up with Mr Hayden.........he's definitely not slowing down any.  Then that evening, Dennis & Hayden met me and my family at my parents house.  So, Hayden spread the love this holiday!  He ate really good at Reckwards, but wanted to just throw his food at my mom and dad's.  He had a long day and likes to run around and get into things at my mom and dads.  All-in-all, it was a great holiday..........I got to spend it with all my family even though I had to work, not too shabby!  Hayden then got to spend the night at Gma & Gpa which he always enjoys.
Saturday night Ashley & her boyfriend Adam babysat Hayden while Dennis & I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert up in the cities.  He's quite the little showoff for company............he's really learned how to make some silly moves during his wild streaks.  Quite the mover and shaker he is.  He's so much a boy too!  He likes to tip things over see how the things work.  For instance his rocking chair.  He now builds a little house/fort out of it, uses one of the bars that swings back and forth as a door.  And, he's learned how to pull up a chair in order to reach something.  He is so smart, I just know he's going to be getting into everything, no matter how it's under lock and key!
Hayden has been 'signing' so much lately...........he'll independantly without prompting sign his regular signs, 'more', 'milk', 'help', & 'eat' at the appropriate times too.  He's still not talking much except for Mama and Dada a lot more now.  And he's got his own words, I still haven't figured out what he's saying for what, but it'll come along.
Well, that's about all I can think of for now.............I'm going to try and be more prompt, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of what he's doing by not writing it down quicker.  So hopefully, Monday there will be a nice detailed report.  Thanks for checking in!
Click on the pictures to see who we celebrated Thanksgiving with....
December 5th:
We're having MAJOR computer problems with our computer at home and so I haven't been able to get the pictures for this week uploaded from my digital camera...but I have the next best, or better thing.........Hayden's pictures from Target!  How cute is he?!
So for the weekly update, can you believe it's going to be done on time!? :-)
The real big news for the week was we got to tell Hayden he is going to have a little SISTER in April.  He acted pretty excited when we told him, I'm not if he really understands how much his life will be turned upside down, first by another baby in the house and that it's going to be a girl!  I think he's going to be a great big brother! 
He's really starting to act like he could use the company too.  I think he's going to look forward to having a little buddy to play with.  He's been having a harder time keeping himself occupied without causing a bunch of trouble.  His new favorite thing to do is to dig in the little refrigerator with the 'bar' set up downstairs.  The door is really light and quiet so you can't hear it open.  He's even gotten to learn how to move, without a sound, the two chairs blocking the door from opening.  He likes to pull the cold beer cans out of the fridge and walk around with them......and then he's found the cups of yogurt and gotten the tops off with his teeth and pulled back the foil seal.....and dumped half a yogurt on the floor.  This is all in a matter of seconds.  The boy is quick!  The minute he sees you out of sight, he's into something he knows he shouldn't be.  Which leads me to the next adventure!....the christmas tree and decorations!
We've slowly been bringing out the Christmas decorations and he's been having a blast checking them all out.  He's already picked and eaten a plastic berry off of one of the snowman decorations.  AND, he's been absolutely determined to plug and unplug the tree lights.  There was about one night of a constant battle, and since he's moved on to a different obsession the bulbs.  We got plastic ones, so he can't break them, but he still yanks and the hooks go flying.  I figure, it's just going to take a week or more of hearing us say, 'no Hayden, no Hayden, no Hayden' times a bizillion before he finally gets it.  We'll see.  The tree is pretty bare, but we'll see if we'll be able to leave the bulbs on or not...........update next week! :-)
Hayden got to hang out with Vanessa a little bit this week, and like I said before, he's loved the company.  Still getting a little rough with her, but she's starting to block his moves..........which makes it easier on the poor girl.  He just hugs her by tackling her and then just hangs and clings to her.  I think he may be getting better.............we'll see in time.
Mr Hayden has found a new favorite food.........ketchup.  I could vomit just watching him go to town on it............but he loves it, on anything!..........every bite gets a dip and sometimes he'll just suck the ketchup off and go for another dip just to get more ketchup!  He's also been doing so many more grown up things.........stacking cups, playing pretend with his play food and dishes, playing with his shape sorter, putting his puzzle together.  I am just amazed on some of the things he can do.  It's probably no big deal at his age for those who have kids..........but I just find it so cool.....that he's starting to think this way.
Hayden got to see Gma & Gpa Reckward this week and was super well behaved at the restaurant while we got to share the big news from our ultrasound.  He was even flirting with the waitress just so she would say how cute and well behaved he was.  What a little ham!  He spent the night at Gma & Gpa Deden's this week too.  He LOVES his grandparents so much.  He's always so well behaved for them and they know just what to do to make him happy.  What a spoiled little boy we have! :-)
Well, I think that's about it for now..................or at least that I can think of.  Have a good week.  Be sure to check up on Hayden's little sisterl.......we've got pictures and everything!
Click here!
December 12th:
Some fun Xmas pictures, click here!  Also, some new pictures of Hutson, see his page!
Hayden had a rough time last week.  Well, one good thing happened last week, he got to see Santa!  We went on Tuedsday night to see him and it was the same night as Pet Night.  Hayden got the biggest kick out of all the big and little dogs.  I could hear him screaming way down the mall!  Hayden wasn't scared of Santa at all until he was on his lap and I stepped out in front of him.  When I was standing right beside him, he was fine, but for the picture they wanted me to stand in front of him beside the camera to get him to smile.  That's when he got a little anxious.  He didn't do as bad as one of my co-worker's kid, Afton. 
Click here to see his picture..........he really didn't like it.  This poor Santa......I wonder if he gets sick of kids by the time Xmas is over!  But as soon as I picked him up, he was fine and it only took 20 some seconds. 
Hayden was sick for most of the week last week.  Monday I had called the nurse line about a cough that he has had since before Thanksgiving.  It was mostly at night, but he started to cough more during the day and it had lasted so long we were a little concerned.  So, Tuesday we went and saw our pediatrician, Dr Valdes.  She checked out his ears and lungs and thought everything looked and sounded ok.  His ears were pretty dirty with wax, but she thought she could see enough that he was ok.  He ended up getting his second flu shot for the season too.  He had to get two this year because this is his first year of getting one.  Well Wednesday, he took a 4 hour nap (not like him) and woke up with a fever of 104!  At first I thought maybe it was from the flu shot.  We medicated the fever but it stayed up there and he definitely acted sick, glassy eyed, rosy cheeks, not wanting to eat or drink too much and pretty lethargic.  So, I called the nurse line again and they had the on-call Pediatrician call me back.  They weren't too worried, kids can tolerate such high temps and they typically don't want you to medicate a fever if it's less than 102 degrees in order for the fever to fight the infection.  None the less, I was still worried, Hayden is NEVER sick, so this was unusual for all of us.  So, he slept with me that night and tossed and turned and didn't sleep very well..........got meds through the night and was still under the weather come Thursday.  So, I call and talk to our pediatrician, especially since she just saw him on Tuesday.  She didn't sound too worried but said if I have any concerns at all I could bring him in to be seen.  Well, I was so hesistant because he wasn't showing any other signs of being sick, he wasn't rubbing his ears, not coughing any more than he was, it actually had improved, still had a clear, runny nose.  So, I hated to take him in and have them tell me and do nothing for him.  The only time he really showed he wasn't feeling well was when his fever was really high, once it broke he was trying to hard to be his normal self.  So I decided to keep medicating and give him some extra TLC.  He slept with me again on Thursday night and did a lot of tossing and turning, kicking me in the chest, laying on my belly (and his little sister) and hogging the bed.  Now I know what my mom meant when she used to say you cannot sleep when you have a kid in bed with you!  Friday morning he woke up NO high fever!  Yeah!  I thought, ok, he's feeling better!  He ate a lot better, was acting more like himself.  That afternoon, he took another 4 hour nap, I just chalked it up to how poorly he had been sleeping during the night.  He woke up and his temp was 105!  Yikes!  He even started to guard his abdomen a little bit while I was palpating it trying to get some idea of what might be causing his fever. I was supposed to work that night but Dennis was working a double shift and I just could not leave my sick boy while I went to work. So, I called our doctor's office and got an appt first thing the next morning and we medicated again through the night.  Gma & Gpa stopped by with some goodies, hoping to make him feel better.......McDonald Chicken Nuggets, Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Sierra Mist and even a Carole-singing Elmo Doll.  He started to feel a little better, but not back to his normal self.  Saturday morning we all went to the doctor (not his regulat pediatrician) and he decided to start some antibiotics.  I had noticed a little redness, irritation around his little 'dooper' and some pain over his bladder and then doctor cleaned out his ears and thought that one looked a little pink.  So, the anitbiotic he gave would cover all of that.
SO............he's starting to feel better now.  No fevers at all on Sunday!..........still a little fussy and tired, but I think we'll start to see some recovery real soon.
That was the big event of the week.........I had posted some of the pictures from the previous week's entry under this week's...............be sure to check out the Xmas page and the new pics of Hutson!
December 19th:
About mid-week Hayden was done with his course of antibiotics and you could definitely tell..........he has been SO good this week!  He's been so pleasant and cheerful that it really makes me wonder if he was feeling a little under the weather for a while and now it's cleared up!  He hasn't had any more problems with temps which has been such a relief.........but I do see a couple teeth starting to poke their way through so his nose has been running and he still puts everything in his mouth.  He's tasted some pretty weird things lately because of his obsession with containers that have a twist off cap or a flip-top lid (water bottles, lotions, conditioner, hand sanitizer).  He would play with a bottle for hours as long as he could open and shut the tops.  It makes it a little easier to get ready, I just give him a lotion bottle and he will play and play.  He was even grabbing his toothbrush and pretending to put toothpaste on it with one of the conditioner bottles.  He is really starting to figure things out............and wanting to do so much for himself.  The other afternoon I was getting him up from his nap and he was trying so hard to put his socks back on.  He's also trying to brush his own hair, put his own shoes on, and put lotion on his legs too!  What a big boy we have!! :-)
He's also been enjoying his movies and books more.  His favorite movie has to be Shrek and Shrek 2.  He will sit through almost the entire movie and laughs at certain parts.  It seriously cracks me up to see that he finds things funny.  He knows when his favorite parts are coming too, he'll look at you with this big toothy grin right before it comes on!  He also has certain books that he likes too.  He really likes the touch and feel books, "Pat the Bunny", "Tails", "Millie Moo", and he's getting into a newer one now, Richard Scarry's Book of All Things that Go.  That just has lots and lots of pictures to look at.  He even sat  so good while I read him 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.  Before he would let me get a couple pages read and off he'd go........so he's getting into it a bit more.
Vanessa came and stayed the night with us one week, Hayden's first sleep over!  They played really good together and enjoyed watching Toy Story and eating ice cream cones!  When they woke up they enjoyed waffles and dancing to The Wiggles.  He really does enjoy her company.  I'm posting an older picture of the two of them that I didn't get posted onto the site right away, but it's still cute.
Another big thing for the week was Hayden got advanced to the Toddler Room (16-33 months) at Back Up Day Care.  I was very nervous about his first day since it'd be a whole new group of teachers and kids.  And, especially nervous because of how rough he has been lately.  So, on my way home from work that morning I was able to stop by and check on him.  I guess his old teachers were so glad to see him again and were a little bummed out he was no longer in their room.  He had a little 'keeper' that kept a close eye on him for the teachers.  I can't remember her name, but I guess she was good at telling him when and where to stay out of stuff! :-)~  He did get a little rough with some of the kids who, size-wise,  were smaller than him, but they said it was more he was so excited to be around them he just was a little too rough.  He also painted a picture on their easel, played in the tunnel and played with crayon shavings and liked to 'sprinkle' them in his neighbor girl's hair!  All in all, he had a good time and will be going there on Monday actually.  Vanessa may even be there on some of the same days and I think in the same room so that would be kind of neat for him to know one of the kids already.
Oh, other big news...........our friends Missy and Dan had their little boy Owen Daniel Hesse on Tuesday.  He was 8lbs 10oz and Missy was induced but only labored for 3 hours!  Way to go Meliss!  This is the little brother to Alex, there are new pictures of all of them added to
Hayden's Friends website.
This next week, Hayden will have a recheck on his ears and I think we're actually going to be getting his haircut for the first time too!  Everyone keeps telling me not to, but it's starting to get really long in the back.  If you know me at all you know I kind of have this love-hate relationship with mullets (
see my page) but not on my own child..........so, we're going to try our best to get it cut this week, before Christmas.  Also, after Christmas Hayden will be bottle-free.  We are going to weed out the bedtime bottle and get rid of it completely.   I know, he's so old and he's still getting a bottle.....he LOVES them so much...........but we have to get rid of it in plenty of time before his little sister comes, otherwise he might try stealing hers.  So, we'll see how that goes.  I think he'll do fine.  He goes to bed so good for us that I can't imagine it would be that hard to just skip the bottle part beforehand.
Speaking of Xmas, we are going to be trying to get our last minute stuff done this week.  I haven't gotten ANY baking done yet.  Hayden makes it pretty difficult to do anything in the kitchen, especially if he's not in there with you and on the other side of the gate, he'll scream and throw things over the gate protesting his imprisonment!  So, I'm hoping with Ashley having time off from school, that maybe I can con her into keeping him occupied while I get a little bit of baking done!  Last year he did so good, just hung out in his baby sling while I dipped and baked..........he's a bit more active this year! :-)  I did get some presents wrapped...........and he'll mess with the bows mostly, but a majority of the time he leaves them be.  He's ripped the bow of his buddy Cal's present and destroyed that..........and keeps insisting on taking the bow off of Ashley's presents.........so, if you get a present  this year that looks like it's been handled, it probably has been!
Well, that's about all for now.............check out our
Christmas page so far...will have more pictures to add next week!
December 26th: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had a good and safe holiday.  We had a great weekend!  I will fill you in on all the details and all the pictures on our Christmas 2005 page, which I'm still working on getting the pictures on there.....so keep checking back.
As far as the week prior to the busy holidays, we had a good one.  Hayden has been in such the Christmas spirit that I cannot wait to get the tree down and put away!  He wakes up each morning and it's like he'd never seen the tree before.  I have a picture of him putting one of the Christmas decorations in the tree.......he's also done that with ripped out magazine pages and Haylee's dog toys.  It was his contribution to the tree!  He figured, they won't let me take anything off I'll just add my own touch!  What a funny kid!
He got to spend one day at Back Up Day care this week too and has such a good time, he painted a huge candy cane for us with peppermint scented paint!  They are such amazing people to trust your child with, it's such a blessing. So, as a thank you, Hayden and I dropped off some candy for all the staff. 
Another big event this week, Hayden got his first HAIRCUT!  Omigod, he is so dang cute!!! 
Click here to see the pictures of his first time in the barber chair. We didn't think of it til later, but we should have waited and had the barber down in Decorah do Hayden's first haircut.  He could get his hair cut by the person that used to do his Daddy's haircut.  Regardless, the stylist did a fabulous job!  She has a 1 1/2 year old as well, so she knows how to do the job quickly!  Hayden was so good! 
He also spent a lot of time shopping this week and tolerated that so good too!  It helped they have the fun little strollers that look like cars at the mall that Hayden just loves. He thinks he's pretty cool riding in there.  It was so funny one day we had gone and he was 'driving' the stroller and was playing with my cellphone too.  He had it right up to his ear and kept driving, it was quite a sight.........we got some looks. 
He's been real big on talking to everyone too.  He'll talk his own language but he usually has something to say to any person that walks down our aisle or is standing in line with us.  He particuarly likes older people.........and knows how to get them to talk to him and tell him how cute he is!  What a little charmer this boy is!
Hadyen had a recheck with his pedicatrician this week too after his antibiotic course.  His ears look good and seems to be doing ok, but still has this icky cough which is much worse at night.  We couldn't seem to come up with a reason, but our doctor ordered some Albuterol syrup to be given as needed just in case we thought he could use it.  We haven't tried it yet but have it filled just in case we think if it's not improving.  The Albuterol can make them a little 'wired' which is the last thing he needs....more energy!.........so we've kind of been holding off.  Who knows, the cough seems to be getting more frequent, so I don't know.
Well, I'll have more to add on the Christmas page..........but I think that's about all the updates for now.  Have a good and safe New Years!
Pictures will be coming as well.................busy weekend~!

January 2nd: Happy New Year!
For those who keep checking to see if the Xmas pictures are up yet, sorry to report I have not gotten to them yet.  I had problems editing the pictures on our old computer for some reason so it took most of the week to get to them.  So, hopefully in the next few days they'll be up.  Be sure to click here to get to that page~!
Our last week in 2005 went really good!  I worked during the week and so Auntie Ashley got to spend a lot of time with Hayden and he was an absolute gem for her!  He ate good, napped good and played good, what more could you ask. I think he's missed having her babysit for us full time! :-) 
Hayden has been playing very hard with all his new toys.  He already has one of his puzzles mastered!  It's a 9pc shape puzzle and I'm just amazed with how well he can put it all together.  The letter and number one is going to take a lot more time, but he is doing so great already.  He has lots of building blocks which he just loves, he likes to build really high towers and then knock them down.  He's also been enjoying some of his new books.  He hasn't quite mastered the Baby Leap Frog yet, he's more interested in pushing the on and off button mostly, but it'll come.
The big event this week was our family trip to Holiday Inn's Serengeti Waterpark in Owatonna.  We tried getting into one of the big ones up in the cities but they were all booked up.  But, this was a great starter for us.  We left on Friday after Dennis got home from work and as soon as we got to the hotel we went right to the waterpark.  Hayden was a little reserved when he and Dennis first got in the water.  But, before too long he was climbing up the little kiddie slide and going down without any concern at all.  He also liked all the little kids around him too.  He'd chat away with them but was very well behaved.  A couple times he went under the water but it didn't even phase him!  He just spit the water out and kept on his way.  His favorite thing was the water fountains that sprayed upward.  He'd try hugging it, get a face full of water and just giggle.  A couple ladies who were at the poolside by me couldn't believe how brave he was for his age.  He just loves water! 
I think the swimming really wore him out because we tried waiting for a table at the hotel restaurant and he did not tolerate that one bit.  He was getting down right nasty, hitting and pinching Dennis and I.  So, we decided to go back to the room and get our supper 'to-go'.  Hayden loved the hotel room and found different ways of getting into things.  He loved to open and close the microwave door, try to escape from the hotel door, talk and push the buttons on the phone.  We ended up unplugging the receiver from the base and he took it layed on the phone with his feet up on the couch and was just chatting away.  I couldn't get the camera in time otherwise I'd have a picture to share!  Although he was tired, he had a heck of a time getting to bed.  And then about 4:30 woke up crying and then went back to sleep.  Then at 5:30 was up again and was up for the day!  Yikes!  We tried watching a movie in bed to get him back to sleep, but I think he knew that waterpark was ready for him!  We got up and went to eat breakfast.  He was quite the little hellion then too!  We even got his favorite, pancakes!  He didn't even take a bite, although he had a piece on his fork and flung it down my shirt practically.  So, breakfast was quick and we decided to let him burn off his energy in the pool.  So we went to the waterpark again and he had just as much fun, if not more the second time.  He was screaming and hollering and having a good time.  He wanted to walk out into the deep part and even went down one of the waterslides with Dennis.  Dennis said it was pretty scary for him even, so it was no wonder Hayden was holding on for dear life on the way down.  When they made it down to the bottom, I never would have known, he didn't look scared at all.  He is awfully brave, I don't know if that is always a good thing though, we might regret that at some point! :-)  We had done all this by 9am and so we decided to lay him down for a nap before we had to check out that morning.  But, a funny thing that happened before he napped was, Dennis had taken his 'lil swimmer' off and let him run around to dry off.  Well, Hayden squats down and starts peeing!  I was laughing so hard I could hardly tell Dennis what was happening.  Then Hayden stood up, walked a couple steps and squatted again, and started to pee again!  I'm trying to grab a towel to get it cleaned up and he just keeps going!  Then he walks into the bathroom and starts peeing on the floor there................Dennis caught him this time and said he was watching it come out and accidentally shot it onto himself when Dennis grabbed him.  So, he marked his territory!  Dennis was laughing that we have a girl dog that pees like a boy (with her leg up) and a little boy that squates like a girl to pee!  It was pretty funny!  After that whole fiascal he slept for 1 1/2 hours and woke up in a much better mood.
So once we checked out, my mom and dad met us at Cabela's.  We heard that kids get a kick out of all the displays, so we thought while we were there we would check it out.  The thing he enjoyed the most was the statue of a black lab, he pet it and talked to it like it was a real dog! And, he did like going into the ice shacks with Gpa.  He will get to go ice fishing with him one day, so Gpa was showing him how it works!  He looked at all the different stuffed animals and fish and seemed to enjoy it.  Then we went to Medford for a little shopping.  He did ok while we were there, he was fighting a nap so bad though.  He just wouldn't fall asleep.  He played with the Lego Table a little bit while mom and I shopped for clothes for his little sister.  It wasn't a long shopping trip but he survived!  Then we went home and we all took naps from our busy night/day. 
We didn't do anything but hang out at home for New Year's.  We did watch Hayden's old videos and put them onto a DVD, which was really fun.  It's so hard to remember him as a little tiny baby!  OH, it was so neat to look back.  He cry and voice is the same as it is now.  And, oh my lord, what a CHUNK he was!!!!!!  I knew he was chubby but oh my goodness............we had taped him before getting into the tub and he had roll upon roll upon roll upon roll.  He was definitely eating enough! :-)  It made us get really excited for little Ms Macy to come along............to have that baby phase again and to do all the fun stuff, first time rolling, crawling, walking, etc.  It was a nice thing to do at the end of the year, look back and see how much our baby has grown and how much we've gone through.  It makes us very thankful for him, even though he was a little stinker that day! :-)  I made him promise that he'd shape up his act for 2006!  He's also shaken the 'bottle' for his New Year's resolution.  No more bottles for this guy.............I think that has been a little tough on him too, but he's getting used to it.  It was just one bottle before bed anyway and before long, he'll forget all about it!
Then Sunday we woke up and decided to go to Cracker Barrel in Lakeville for breakfast.  We didn't have anything planned that day and had time to drive up that way.  On the way there we decided that we would go to IKEA afterward.  Dennis had never been there, and I was definitely game to go!  Hayden was a perfect angel while waiting and eating breakfast.  He ate a whole entire pancake to himself and chatted up a storm with everyone around us in the restaurant!  What a goof!  He also enjoyed our trip to IKEA.  Lots of stuff for him to look at.
All in all, it was a great weekend!  It was so nice to spend so much time with my two boys..............I told Dennis with our work schedules, it's been months since I've been able to spend that much time with both of  them, so I was very thankful that we could be together.
Will be posting pictures later...................Have a great New Year everyone!
His famous "Bow & Arrow" pose
Click on the pictures to get a bigger picture of Hayden's trip to the Waterpark!
January 9th:
Another good week for the Reckward family!  Dennis had his big switch of his schedule this week and so far it's gone off without a hitch.  He switched to evening shifts and it has worked so good with our schedule so far.  Dennis and Hayden have been able to spend their mornings together while I've had to sleep after getting home from work.  Then we spent the last part of the week getting the house and everything else ready for my best friend's baby shower on Saturday (click here to see pictures). Here is even a picture of Hayden helping vacuum!  We're starting him young on the household chores!
Hayden has been in a great mood this week.  He's been chatting up a storm and running around the house like crazy.  Auntie Ash brought a friend over and he showed off SO bad, it was hilarious.  He'd run around the house, scream, spin around and run into things.  It lasted for a good half an hour.  He also gets so flirty with any girl he sees, while we're shopping, anywhere.  A little ladies man already.  I think he knows how dang cute he is and loves to hear them say 'what a cute little boy'!
Vanessa came over one day this week and Hayden really enjoyed playing with her.  He even showed off for her.......so he has no preference on the age group of girls he likes to flirt with! :-)  They played very hard that day, he even slept in until after 9am the next day. 
He's becoming more and more independant every day and is really starting to sign more.  Not more words, but more in order to convey what he wants.  He has gotten pretty persistent on taking your hand and pulling you to where he wants to go or over to where he wants something.  It's a little hard when he can't tell you exactly what it is he needs, so he gets frustrated easily.  But overall, you can see that he's been happier, or content, because there is so much that he can communicate to you.  That makes me very happy we decided to do Baby Sign with him. 
He has been so absolutely affectionate lately too.  Hugging is his new biggest thing and it is the sweetest thing you could ask for.  And, when he wakes up in the morning or from his naps, he usually has a nice big kiss for you too.  We also have been prompting him to sign I Love You when he gives you a hug and kiss, but he can't make out the exact sign, so he has made his own.  He sprawls out all his fingers of both hands and twists them to be palm side up....that's how he says he loves you! :-)  He has also comes and gets a hug from you if he gets hurt and lets you kiss his owie too.  He's getting to be such a little man now.
I think that's about all the updates I have for now...........or all that I can think of! Take care! :-)
January 16th:
It was another busy week in our household....but we all had lots of fun!  Monday, me, Hayden, my parents and sister AshleyI went out to dinner and then us girls went to a movie.  Gpa babysat Hayden and had a fun time playing in their playroom and terrorizing the dogs! :-)  Wednesday, Gma & Gpa took Hayden to Leo's Pizza (we tried to go on Monday, but they are closed that day) and he had a blast playing the games and trying to climb their big toy.  Gpa put some money in the games and Hayden even won some tokens!  Thursday was another fun day for Hayden.  He went to Pip Squeaks for the first time.  It's a little indoor 'playground' for kids in the United Way building by St Mary's Hospital.  It has toys and activities for kids about 5 and under and I couldn't wait to see what he would do in there.  He moved non-stop for a good hour while we were there.  They had all sorts of toys he loved to play with.  His favorite was the little playhouse they had.  He also liked all the little bikes/trikes they had to ride in.  He even got to ride in The Wiggles' Big Red Car!  I had a great time watching him play.  Amy & Hutson met us too for some playtime at Pip Squeaks and we even got to take the boys out for lunch.  Friday, Dennis, Hayden and I went up the cities for the day.  We went to Cracker Barrel and went to IKEA for the second time this year! :-)  It was a good trip, except for when we saw a lady looking for her little boy.  She had lost him in the big warehouse part of the store and Dennis and I both thought we had seen him in another part of the store.  So, Dennis told the mom that we thought we had seen him somewhere else and went looking for him and eventually they paged out overhead and all the employees were looking for him while I sat back and watched.  My heart was just breaking for this mom, I just couldn't help but think how it would feel to be in her shoes.  I had all I could do to hold my tears back as all these employees were scouring the store for him . I saw Dennis coming back and heard an employee say that they had found him.  Then I saw the little boy walk up and hug his mom, we ducked into another aisle and I just lost it!  It was so heart-wrenching!  That would be one of the worst feelings in the world to think you child is gone!  It still chokes me up just sharing the story!  (Pregnancy hormones, I tell you...and I can tell it's a girl in there with how much more emotional I've been!)  I firmly told Hayden that he could never do that to me, I just couldn't handle it!
Friday was another big day as my best friends had her little girl, Cecelia Kathleen!
Click here to see her page.  So, when we got back to town, we all went up to visit the new family!  We only stayed for a short time, but are hoping that when Cecelia gets home, we'll get to spend more time with her. She is absolutely beautiful and it will be fun to have our kids be so close in age and to see how Hayden will react to her! 
It's getting to be that time of year, where many of my friends are having or due to have their kiddos...........Maria & Emmanuel had their little boy on Tuesday.  There are a couple pictures of him on
Hayden's Friends page..........I hope to go see them soon.
Hayden just continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  He is getting so smart!  It should be interesting once he starts saying more words too, becasue I can only imagine the things that will be coming out of his mouth! We were in the car listening to our Wiggles CD and the song, 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" came on.  I look in the back and all of a sudden I see him doing the body movements to that song!  I've shown it to him but it's not been anything we've been 'working' on.  I about cried seeing him do it! (Again........with the crying~!)  He has done it several times since then, it just cracks me up!  What a kid!  He has also found a new way to sign, "I Love You". He will just blow you a kiss to show you that sign.  He has also learned that if he really wants something, he just kisses and kisses you galore!  It's quite comical.............sometimes you don't even know what he wants but he's so determined to get it he'll kiss you like crazy!  What a sweet boy!
That's about all I can think of right now for an update..........if I think of more, I will definitely write more!  Otherwise, see you next week!
So excited to see Leo!
January 23rd:
I'm behind on my updates because I was having technical difficulties with my new computer Sunday night.  Will hopefully have the rest of the update done later on today or on Tuesday.  Lots to update you on!
But first of all, congratulations to Aaron & April on their arrival of their second son, Jack Aaron, born on Friday 1/21 at 9lbs 7oz.  (Over a pound
smaller than his big brother Calvin!)  Next, congratulations to Tracy & Matt on their little girl, Cecelia Rose born Sunday 1/23 at 5lbs 9oz (just a little one like Maria & Emmanuels little guy, same weight!!). 
I finally got to get some pictures of my best friend's little Cecelia on Sunday, I'll be adding her pictures to her page,
click here to see them
So, onto the update finally!  Hayden is starting to adjust to our lives new schedule slowly.  He has been kind of grumpy in the mornings with his Dad, but I think it’s just a matter of adjustment.  He has been used to me being with him for breakfast and used to having Dad put him to bed and now it’s been the opposite.  But, he’s slowly adjusting. 
Hayden has learned a couple new signs too and will use them every so often.  He knows ‘drink’ and ‘banana’.  It’s funny to watch him get a little confused on what sign to use, sometimes he just signs them all trying to get what he wants. 
He’s still having a hard time with wanting to get his way all the time and then throwing a tantrum if he doesn’t get it.  But what 17 month old doesn’t do that?  But it’s been a challenge to say the least.  I’m thinking of picking up my “Happiest Toddler on the Block” book again in hopes to finish it soon.  We got to get him ‘happy’ before the new baby comes! ?
He’s becoming more adventurous as each day passes, he will be giving me gray hairs, no doubt!  He has learned how to squeeze through the slots of the stair rail.  I haven’t seen him get his head through yet, but I’ve been told that he has done it!  I honestly didn’t think they were wide enough to get through, but he proved me wrong.  So, now we’ll be putting something up so he doesn’t make his way through and hurt himself.  He also climbs on top of the coffee table and will jump onto the couch.  He’s found his way up onto the dining room chairs and in one of the pictures below you can see him standing on the window ledge at my mom and dad’s house.  No fear………..
He had a special play date with some of his friends at Pip Squeaks on Saturday.  Rachel & Ethan Pack, Sierra & Cameron Ruechel (and their cousin Erin), Isiah & Josanne Tempel all met to spend the morning playing together.  Then for lunch everyone came to our house and we had a pizza party.
Click here to get to Hayden’s Friends page to see those pictures!  Dennis and I were a little worried how Hayden would do with the other kids and with sharing his toys, but he didn’t get mean to anyone or get mad about sharing once.  We were so proud of him!  Haylee did such a good job with all the kids too.  She’s starting to not get so nervous around kids like she used to be which is so good to finally see.
Saturday night we went to the Mall and Hayden found his new favorite toy.  He's been watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 alot lately and he and Dennis went to the Disney Store.  Well, he found a Buzz Lightyear and would not let go of him.  We ended up buying him one, he just LOVES it!!!!  He even wrapped Buzz up in his favorite blanket and laid him down before bed.  It's so sweet.  So, I can just imagine we'll be lugging Buzz around with us every where we go now!
Sunday we went outside and played in the little snow we had for a while.  He was able to try out the new trike he got for Xmas and got to get on his 4 Wheel too.  He kept trying to eat the snow so we ended up having to go back inside.  Hopefully we’ll get some more snow so he can get out there and play in some fresh stuff before too long. 
I keep thinking I’m forgetting something really funny to tell you but I can’t seem to remember, so I think that’ll wrap up my update for the week.  Enjoy the pictures……...
Where is the snow?
January 30th: (My 30th Birthday!)
Hayden has become quite a little mallrat this past week.  He often goes out to the mall with Gma & Gpa but Dennis and I took him 3 times within a week and he enjoys it so much!  It was so cute, Monday we went out there and had lunch and Hayden was enjoying it so much that he was dancing in his high chair and waving and talking to some older ladies at another table. Then he'd just look at you and smile and look for your approval.  It was so cute!  Then we decided to let him just walk on his own versus being in the stroller.  HE LOVED IT!  He stayed really close to us the entire time and never went off to far ahead.  He also was concientious of other people walking.............and let me tell you it burned off a lot of energy!  It was so cute we were walking away from the Food Court and toward Dayton's (sorry, Marshall Fields, soon to be Macy's) and he heard the music coming from Abercrombie & Fitch and went bolting right to the store.  He recognizes the place from visiting his aunt Ashley so much while she works!  He just stood in the entryway and danced and danced and danced.  He would rock from side-to-side, run in place, twirl in circles.  And this was all in front of the huge black and white mural/picture they have at the entrance.  Dennis said that would be a great commerical for the store!  I was laughing so hard and enjoyed his dancing so much I had tears running down my face.  Then he had to go inside and scope out the babes................his favorite babe/worker wasn't there (Aunt Ash) so off we went down the hall.  He ran all the way to Marshall Fields, in the store and all around.  By the time we got out of the store he was starting to slow down, but never slowed down to a walk!  His cheeks were all rosy but having such a great time.  He didn't nap as well as we thought he would after all that, but he was tired that's for sure!  Dennis even took him out the next day to go running/walking again............and did just as good the second time.............and yes, he had to stop into Abercrombie to dance again! :-)
Hayden has been talking a bit more too, actual words now.  The cutest new thing he does is when you say anything about something being 'hot', Hayden will whisper "hot" and then blow out, like he's trying to cool it off!  He likes to turn the living room light on and off and will try to touch the lightbulb, so I'm always saying, No Hayden, that's hot! and he'll say 'hot' and then blow air out..........it's great!  He also pretends to 'snore' when he grabs his blanket and lays his head down.  He also has been making 'cow' noises.  He doesn't always get it right, but you'll say, 'what does a cow say?' and he'll say 'moo!' but then sometimes he adds this weird, 'cluck, cluck' sound and then say 'moo' again.  I'm not sure what that is all about..........but it's funny to hear him do it because he'll say it a few times in a row.  Moo, cluck, cluck, moo!  It's really fun that he is starting to make these connections and see how smart he is getting.
He's starting to follow directions better too which will make things a little easier once Ms Macy comes.  So, he's starting to get so big and develop into this little man.........I just love it.
Over the weekend, Dennis & Hayden went down to Decorah and stayed at Gma & Gpa Reckwards.  Dennis and his dad worked on the wooden playhouse for our backyard for Hayden.  That was a Xmas present from Dennis to Hayden but he knew he wouldn't be able to get it built by then with the weather, so he went to his parents to get started on it.  It's about 80% finished so he'll need to go down there again to finish and then haul it back to Rochester.  Hayden is going to absolutely LOVE it!  That is one of his favorite things at Pip Squeaks, so I just know he'll be spending a lot of time in it this summer.  And, it'll be a great thing for both the kids once Macy is older.  I have a picture of a playhouse that Dennis is building.  I'm not sure if we're going with all wood or what, but I'll be sure to post a picture once it's complete.
Hayden got a cold later this week too which explained all this coughing he had been doing at night.  He still has this dry cough occasionally at night but this was definitely worse than his normal.  He was pretty congested a couple days but had to pull out the ol' bulb syringe and clear his nose out, which he absolutely hated me for doing........but it helped.  He's been better but nose still running a little bit, just not as thick as before......so he's on the mend.  But, I think he's passed the cold onto a few of us...........so we're helping build our family's immunity! 
I think that's about all for an update............will add the pictures before too long.  Thanks for checking on us!  I also added pictures of Cecelia Halleck and Jack Hanson to Hayden's Friends page,
check them out, click here!
February 6th
Ok, so you're probably wondering, where the heck has Mandy been?  We have been having some major computer issues!  Our hard drive totally fried and had to wait to get it replaced.........I know you're thinking, well isn't this the brand new computer you got for Xmas?  And yes, it is........the one we've had to get the 'media card' replaced already too...a couple weeks ago.  So a good portion of my free time this week was spent online with Dell's tech support and those poor people heard an earful from us.  I'm hoping this is the last of our computer problems.........so onto the update!  I'm hoping I'll remember most of it.
This week was kind of a trying week for us..........Hayden was quite a crab this week.  LOTS of tantrums and scoldings and contemplations on how we need to discipline him.  I've had such a surge of hormones too, that that hasn't helped either.  It's a combo of many things, he's at that 'tantrumy' age, I think he senses some big life changes are about to happen, and he needs to get out of the house more...............AND my hormones.  He's perfected the move of making his knees turn into jello and sliding to the floor and rolling around and yelling whenever he gets slightly mad or doesn't get his way.  I'm told this is totally normal, but none the less, frustrating.  He's starting to climb on absolutely everything too, so this makes me have to tell him no a lot too, which he hates.  So, it's been a crazy week.  It's definitely a gamble if you can take him anywhere.........you might get a good window of 30 - 45 minutes of good behavior and then 'bam', that's it and there's no going back! 
We had gone out to eat at Olive Garden on Monday for my traditional birthday supper and Hayden did so good at the beginning and then it was a few too many minutes past his 'good' time and then it got to be a little crazy.  He also had some fits at the Video Store and Walmart  I just have to say that he is lucky he's as cute as he is.......I think that's going to get him pretty far in this world :-).
I got to go and visit on Wednesday some girlfriends of mine that have brand new babies.  Hayden stayed home with Dennis while we had lunch, which was a nice get-a-way.  The babies (Bentley & Cecelia) looked so cute and were so well-behaved, it was nice to just snuggle with them!  The mommys are doing and looking so good too!
Over the weekend, Hayden and Dennis went back down to Decorah so Dennis could work on the playhouse.  Hayden was well behaved for Gma Reckward and loves her cooking.  Her never eats as good for us as he does for Gma & Gpa.  They even went to Mabe's Pizza.  I don't think he realizes what a treat that really is! :-)  Judy told me the cutest thing that Hayden does.  Before every meal, they pray together as a family and they've been teaching him how to hold his hands before they do it.  Well, she forgot to do it one time and she looked over and he had put his hands together in a praying position all on his own!  She said she about cried and I about cried too when she told me the story.  He's so sweet.............but yet, can be quite a stinker! :-)~ But  I love the little bugger whatever mood he's in..........
I think that's about all I can think of for this week, will be writing more soon!  Thanks for checking in on us.
My little computer geek!
February 13th
I'm going to try and get this update done on time this week!  Sorry to all of you (or just the few) who were waiting for last weeks update...........that got done too! :-)  Haven't missed one yet, may have been really late a time or two, but the kid has an update every week! :-)~  And, he keeps getting visitors, so that's so awesome!
Well, it was a much better week on the "Tantrum Scale".............had a few outbursts but definitely better than last week!  We've been trying the 'time-out' approach with Hayden and on Friday had 3 timeouts by 10am!  So, some days are better than others! :-)  But, it seems to have an affect on him, much more than anything else we'd been doing.  That's what we were hoping for.  One time he had gotten a time-out (of 1 1/2 minutes in his chair) for hitting me in the face (yeah I know, what a stinker huh?).  Like almost every other time, he wiggled and wiggled and cried and cried the entire time he was in the chair.........but at the end he hugged me afterward and was much better behaved.  So, I'll definitely keep you up to date on how that is going in the next few weeks.
Hayden has been just awful with climbing on things this week.  He's learned to tip his big Lego bucket over and stand on top of that to reach the hallway lightswitch.  Then he's been trying to scale up the changing table/dresser by stepping on the drawer's handles.  He also insists on shutting his bedroom or playroom door when he's playing in there too, which has been a fun little game he likes to play.  He also likes to crawl into the TV stand in his playroom and open and shut the door the best he can from inside it.  I have no idea how he even thought of crawling into that, but he did......must be that Y chromosome! :-)
Hayden got to see his friends Cecelia Peterson and Alex & Owen Hesse on Tuesday.  The boys had fun playing together and I had fun cuddling with the babies.  I have a picture of me holding Cecelia on my belly where she was resting comfortably for about an hour.  Check out the
Third Trimester Page to see the pic.  I'll be making the update to that page later on this week.
Hayden went to Pip Squeaks again this week with friends Isiah & Josanne.  While we were there, we ran into future cousin (?) Kauri and his mom.  There are pictures of the boys eating a snack together on
Hayden's Friends page. He is getting more and more comfortable there and loves playing on the toys.  He climbs the big toy and goes down the slides all by himself.  There was something else that kind of overtook his attention and it freaked me out a little bit.  At one time I had to run out to the coat room and came back was looking all over for Hayden...........he's pretty short and there are lots of kids and parents there and so I kept looking and looking and couldn't see him anywhere..  I wasn't freaking out at all because they have everything guarded up pretty good and an employee at the door.  So I was kind of walking by the check in desk where the employee was sitting and she said, are you looking for your son?  and I said, yes, he went running off somewhere.  And she said, I'd check the bathrooms, he went out in the coat room with you when you went out there.  And, sure enough he had gone into the MENS restroom, shut the door behind him and was just about to playin the toilet!  I felt like Worst Mom of the Year.........lost him (or didn't see him behind me) and then found him ready to play in the toilet! YUCK!  So, he got washed up REALLY good and went back to play.  Then the kids went out to McDonalds for lunch.  It was a nice little play date.
Friday we went down to Decorah and Dennis and Gpa Reckward got to work on the playhouse.  It's almost done, just some staining left to do.  Hayden really likes to open and shut the door!  We can't wait to get it home and get some nice weather.  I have a feeling that he'll be living in it this summer.  I think we'll be having a lot of his friends over for playdates with the fun new playhouse too!  Dennis and I got out on a 'date night' and I had a nice time catching up with Judy. They even got a little snow down there so Hayden and I went outside for a little while.  He liked to crawl in the gardens/flower beds and kept trying to eat the snow.  He should have an interesting summer.  I can't wait! :-)
Sunday night Hayden spent the night with his Auntie Ash............had his first co-ed sleepover! :-)~  All of Ashley's friends just adore him and he has such a fun time showing off for them.  Sounds like things went well and he behaved himself around all those ladies! :-)
That's about all the updates I have this week.............but one important update:
I have to mention that my dad, Hayden's Gpa Bredeson has been pretty sick since Xmas and is slowly getting better.  We want everyone to pray that he gets better soon and can tolerate all the treatments that he has been through already and will need to go through the next couple months.  He has "Valley Fever" which is a fungal infection of the lung. This infection has produced a lump and has required him to have a long term IV placed (a PICC line) so he can get antibiotics for maybe up to 14 weeks!  We're hoping the hard part is over, he spent about 10 days in the hospital and is getting his IV antibiotics on an outpatient basis.  His blood levels of the infection have come down but the 'lump' has not shrunk yet.  So, be sure to put him in your prayers for us.

The playhouse, almost done, just some staining left to do.
February 20th
I want to start this update with a big welcome to the new addition to our extended family, Alex James Hanson.  That is my cousin Heidi's little guy.  He was born on Wed 2/15 at 7lbs 13oz.  We went and saw mom and baby on Thursday and they are both doing fantastic!  We are so excited to have another little guy around.  Hayden did so good up at the hospital visiting his new cousin......he wasn't bothered by me or his Gma holding the baby probably because he was too busy flirting with any nurse that came in sight!  Let me tell you, this kid is something else!  He is the biggest flirt I know.  Let me tell you what he's been up to..........
Well, for Valentine's Day Dennis and Hayden went shopping for my gift and while they were at Lapidary ( got a diamond stone for my Mother and Child pendant to represent Macy's birthstone) Hayden was busy making friends with the sales ladies.  Dennis informed me that as they were leaving he blew kisses to the sales lady with the big fake boobs!    Then we took him to the Mall a couple days later and he was buddying up to a group of teenagers at another table, waving and blowing kisses.  One of the girls came up and asked if she could take a picture of Hayden on her cell phone because he was so cute!  Did I mention that he was sporting a mowhawk that day? I think that might have been what made him even extra cute (if that's possible)...........and irresistible to the ladies!   Then while Dennis and Hayden were at Menards he started blowing goodbye kisses to the checkout lady.  So, that has been his latest trick!
Another funny story that happened last week was when Hayden was playing downstairs.  I was getting ready to go to work and I had walked downstairs to say goodbye to my boys and I could hear Hayden in the corner of the living room but couldn't see him at all.  So, I asked Dennis where he was..........he points to the coffee table.  Well, Hayden had crawled underneath the coffee table trying to get something that was under there.  Well, he was just jibber-jabbering away down there and then I looked and he was signing 'help' under there too!  I just cracked up!  At least he's using his signs to get his message across!  What a monkey!..or 'monkey-shine' is what his Gma Reckward calls him!
Another cool thing this week that we got to do was take him to his first movie in the movie theater.  He went one time with me to "Reel Babies" at Chateau but that was an adult movie and the baby just tags along.  This was a kids movie, Curious George.  Dennis and I were a little nervous about it would go..............was he going to go crazy in a new place or would he be intrigued enough by the big screen that he would sit still.  We were extrememly pleasantly surprised........Hayden sat on our laps for the entire movie!  I think he was so in awe, I don't think he blinked for the first 45 minutes of the movie!  I look over and saw tears streaming down his fast.....so I really think he didn't blink at all, that was his body's way of moistening his eyes!  He had a few bites of popcorn, some mini-donuts with Dad and some Skittles and hardly took his eyes off the screen.  Occasionally when he would hear a little kid laughing he'd look around but he totally got a kick out of the whole experience.  After the movie ended and the lights came on, then he started to explore.  He thought he was a hot shot sitting in the seat that would fold up and then flatten out, he thought that was neat.  And, he liked the red lights that lined the pathway.  We were so unbelieveably proud of how well he did.....makes me want to take him to another one!  I think he remembers the experience too, because we have a Curious George toy at home and when I showed it to him a couple days after the movie, he pointed and smiled and 'flexed' his muscles (his way of showing he is excited!)
I can't seem to think of what else I should update you on...........I'm very tired and my brain isn't working at full capacity, so you'll have to forgive me for that!  More to update next week!  Have a good one and keep warm!

Feeling a little stuffed up...he knows how the bulb syringe works!
February 27th
Wow, what a tough week it has been.  I think we've all had a meltdown at some point this week.............the life with toddlers!  Where to begin..............well Monday started off fun.  Hayden and I met my Aunt Holli and her little girl Ellie for lunch at McDonald's and then went to PipSqueaks.  We also met one of Dennis' co-workers and her son who is just a few months older than Hayden.  It was right over Hayden's nap time, so I was a little weary but I thought being active and having some kids to play with we could make it through it ok.  Well, again, he was obsessed with the men's bathroom and ran away to the bathroom a few times.  The lady at the desk said there are several kids that do the same thing, but he is so dang fast, you literally turn your head for a second and he is gone!  Well, then he got very overly protective of the playhouse.  I actually think a girl a couple years older than him may have started a little tiff, but I'm not sure.  Well once they were both inside the house, Hayden 'hugged' her and drug her away from his area.  Well, then he did that to a couple more kids because they were getting in his way or in the way of his toys, he did what looked sweet and innocent, the 'hug' and then get them out of his way.  After about an hour there he was getting into his 'tantrumy' phase and would fall to the ground and squak..........but not all that bad.  Well, as we were leaving a mom of a little girl Hayden got grumpy at talked to me about how at first she thought he was being so sweet by giving hugs....but then it she saw it wasn't really a hug.  Then she said, 'and I thought my daughter was being miserable!'.  I was mortified........yeah he was acting up but not that bad.  It just totally ruined my day!
I had almost finished my update and my computer wouldn't save my page.......will try to finish it later.........lots of fun stories to share.............
So how did the rest of the week go?  Well, Tuesday Hayden and I went to my friends' baby shower.  It was right after clinicals and I had Dennis wake Hayden up from his nap so we could head over to the shower before it was over.  Big mistake, because he was grumpy before we even left.  We got to the shower and Hayden was not shy about announcing his arrival, I couldn't even get his hat and jacket off before he went running into the living room to show everyone that Hayden had arrived! :-)  There were a TON of people and kids there and I think that might have been a little overstimulating for him because he literally moved in fast motion non-stop for about the hour we were there.  He was obsessed with the hostess' Tiffany lamps and kept wanting to turn them on and off.  And, when I told him no about 500 times, he'd practically throw a tantrum each time.  Needless to say, everyone got to see how 'busy' he is.........I know many of them can relate to having an active child, but I was getting was stressed out.  Hayden even got into a little shoving match with one of his buddies, Ethan.  So, he was not very well-behaved and after about an hour of it, I couldn't take it anymore and we ended up leaving very abruptly.  I about had a meltdown on the way home, I was so disappointed.  Two days in a row of this kind of behavior, I could have cried. 
I know it's the age and he's a boy, so they are much more busy.......but I just don't know what to do.  Any bad behavior your child exhibits, you take personally as a flaw in your parenting...........it's very frustrating.  I really have to get into the Love and Logic way of discipling more because that seems to help the parent take so much of the blame off themself.  I really need to be able to not take it so personally..............so hopefully I'll see some improvement in my attitude and Hayden's!
The next couple of days were good.........we took him places, he behaved, not many tantrums, did very very good!  He was even eating a little bit better!  Well then Friday came and misbehaved worse than the other two days combined!  Friday we met my mom and sister for lunch at Golden Corral.  We figured it'd be a safe and fast lunch and more child-friendly.  Well, it started off good, he even chatted it up with some younger girl across the dining room.  It was so cute, they were talking (yelling) back and forth to each other across the tables.  Then he started to get wild.  He tried to take his plate and throw it on the floor, well both Ashley and I grabbed the plate before he could do anything with it.  Well while we were grabbing his plate, he snuck and grabbed my plate entirely full of food and threw it like a frisbee across the dining room!  I could just see the plate spinning in the air, all the food staying on the plate............thank goodness, there was a full crowd of people eating on their work breaks.  But, then the plate dropped and food went flying straight up in the air and all over the floor.  I quickly jumped down and started picking up some of the food.  Well, while I was down there, Hayden still in his "manic" phase, he grabbed two handfuls of my hair and yanked as hard as he could.  And, of course everyone was watching this!!!  I was so horrified..........I heard one lady who just missed getting splattered with food say to her fellow lunchmate, 'what a stinker!'.  Well, that's not the end of our Golden Corral experience............there's more!  While I was getting another plate of food, Hayden was trying to be sweet and feed Ashley part of his cookie.  Well, he was offering her a bite and took the cookie crumbled the cookie in his hand and MASHED it in her face!  She had chocolate from the cookie smeared across her front teeth and in the creases in her chin and nose!  I came back and Ashley still had chocolate on her face and they were trying to hurry so I didn't see it and blow a gasket.  I was about ready to cry that day.  I just couldn't believe how naughty he was.
That weekend, Hayden and Dennis went down to Decorah and he acted up for him too.  They tried going out to dinner with his parents and brother and Hayden was so naughty at the restaurant.  Dennis called me at work from his truck, he and Hayden were watching a movie while everyone else was eating their supper.
Needless to say it was a trying week!  Everyone says, 'it's a good thing he's cute', but then some days I reply, 'cute can only get you SO far some days!'.
He's lucky he's that cute!! :-)
March 6th
I apologize that I haven't even finished last week's entry and now I'm late with this one.  We had a busy week last week, I worked 2 day shifts last week!  And then I've been gone all weekend.  Hayden has some sort of GI bug right now and has finally stopped throwing up, but is still spiking some temps, about 103 or so.  So, we've been busy trying to nurse him back to health the last couple of days.  Will get to finishing last weeks update and completing this one soon!
Here are a couple pictures until then.  Didn't take a whole lot of pictures this last week either.......busy, busy, busy!
Will write more later!
It was a busy week and I hardly got to see Hayden.  I was busy with clinicals and then worked a couple day shifts and then went off for the weekend, so I hardly got to see the guy.  He spent two days at backup daycare and he made quite an impression.  I honestly thought he was not going to be allowed back the second day. 

CAN I JUST SAY I"M SO ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATED WITH MY COMPUTER RIGHT NOW! This is the third attempt I've made to make an update on my home computer and my computer freezes up and doesn't save it! URGH!!!! I don't know if it's a problem with my web hoster (who I build this website through) or YET another problem with this computer!

OK, so back to where I was........it's going to be a shortened version of the previous two attempts I"ve made to get this entry made!

I had called in the afternoon of Hayden first day at back up daycare and talked to one of the teachers in his room.  She didn't have a lot of positive things to say about Hayden's day, he didn't nap for more than 20 minutes, and then was getting aggressive with some of the other kids and then my absolute favorite ( and most frequently heard comment), 'he's just really busy". SO, I"m beginning to think that's code word for 'naughty'!  Especially by the tone of her voice and the way she spoke with me.  I tried to make a few suggestions on what works with us, but all in all I got off the phone feeling like he gave them the day from hell.  So, my mom picks him up from daycare and I meet my family for pizza later on that night.  Hayden had on a different outfit than what he had on before, so I asked my mom about it.  Well, they ended up having to change him because Mr Hayden would not leave the sink and paper towels alone and got completely drenched.  They ended up having to turn the water off into the room!!!!!  OMIGOD, so if I didn't get a bad impression of the day he had when I talked to his teacher, now I'm feeling really bad!  So, I stewed and stewed over it and Dennis and I talked about what we were going to do about the next day.  I was really feeling bad............is he too naughty?  Am I doing the wrong thing about not having him in regular daycare and being around other people?  Do they even want him to come back?  Are they going to dred the days they have to take care of him because he's 'so busy?' Do I continue taking him someplace if they don't enjoy taking care of him   What are we doing wrong? So, I start to cry and feel like an awful parent!  So Dennis and I decided to shorten his day a little and drop him off a bit later than originally planned.  I called the next morning and asked to talk to one of Hayden's teachers.  I apologized up and down about his behavior and how I felt so bad about how things went yesterday, that the person I talked to the previous day sounded pretty stressed out and that it really made me feel bad for them.  The teacher I talked to on the second day was probably the best person I could have talked to.  She made me feel so much better about things.  She said that I did not need to apologize for what happened, this is normal toddler behavior and Hayden's personality.  She said, some kids are more active, which Hayden is, but some other kids cry all day and Hayden doesn't do that.  She said, he's going through that phase right now in his life where he is a bit aggressive but there are other kids doing the same thing.  She also said, there's about 4 other kids who are also obsessed with the sink and the water and to not feel bad about it at all.  She made me feel so much better about the whole day!  This was such a huge lesson for me and I"m sure one I'll encounter quite a bit in the future.  I think just the one interaction I had with the first teacher just ruined my day...........and this is such a lesson that I can use at work as well.  An entire day can be ruined by just saying the wrong thing or saying it the wrong way...........I will be more concious of this when I'm talking with my patient's families.  Dennis took Hayden to daycare and stayed for about 30 minutes to make sure Hayden wasn't getting too worked up or hyper.  Hayden wanted to show him everything and would drag him from place to place.  When it was time to go, Hayden didn't want Dennis to go, he started to cry a little bit.  It made Dennis feel good that he was going to miss him.  The boys sure have been bonding!  They're getting to be little buddies that need each other around.  It's neat to see this realtionship growing.  I think Dennis being on evening shifts has really helped this as they get to spend more awake time together in the day.
So the rest of the week, Dennis and Hayden spent together.  I went on a scrapbooking retreat with some friends and co-workers and got a TON of Hayden's scrapbook finished!  26+ pages to be exact............I was hoping to be finished with his first year of life by the end of the weekend.......but considering I started with his very first bath way back in August and made it through April, I am pleased.  It was a fun weekend, very productive.  Then I called home on Sunday and found out Hayden had been throwing up all morning.  He had stayed with my mom and dad Saturday night and started throwing up there.  Dennis had him home and he said he wasn't able to keep anything down.  I encouraged him to keep pushing fluids and to keep checking to see if he had wet diapers and that I'd call back later.  A few hours later Dennis had called to the head cabin and left a message for me.  Hayden was still throwing up and hadn't moved from his chest in about 4 hours.  So we decided that I would come home..........I was so worried about him too, he's never had gotten any sort of bug where he threw up.  By the time I got home, Hayden started spiking a temp and Dennis had called the 24 hour nurse line and she said to take him in.  We made our first official trip to the ER (first time in 18 months, not bad!) to make sure he wasn't dehydrated since he'd been throwing up for so long.  So we got to the ER and his temp was elevated and his heart was racing, because of his temp and loss of fluids.  The really sad thing was, Hayden kept signing 'drink', 'drink', 'drink'...............he was so thirsty!  We gave him a little water and about an hour later he puked that up too.  So with the advice of the Pediatrician we gave very small amounts every 15 minutes or so.  On our way home he was signing drink and we gave him a drink from a water bottle we brought with us.  He took a swig and then really loud said, "AHHHHH", it was so funny!  It must have felt so good! :-)  Once we got home, he threw up one more time and went to bed with me.  He spiked a temp throughout the night, but woke up every few hours, ate a pop-ice popsicle and took some Tylenol and went back to bed.  That brought us to Monday.................will update on the next entry!

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